Do You Know Who Makes Motorcraft Oil Filters? (Answer Explained)

Motorcraft oil filters are among the few brands that offer oil filters with great potential to enhance the performance of vehicle engines. 

Though Motorcraft oil filters are considered one of the best options, many users are not well aware of the company behind these extraordinary filters. 

That is why in today’s article, let’s find out who makes Motorcraft oil filters.

Who Makes Motorcraft Oil Filters?

Motorcraft oil filters are a product of the Motorcraft brand as a subsidiary division of Ford Motors. 

But the Motorcraft brand itself does not manufacture all those oil filters for Ford Motors. 

These oil filters are manufactured by Purolator Filters LLC, which was previously known as Motor Improvements.

Where Are Motorcraft Oil Filters Made?

The manufacturing facility of Motorcraft oil filters is in Fayetteville, North Carolina and Purolator Filters, LLC conducts and controls the entire production work from raw materials to delivering finished products.

Are Motorcraft Oil Filters Any Good?

Motorcraft oil filters are considered among the best oil filters because these filters work more effectively to protect the engine. 

These oil filters also ensure that drivers enjoy a smooth driving experience without worrying about the engine’s performance drop.

Purolator manufactures Motorcraft oil filters using the best raw materials to deliver oil filters featuring a unique design with excellent media filtration options. 

Not only that, these oil filters are more durable and have high-efficiency characteristics, such as removing up to 100% particles from the engine oil.

Besides effective filtration, Motorcraft oil filters also feature better valve and anti-rust metal frames to ensure easy access, maintenance, and long-lasting service.

About The Manufacturer Of Motorcraft Oil Filters:

Let’s have a brief idea about the manufacturing company of Motorcraft Oil Filters: 

Originally, Purolator Filters, LLC was founded in 1923 by Ernest Sweetland and George H. Greenhalgh. The production facility and the company’s headquarters both are in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

However, the company mainly came into the limelight when Ernest Sweetland and his partner George H. Greenhalgh patented the first automotive oil filtration system and named their invention “Purolator”. According to their explanation, Purolator is the short form of pure oil later. 

Since then, Purolator has been involved in the production and distribution of oil filters. In 1946, Purolator first introduced pleated paper for the oil filtration process which is still the most used technology for oil filter production.

In 1955, Purolator also developed the first “spin-on” oil filter

During the 1960 to 1970s, Purolator developed filtration products for Transmission fluids, Power steering fluids, Hydraulics, Coolants, Crankcase emissions, and other liquids and gasses.

In 1996, Purolator introduced the PureONE oil filter, which they improvised and redeveloped in early 2008. 

The Purolator PureONE filtration line also offers both oil and air filters. These filters feature 99.9% efficiency and textured grip control to offer optimum installation and easy removal facilities.

Purolator Filters also supplies PCV lines and offers top-performance filters for motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, and watercraft for the global market.

Currently, Purolator Filters, LLC has more than 2,000 filtration part numbers for Automotive, along with heavy and light applications. 

Purolator Filters is considered one of the best suppliers and won several international awards for the quality and service of their products.

What Are the Types Of Motorcraft Oil Filters Available?  

Motorcraft oil filters come in several types based on the vehicle type, model, and price range. 

Let’s have a glance what option you can find in the market-

Motorcraft FL2016 Oil Filters:

These oil filters from Motorcraft seem durable, last longer, and are pretty efficient compare to other available conventional options in the market. 

These oil filters work exceptionally well in removing contaminants from the engine to prevent any potential engine problems before they arise.

These Motorcraft oil filters are suitable for Buick, GMC, Chevrolet, and Pontiac (SO-1001 vehicle models). 

Motorcraft FL500S Oil Filters:

Motorcraft FL500S oil filters are durable and can easily survive several miles of drive without any issues. 

These filters are more efficient and offer adequate pressure that many other available oil filters lack. 

You do not even need to worry about driving in harsh conditions or reaching a higher speed because these filters will protect your engine from any potential troubles. 

Motorcraft FL2051S Oil Filters:

These Motorcraft oil filters have a large surface area, which can remove as many contaminants as possible. 

These filters are suitable and work great for Ford (2011 – 2019) vehicles. 

The installation and removal process are also very convenient so, you do not have to worry about that. 

These filters are durable enough to beat several other conventional oil filters available in the market. 

Motorcraft FL2017A Oil Filters:

Motorcraft filters are engineered based on Ford’s high-quality standards and are recommended as the original equipment replacement filter for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles. 

These filters are designed to protect against engine wear by screening out carbon, sand, dust, and bits of metal. 

The Pressure-relief valves of these oil filters help to maintain the oil supply to the engine even under extreme cold conditions or when the filter gets clogged. 

Motorcraft FL326 Oil Filters:

Motorcraft FL326 Oil Filters are designed to capture all engine-harming particles before they enter the engine. 

These oil filters also feature an improvised pressure relief valve to maintain the oil supply into the engine when the filter gets clogged or under extremely cold conditions. 

These Motorcraft oil filters are suitable for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles. These filters also have a hassle-free installation option and come with a 12-month warranty.

Besides those above mentioned Motorcraft oil filters, there are some other types of Motorcraft oil filters available in the market:

  • Motorcraft FL776
  • Motorcraft FL819A
  • Motorcraft FL1995
  • Motorcraft FL2062A
  • Motorcraft FL2066
  • Motorcraft FL811B

Where To Buy Motorcraft Oil Filters?  

Motorcraft oil filters are widely available in all the physical retailers and auto parts stores of Motorcraft brand as well Ford Motors Company. 

You can even shop them online from the Motorcraft and Ford Motors websites.

Besides that, these filters are also available in the physical and online portals of Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and AutoZone.

What Are The Best Motorcraft Oil Filters?  

The top three oil filters from the Motorcraft brand that are widely popular and ranked in the highest rating are mentioned below:

  1. Motorcraft FL500S Oil Filter
  2. Motorcraft FL2016 Oil Filter
  3. Motorcraft FL2051S Oil Filter

What Are The Best Alternative Of Motorcraft Oil Filters?  

Besides Motorcraft oil filters, you can also look for other top-rated oil filters for your vehicle, such as Bosch Premium Oil Filter, FRAM Extra Guard Oil Filter, Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter, or even ACDelco Professional Engine Oil Filters.


Although Motorcraft oil filters are among the most effective and durable filters that protect the engine to last longer than usual, many users often wonder who makes Motorcraft oil filters.

That is why today’s article was aimed to answer that frequently asked question, so hopefully, this article was informative enough to clear all related queries.

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