How to Fix the P0472 DTC Code on a 6.4L Powerstroke (Solved)

P0472 is a warning code activated by your vehicle to notify you about your ongoing Powerstroke engine issues. Always watch out for Diagnostic Trouble Codes[DTC] like P0472. Every DTC code represents single or multiple problems disturbing your car.

The P0472 code on 6.4 Powerstroke means problems linked to the exhaust pressure sensor (EPS). Numerous reasons can turn on this code. One among them is when the pressure reading from the sensor is abnormal, which could prove harmful to your engine.

Letting code P0472 linger around for a long time threatens your safety. Nonetheless, this is just a fraction of the detailed activity discussed in this article. Protect your vehicle and yourself, by sticking to the end.

How to Fix the P0472 DTC Code on a 6.4L Powerstroke

What Does P0472 Code Mean?

P0472 is a DTC code, which usually indicates malfunctions throughout the vehicle caused by a faulty exhaust pressure sensor. An ECP has the job to calculate the pressure in the exhaust.

An ECP could send an irregular pressure measurement to the electronic control module[ECM]. It causes the exhaust back pressure system to be shut down. The pressure reading could be very high or quite low. Non-typical pressure disrupts the functionality of a Powerstroke engine.

Thus your vehicle notifies you about the situation through DTC P0472.

Here is a breakdown of code P0472:

  • P = Powertrain
  • 0 = Generic number according to SAE standard
  • 4 = Auxiliary emission control
  • 72 = Particular fault indication [In this case, the fault is connected to the detection of improper fuel and air pressure]

How Serious is P0472 Code On 6.4 Powerstroke?

Noticing code P0472 during your drive means trouble. This code refers to an EPS. That is a crucial part of the diesel particulate filter. It is responsible for monitoring and measuring the exhaust pressure.

Through its pressure calculation, it’s possible to understand if there is any extra soot development. Increased soot clogging forces your 6.5 Powerstroke engine to pump harder than it normally does. Causing a rise in fuel consumption and overall fuel pressure.

A faulty EPS would be unable to alert the ECM to start the regeneration process. Ignoring code P0472 further could result in engine failure. The longer this problem persists, the more your engine’s condition deteriorates. During this code, it’s better to check the vehicle for faults to prevent further damage.

What causes P0472 Code On 6.4 Powerstroke?

Many causes can make your vehicle display DTC P0472 to request support. A flawed exhaust back pressure sensor (EPS) is often the reason that triggers this code.

Sometimes the EPS’s pressure measurement does not match the induction manifold pressure.  When it gives inappropriate pressure reading to the ECM, a 6.5 Powerstroke engine often struggles. Which triggers code P0472. Other causes include:

  • Broken EPS
  • Damaged wiring
  • Faulty power control module(PCM)
  • Circuits in poor condition
  • Inappropriate power supply.

Other Symptoms of Getting P0472 Code On 6.4 Powerstroke

Knowledge about the symptoms will aid you during critical times. So after you spot the code on your vehicle, you will know what to look for. The symptoms are as follows:

  • Excess fuel consumption
  • Engine light could be on
  • Regeneration process could be on halt
  • Poor state of engine
  • Rise in engine’s temp

How To Fix P0472 DTC Code On 6.4 Powerstroke?

Before fixing, use your preferred DTC scanning equipment to obtain the freeze frame data. This is a necessary machine that searches for other codes if present. With the scanner’s help, you can figure out the symptoms bothering your engine.

After that, start repairing your car by applying these simple steps below:

1. Fix or buy a new EPS if damaged

EPS plays an integral role in maintaining your car. It has the duty of calculating exhaust pressure. For the smooth running of your 6.5 Powerstroke engine, an ECM relies on EPS’s data.

Untypical data confuses the power control module, disturbing the vehicle’s engine operations. Naturally, the EPS suffers wear and tear after continuous use. Eventually, it could stop working or break. To continue your car’s workability, repair or install a new EPS depending on its state.  

2. Replace or repair faulty wires

If the above method doesn’t work, pay attention to the wiring. Wires connected with EPS sometimes might get loose or worn out.

Reconnect the loose wires and replace the worn-out ones. Restoring the connectivity of wires is a relatively cheap and quick solution.

Poor connections often mess up the electrical components within a car. Check and maintain the wires once in a while to be trouble-free in the future.

3. Maintain or replace the PCM

PCM receives info from other functioning parts such as EPS. It uses this information to manage your 6.4 Powerstroke engine’s functions and other car systems.

When the wires aren’t the issue, check your PCM. Your PCM might get old and require maintenance. According to its condition, repair it if possible or replace it with the latest one. Remember that a new PCM will last longer than a repaired one.

However, if the PCM has a faulty software issue, reinstalling it is an inexpensive fix.

4. Restore your power supply

There is a power supply in the middle of PCM and EPS. A weak power supply will fail to provide enough power for the components to function.

Fit a brand new one that can provide enough power for the parts to work.

A healthy power supply keeps your car going.

5. Check the sensor’s circuits

After years of use and exposure to excess heat, circuits of EPS could be burned or damaged. Under these circumstances, EPS can stop working or perform poorly. Unlike any other electrical part, EPS needs its circuits in good shape to work properly.

Check out the circuit’s quality. If burned, there could be a strong smell or black spots. After observing their state, fix them or buy new ones as you see fit.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix 6.4 Powerstroke P0472 Code?

Depending on the damages done, the cost could vary. Maintaining or replacing parts such as wires, connectors, circuits, etc. can be wrapped up within 20$. However, that is possible if you can fix it by yourself.

Restoring expensive parts such as PCM could cost you over 500$. Don’t let the code stay for too long. Otherwise, your Powerstroke engine can stop working. Buying a new powerful engine such as this can surge your spending over a value of 5000$. 

Having a mechanic fix your vehicle will expand your expenses. Since you have to pay the professional a certain fee or pay him/her a sum per hour. The additional mechanic cost could include more than a hundred dollars.

Can You Drive Your 6.4 Powerstroke With Code P0472?

In this case, the answer is yes. Unless there is a major malfunction, you can continue driving. Although, continuing to do so will put pressure on your 6.4Powerstroke engine and develop too much soot. Potentially leading to a crucial component breakdown.

Instead of stockpiling issues, stop any potential problems by diagnosing code P0472.


By now, you have an idea about code P0472 on 6.4 Powerstroke and how to deal with it. Here are some frequently asked questions about this code:

Is It Safe To Drive 6.4 Powerstroke During P0472?

Ignoring this code could cause engine failure in later stages and stop your vehicle when active. Facing this situation while driving could make you face dangerous scenarios. Do proper maintenance to fix this code quickly and excess soot build-up.

What Are Other DTC Codes Related To Exhaust Pressure Sensors?

Along with P0472, other codes include P041, P073, P0474, etc. All of them represent faults connected to the exhaust pressure sensor. Any of the codes could indicate any part damage or malfunction.

Can A Faulty EPS Harm A 6.4 Powerstroke Engine?

The engine will keep getting hurt if the faulty EPS issue persists. A damaged EPS can increase the fuel utilization rate. The engine will work harder as excessive soot builds up.


Perform routine servicing of your car to maintain its health and avoid upcoming problems. That will help prolong the life of your 6.5 Powerstroke engine and your car.

Try fixing the matters of code P0472 as quickly as possible to ease off the pressure on your Powerstroke engine. By getting rid of this code, your engine will normally work like before, along with proper fuel economy.

Your driving safety will improve, ensuring your vehicle can easily handle the toughest situations.

However, it’s okay if you’re short on time to perform the repairs yourself. Save your time by taking your car to a professional mechanic. They will use their expertise to solve your vehicle’s issues. 

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