Marvel Mystery Oil Problems? Unravel the real mystery behind it

Like most other gasoline additives out there in the market, Marvel Mystery Oil promises a lot of marvellous benefits to its users but has no real scientific proof or evidence to back the unbelievable claims made by the company website.

“So why do people use it?” you may ask. Well, there are some testimonies made by some gullible few who have found some benefits in using this cheap additive. But we can’t accept the opinions of a gullible few without any hard scientific evidence.

So let us unfold the real truth and unravel the unexplored mysteries regarding this infamous Marvel Mystery Oil.

Marvel Mystery Oil Problems

7 Common Marvel Mystery Oil Problems

Let’s have a close look at some of the major problems with Marvel Mystery Oil. After this segment, you will get a clear picture in your mind of whether you should give this product a go or not. Here is the list of some of the biggest issues with Marvel Mystery Oil:

1. Problematic Past Record:

As already discussed above, Marvel Mystery Oil has a very problematic past. The serious damage done to the Lycoming aircraft (Piper PA-18, N5428H) by our infamous Marvel Mystery Oil will raise many eyebrows for sure.

The report we get is shocking and it will act as an eye opener for many. Can you say for certain that this will not happen to you again?

2. Oil Leaking Problem:

Some users have complained that after using Marvel Mystery Oil in their oil tanks, they found that oil was leaking from their tanks.

They checked and had all their screws tightened up but the problem persisted. When they finally understood and stopped using Marvel Mystery Oil, they got rid of the problem.

3. False claims:

As already mentioned earlier, the company website claims many improbable claims to make their product gain popularity.

It is nothing but a brilliant marketing strategy with zero hard evidence to support its claims. I mean, is it possible for a product to work with both synthetic and traditional oil to improve engine performance? Surely not.

4. Consists of Ordinary Ingredients:

According to a report by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Marvel Mystery Oil consists of 75% mineral oil, 24% weak solvent, and 1% lard. So much of a mystery right? 

5. Warranty Violation:

Big and reputed car manufacturing companies like GM and Ford forbid their clients for not using harmful additives like Marvel Mystery Oil and others.

Doing so will make you invalid for claiming your warranty rights. 

6. Terrible Customer Service:

Some users have made complaints regarding the terrible customer service they received from the website of Marvel Mystery Oil.

According to them upon contacting Marvel’s contact page, they got no real helpful solution from them.

7. Snake Oil:

There are no such additives that can be a cure for many problems at once. High claims backed by zero long-lasting test results give Marvel Mystery Oil the reputation of being a “snake oil”. 

Does Marvel Mystery Oil Have a Clean History?

It was on September 3, 2002, when a Lycoming aircraft (Piper PA-18, N5428H)  engine suffered severe damage while attempting to take off. After a thorough investigation, an inspector from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) concludes that the tragic incident took place due to using an additive to one of the fuel tanks of the aircraft. 

According to the report of NTSB, the probable cause of the incident was “The improper use of a fuel additive which resulted in a power loss.”

So which additive do you think caused the incident? Yes, it was our infamous Marvel Mystery Oil. 

So, will you still take a risk and entrust your valuable vehicle to something like this (MMO)? The choice is yours.

If you want to read the facts about it, read it [HERE].

Do The Improbable claims of Marvel Mystery Oil Have Any Scientific Basis?

If you pay a visit to the website of  Marvel Mystery Oil, you will find that the manufacturers have made many improbable claims which have no scientific background at all. The makers have failed to provide a single scientific fact that goes by their marvellous claims.

Here is the list of some of the promises made by the manufacturers:

  • Improves lubricating qualities
  • Reduces friction capabilities
  • Oil additive suitable for every vehicle
  • Improves engine performance
  • Extends the life of the engine
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Protects against the hot engine
  • Cleans the engine inside out

These are some of the claims made by the manufacturers but they didn’t provide or failed to provide any scientific evidence that would justify their claims.

So, would you still blindly follow the marvellous words of the makers having zero scientific facts? I would never make that mistake if I were in your shoes.

Is Marvel Mystery Oil Effective for All Vehicles?

I have conducted thorough research on this and my opinion is that you can use it for some vehicles and may indeed get unexpectedly some good results but you should never use it in newly bought vehicles as it would make serious damage to the engine and what more you will lose your warranty claim for that vehicle.

If you have a really old car and you need to clean its engine inside out then you can give Marvel Mystery Oil a try and you may or may not get your desired result. There are mixed opinions among the users. Some say that like its name Marvel Mystery Oil really does miraculous things. Some again have defamed its usage and compared it with Snake Oil. 

So which side do you want to choose? Don’t decide just yet. Read further.

Does Marvel Mystery Oil Work?

According to the claims of the manufacturers, this gasoline-based additive works wonders for your vehicles and does indeed give a magical solution to some unsolved problems with your vehicle. But the real problem is that they provide no scientific proof in support of their claims.  

“So, what is the big fuss all about? Why do people show so much eagerness about this snake oil?” you may ask.

You see, there are some youtube videos and google search results where you will see people making claims that Marvel Mystery Oil is performing well with their old lawnmowers, tractors and some very old cars.

“Different users have given good reviews. Are all of these gimmicks?” you also may wonder.

A few users opine that after using Marvel Mystery Oil, the performance of their engines has increased. Few others have claimed that Marvel Mystery Oil helps to keep their engines clean and free of deposits. And some say that it helps their engines to run smoother than before. Guess what changes in oil at regular intervals will also give you a similar result. Does this sound magical to you?

The company website claims this oil “can be used for just about anything”. Does this really sound believable to you?

Let me ask you a simple question “Why are the famous car manufacturing companies, who are leading the business world today, not using this product with their vehicles if the product does what the makers say about it?.” They are avoiding it because it doesn’t provide any solid proof of working that good for them. 

You are not going to put your hard-earned money on something based on some youtube videos search engine results right? You should always check on hard facts and look into the scientific grounds before making any long-term decision. Read below, there’s plenty more to come.

How Well Does Marvel Mystery Oil Perform in Practice?

Well, to be honest, Marvel Mystery Oil is not a gimmick as it performs well with some old, sluggish, and rugged-up engines. If your engines are dying and you want to give it another go then using it won’t hurt.

People are getting rather good results when they use it with their old, rusty and worn-out engines as Marvel Mystery Oil can actually clean the engine inside out and also improve its performance a bit.

But you should never use it with your newly-bought vehicles as it would do the opposite of good. Adding it with the engines having no issues whatsoever will create problems for you as it reacts with the products which are made of many different materials.


My final advice to you is that don’t believe people what they say about using any sort of additives unless you have hard evidence to back up those claims. People will always say that adding a bit of this and a bit of that has helped them achieve success. But is this really true?

Don’t you think that if adding some cheap additives like Marvel Mystery Oil can solve all the problems then why the different oil companies are not using this to make their products the number one product in the world?

Well, the answer is clear as daylight. Oil additives like Marvel Mystery Oil contain nothing special or mysterious in them. It’s just non-detergent oil which is pretty thick. If you want thicker oil just go and buy some thicker oil to get the desired result.

Be alert, and cautious. There are many companies out there who try to rob people of their hard-earned money by preaching about their product’s extraordinariness. Avoid them, whenever you come into contact with them. This will save both your time and money.

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