How to Troubleshoot the P0237 Code on a 6.0L Powerstroke

Have you received the code p0237 on your 6.0 powerstroke and have no idea about its whereabouts and causations? Well, this is one of the DTC codes that may occur from time to time due to specific reasons. What does it mean, you wonder!

The P0237 code on 6.0 powerstroke means the turbocharger Boost Sensor A Circuit Low. This code indicates that the intake turbo boost pressure sensor of the input circuit A is low below the specifications. It ends up creating a short which ends at the ground.

In this guide, you will get to know about the causes for p0237 and their solutions in detail to help you get rid of this code.

How to Troubleshoot the P0237 Code on a 6.0L Powerstroke

What Does P0237 Code Mean On 6.0 Powerstroke?

On the 6.0 powerstroke, code p0237 means the turbocharger Boost Sensor of Circuit A is Low. The Engine Control Module (ECM) detects an intake of pressure sensor A input circuit where it is low below the specifications. In such circumstances, the code p0237 shows up on your 6.0 powerstroke.

It indicates a short to the ground as a result. Usually, the boost pressure sensor has a reference circuit which is 5-volt, a circuit with a low reference along with a signal circuit. The boost pressure sensor signal is monitored by the Engine Control Module.

It takes note of voltage that exceeds the normal range inside the sensor signal. For the specific booster pressure sensor, the PCM calculates a predicted value and compares it to the real value.

When a high pressure command is sent to the boost control solenoid A, the ECM might detect a low voltage signal which indicates low boost pressure. In such circumstances, the code p0237 appears.

The dissection of code P0237 is given below for your convenience:

  • P = Powertrain, the system of parts that move your car forward.
  • 0 = Generic manufacturing code derived from Society of Automotive Engineers standard.
  • 2 = Specific system related to the turbocharger Boost Sensor A.
  • 37 = Describes the specific fault information. In this case, the turbocharger Boost Sensor of Circuit A is Low.

How Serious Is Code p0237 On 6.0 Powerstroke?

Code p0237 can be moderately serious on 6.0 powerstroke. After diagnosing this code, the ECM disables the turbo boost in the 6.0 powerstroke. The turbo boost of the vehicle will not be turned on until the code is absolutely fixed.

Even though you can still drive your automobile without keeping the boost of the turbo on, it will have some side effects. The vehicle will perform poorly and lack better control.

The poor performance will eventually affect the engine over time. Therefore, it is better to fix the code p0237 as soon as you are able to.

What Causes Code p0237 On 6.0 Powerstroke?

There are some specific reasons behind the sudden appearance of the code p0237. If any of the mentioned causes show up on your vehicle, it might be the reason for the code p0237.

The main cause of code p0237 is an unprecedented issue with the turbo boost sensor. The possible causes of this code can be-

  • The boost pressure sensor of the turbo is shorted to the ground or is open.
  • Connector A of the pressure sensor is damaged
  • Loose electrical connection of the boost sensor of the turbo.
  • Over temperature of the engine
  • Problematic turbo super charger

Other Symptoms Of Getting p0237 Code On 6.0 Powerstroke

In case the code p0237 shows up on your automobile, the vehicle will start displaying a few common symptoms indicating the issue. The engine will be affected by this code the most because of the turbo sensors.

So, if you keep an eye on your engine, you will find several symptoms of this code showing up on your automobile.

These are the possible symptoms that follow after the code p0237 shows up:

  • The check engine light will be illuminated.
  • Lack of power in the engine
  • Turbo lacks boost during acceleration
  • The engine can’t put the correct amount of boost pressure in the ECM
  • ECM might turn off the turbo boost
  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Poor engine performance

How To Fix p0237 Code On 6.0 Powerstroke?

In order to fix the code p0237 on 6.0 powerstroke, you will need to diagnose the correct problem causing this code on your automobile.

Check the turbo boost pressure sensor, the wiring connections and the turbo over charger to find out the exact location of the problem.

Now let’s take a look at how you can fix the issue accordingly once you have correctly diagnosed the problem.

1. Replace The Turbo Boost Pressure Sensor

If the 6.0 powerstroke Turbo Boost Pressure Sensor is shorted to the ground or open, the code p0237 may appear. In that case you might need to replace the entire sensor. The same fix goes for it if the sensor is severely damaged beyond repair.

Once replaced, the turbo boost pressure sensor will begin giving the correct input pressure reading to the ECM.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to replace the turbo boost pressure sensor:

  • Park the vehicle on a flat surface and engage the parking brake.
  • Locate the pressure sensor of the turbo boost in the intake pipe near the throttle valve.
  • Use a flat screwdriver to gently remove the electrical plug from the sensor.
  • Remove the locking bolts from the sensor with the help of a wrench or socket set.
  • Slowly remove the turbo boost pressure sensor from the inside of the intake manifold.
  • Install the new turbo boost pressure sensor in the place carefully.
  • Tighten all the bolts and screws just enough. Do not overdo them.

2. Repair The Wiring Harness and Connections

Most of the issues in the turbo boost pressure sensor are caused by poor electrical connections in 6.0 powerstroke. Sometimes the wiring connections might be loose or damaged from excessive heat.

In such circumstances the code p0237 may arise, thus you will need to repair the wiring harness and fix the electrical connections properly.

  • Firstly, locate the turbo boost pressure sensor in the intake pipe near the throttle valve.
  • Separate the two-piece wire harness plug connector.
  • With a small screwdriver, remove the pins holding the locks together.
  • Check for damaged or frayed wirings inside.
  • Replace the damaged wires with new ones in the 2-12 pins inside the connector.
  • Secure the wire to the connector with the help of electrical tape. It will also keep the wires from getting burned or melted.
  • In case the wires are not damaged, but loose, tighten the wires to the connector securely.
  • Rejoin the wire harness plug connector once you are done securing all of the wires

3. Clean Corroded Electrical Connections

At times, all you need to do in order to fix code p0237 is to clean the overly corroded electrical wires in your turbo boost pressure sensor. You will need to gather some salt, vinegar, and distilled water to complete the cleaning process.

The easiest cleaning process for corrosion on the wire is mentioned below:

  • Remove the corroded wire from the electrical connections completely.
  • Mix salt and vinegar in one container.
  • In another container, mix baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate) with water.
  • First, put the corroded wire in the vinegar solution and wait a few minutes.
  • Once the corrosion is gone and the shiny metal resurfaces again, dip the wire inside the baking soda solution. It will neutralize the acid on the wire.
  • Remember, the wire will be corroded again soon if you don’t neutralize the acid properties with the baking soda.
  • Once clean, let the wire dry completely for a few hours.
  • Reconnect the wire to the electrical connection.

4. Replace The Engine Control Module (ECM)

If you are dealing with an internally shortened ECM, replacing it will be the best course of action to fix the code. Usually a bad ECM causes a lot of the issues that lead to the code p0237 showing up on your car.

These are the steps you will need to follow to replace the ECM in your vehicle:

  • Open the car hood and disconnect the battery.
  • Locate the ECM in your vehicle. In most cases, you will find it in the engine compartment.
  • Disconnect the electrical supply of the ECM completely.
  • Use a socket wrench to pull out the old ECM from its compartment.
  • Insert the new ECM in the compartment properly.
  • Bolt and secure the ECM in place with a socket wrench.
  • Reconnect the electrical supply and battery.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix 6.0 Powerstroke p0237 Code?

The total cost to fix the code p0237 on 6.0 powerstroke can vary depending on the vehicle model and location. It also depends on the problematic parts that you have to replace to fix the code.

The average boost pressure sensor cost can be between $175 and $200. If you need to replace the entire wiring harness, it will require about $1,300-$1,700. You can find a new ECM at around $800.

The labor cost for these activities might depend on the specific repair shops you go to but it is expected to be covered within $100.

Can You Drive Your 6.0 Powerstroke With Code p0237?

Even if there are no chances of serious damage to your automobile, it is recommended not to drive your 6.0 powerstroke with code p0237. The ECM can direct too much power to the turbo charger which can be catastrophic.

Once you receive the code p0237, the engine of your automobile starts becoming rough and gives a poor performance while driving. At times, the vehicle even goes into limp mode. In such circumstances, it refuses to take gas in because of the code error.

If you face such an incident while driving on a highway or long distances, it can bring really unfortunate or troublesome encounters for you. Therefore, it is better not to drive long distances with your 6.0 powerstroke once you receive the code p0237. Wait to drive it until after you have fixed the issue.


In this section, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the p0237 code on 6.0 powerstroke.

Where Is The Turbo Boost Pressure Sensor Located In Powerstroke 6.0?

The turbo boost pressure sensor is located in the inlet manifold. It is within the intake pipe near the throttle valve. The turbocharger and engine are located on two sides of it.

How Do You Diagnose A Boost Pressure Sensor In 6.0 Powerstroke?

In order to test the functionality of the boost pressure sensor:
Disconnect the plug from the sensor and turn on the ignition.
Set the multimeter to the DC voltage.
Between the pin 3 and earth 1, measure the DC voltage. If it is not approximately 5V, the boost pressure sensor is faulty to some extent.

Is The MAP Sensor The Same As A Turbo Boost Sensor?

No, the MAP sensor and turbo boost sensor are different. MAP sensors only can measure absolute pressure. On the other hand, a boost sensor measures the pressure which is set above an absolute pressure. Therefore, these two sensors are not the same. The code p0237 shows up only because of the turbo boost pressure sensor.

What Repairs Can Fix The P0237 Code?

Repairing a few specific parts can fix the p0237 code. These parts are-
The turbo boost pressure sensor
Wiring harness
Corroded electrical connections
Engine Control Module (ECM)
Fixing the necessary components between these four can get rid of the code p0237 undoubtedly.


At this point, This guide can act as your savior once you get that dreaded code p0237 on your 6.0 powerstroke. Not only will this guide help you understand the causations behind the code, but also teach you how to get rid of the core problem causing it.

This code directly affects the turbo boost pressure sensors which can lead to a damaged engine eventually. It is recommended to follow the proper fixes mentioned in this guide above in order to achieve a perfectly healthy turbo booster.

If you are confused or facing trouble to complete any of the fixes, contact your local auto repair shop for help. They will expertly handle the fix on your behalf within a reasonable price.

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