Do You Know Who Makes Toyota Oil Filters? (Answer Explained)

Lots of people trust aftermarket parts more than OEM. But OEM filters can be good too, and the proof is oil filters from Toyota.

Now, you must be wondering, who makes Toyota oil filters? Because manufacturer and the country of production tells a lot about the quality of the product. 

In this article, I am going to answer all those questions. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Who Makes Toyota Oil Filters?

Denso makes almost all of the oil filters for Toyota. Based on the part number, you will notice that a few are made by Purolator.  

See your car’s owner manual, find out the part number of the filter, and you will know which one to buy.

What that information tells us is that the manufacturer of Toyota oil filters depends on the model number. For example, YZZG1 is produced by Purolator where the YZZD1 is manufactured by Denso.

Where Are Toyota Oil Filters Made?

Denso runs its operation in Thailand. If you see the name ‘Denso’ on your Toyota oil filter, you will know that it is produced in Thailand.

As Denso also makes their branded parts in China, you may get confused. That is why I have cleared on the fact that filters for Toyota cars are manufactured in Thailand. 

On the other hand, Purolator makes a few in the USA. Both are good-quality filters with effective filtering capabilities. 

Are Toyota Oil Filters Any Good?

Toyota makes one of the highest-quality oil filters. Lots of aftermarket parts manufacturers claim that their products give you 3 times or 6 times more protection than others.

But such marketing is misleading. You will get the proof of my claim by comparing different filters of various brands with Toyota.

FRAM Tough Guard and Extra Guard filters have that kind of claim. Placing them side by side, you will see that Toyota is larger.

Also, it comes with proper sealing and is pre-lubricated which is not the case with Fram oil filters. Toyota oil filter comes with 225.9 square inches of media where the counterpart has only 115.9 sq. inches. 

So, telling 3 times or 6 times more protection is not a reality. Now, don’t get me wrong because Toyota doesn’t make the best oil filters. 

There are other more expensive and premium filters in the market. Check out this great article that compares different oil filters from popular brands.  

To summarize, Toyota oil filters perform well, and there is nothing to complain about a model that costs under 4 dollars. 

About the Manufacturer

Toyota owns a 25% share of Denso and the two companies created a joint venture in 2020. 

Most of Toyota’s oil filters are manufactured by Denso. The vendor has assembly plants all over the world. 

Besides their headquarter in the city of Kariya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, they produce auto parts in Japan, Germany, China, and America. So, finding their parts in the US is not tough. 

According to the latest data (2018), the company’s net income is over 320 billion yen. In 2013, Denso placed 242 on the Fortune Global 500 list. 

And, it is the fourth-largest supplier of auto parts in the world. But the stats change on a regular basis.  

Denso manufactures and develops different parts for gasoline and diesel engines, hybrid vehicles, climate control systems, airbag systems, spark plugs, pre-crash radar systems, and instrument clusters. 

Some of those are high-tech components. So, you can understand that the company has good capabilities of producing high-end oil filters for Toyota. 

Less than 50% of their revenue comes from the orders made by Toyota. There were some controversies around Denso regarding price-fixing. 

But those days are gone and the new management is more focused on product development and quality assurance. 

What Are the Types of Toyota Oil Filters Available?

Actually, Toyota oil filters can’t be divided into categories. Their variation of model and size depends on the vehicle. 

Here is the official link where you can find all available OEM oil filter models for Toyota cars and trucks. 

Where to Buy Toyota Oil Filters?

You have to be careful about buying them because there are lots of fake products in the market. One can easily distinguish between a real and a fake by looking at the finished product. 

Fake ones don’t have proper lubrication or seal. Also, you will notice that the filter is not trimmed neatly.

To avoid getting a forged part, you should buy it from a physical store or reputed eCommerce platform. 

What Are the Best Toyota Oil Filters?

If there were some kind of categories or different options to choose from, I would be able to declare one model the best of all.

But that is not the case for this OEM part. For a specific model of Toyota, there is only one oil filter. 

Here, you can see find them on Amazon available at the lowest price possible. Among the listed products, the highest-rated and popular one is TOYOTA 04152-YZZA1 Replaceable Element

So, you don’t have to buy the whole thing. Only buying the filter medium and replacing the old one can do the job. 

What Are Alternatives of Toyota Oil Filters?

Same OEM parts are also manufactured by other aftermarket brands. 

Among them, Wix, K&N, Bosch, ACDelco, MicroGard, Fram High Mileage, and SuperTech are the most notable ones. 

You can consider them as good alternatives to Toyota oil filters. However, all brands do not have the same level of trust among the owners.

From forum discussions, I have seen that people like filters from Wix or K&N more than others. 

It is because of the large filter surface, bypass valves, and premium filter material. 

Those features are important to ensure effective filtration which keeps the engine running smoothly and being healthy. 


Proper sealing and solid built quality are not found in aftermarket parts. That is why people prefer OEM components.

Give the Toyota oil filters a try, and I think that you won’t be disappointed. Being available at a reasonable price is the cherry on top.

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