Who Makes Kohler Oil Filters & Where It’s Made?

In the past few days, a bunch of questions about Kohler has caught my attention that people are asking about Kohler oil filters. 

And I thought why not answer them! 

So this is what this very article is all about. 

Here I am going give an in-depth explanation of who makes Kohler oil filters, where it is made, who sells Kohler oil filters, are they reliable or not, and what are the alternatives of Kohler oil filters. 

So let’s get onto it!

Who Makes Kohler Oil Filters?

Kohler has different sectors and they are named differently. The automotive sector of Kohler is named Kohler Power. 

Though once Kohler Power used to make Kohler’s automotive parts but now some of the parts are made by 3rd party company. 

And Kohler oil filter is one of those parts. 

Champion Lab makes the oil filters for Kohler. And there are some other subsidiaries of Kohler who makes other parts. There is a new filter manufacturing company which is Fram Filtration. Champion Lab INC and Fram, these two get merged together and built Fram filtration.

A lot of people think that Fram owns Champion. 

Which is wrong. 

These are two different brands that are working together now. But that being said, still, products from these two brands are different and are not labeled as Fram filtration products.

Where Are Kohler Oil Filters Made?

Kholer first started their journey from Sheboygan and Wisconsin in the United States. As they grew they expanded and now they are spread in different locations. 

As you know Kohler oil filters are made by Champion Lab Inc. And they operate mainly in Illinois and South Carolina.

The headquarter of Champ Lab is located there and so are their factories where they make oil and other filters.

And then in 2017, they have expanded to Shanghai, China. In the beginning, they used to supply their products there but now they are operating in China as well. 

But the USA is where most of the productions happen.

Lastly, you can say, Kohler oil filters are made in the United States of America. 

Are Kohler Oil Filters Good & Reliable?

Champion Lab Inc. is one of the top-class filter manufacturers in the USA. And this very company’s yearly revenue is the highest compared to other filter manufacturers.

The highest revenue surely is an indication of the reliability. 

Champion Lab only focuses on one thing and that is filters. And they make sure each of their filters leads the industry. 

If you head over to the user-feedback section of any Kohler oil filter, you will see the majority of the users are satisfied with their purchase. 

Yes, I agree that there are few filters that didn’t go well. And this is so natural. You will not find any company till now that doesn’t have a single flop product. 

Every company has its good and bad products. But I can assure you that most of the Kohler filters are worth the money. 

And the best part is, if anything goes wrong, their warranty will cover it. Make sure you check for a warranty before purchasing. 

So overall I can say that Kohler oil filters are highly reliable.

Let me walk you through some of the best-selling Kohler oil filters on the market. 

  • KOHLER 52 050 02-S Engine Oil Filter. Kohler (2 Pack) 52 050 02-S1 Engine Oil Filter.
  • Kohler 12 050 01-S Oil Filter.
  • Powtol 32 083 03-S 32 883 03-S1 Air Filter.

Who Sells Kohler Oil Filters?

Kohler and Champion lab has a lot of subsidiaries and dealers. You will obvious find Kohler oil filters from Kohler power and Champion Lab Inc. dealers. 

If you want you can buy directly from Kohler power and Champion Lab since they sell online. But you might have to buy in bulk if you are ordering directly from the manufacturer. 

Apart from these, in the USA and CHINA, you will find Kohler oil filters on the nearby automotive part stores.

And most of the giant e-commerce stores surely have Kohler and Champion lab Filters. 

What Are Alternative to Kohler Oil Filters?

Well, there are more than a hundred alternatives from Kohler oil filters. I will try my best to put the entire list below. 

You can use Wix 51348 on Kohler 7000 Series PRO w/ SmartChoke. The Wix 51348 also crosses with Fram PH3614, TG3614, XG3614. Motorcraft FL910S, and Purolator 10241.

For KOHLER 12 050 01S you can use filters from different brands such as AC, Baldwin, CHRYSLER, Carcare, Carquest, Cenex, Canadian, Big A, and many more.

Not only there are some other series as well which filters cross with Kohler engines and oil filters. Here are they. 

  • Deutz.
  • Wix.
  • Tecumseh.
  • MPA.
  • Quaker State.
  • Purolator.

And many more…

You shouldn’t worry much about alternatives since there are hundreds of them. But before picking a cross-reference oil filter, make sure to check through the features and specs. 

Do not pick a cross filter based on someone else’s recommendation. You can take suggestions but before you buy you will have to thoroughly check everything to ensure compatibility. 


Well, let me sum up the entire thing. 

The automotive sector of Kohler is called Kohler Power. And Kohler itself doesn’t make oil filters, Champion Lab inc. the no 1 filter manufacturer makes oil filters for them. 

Champion Lab Inc. has its factories located in the USA and China. But most of the production happens in the USA and then supplied all over the world.

So you can say, Kohler oil filters are made in the United States of America. 

You shouldn’t worry much about the quality of Kohler oil filters, they are worth the price and very reliable.  That’s pretty much all! Hope this article answers all your questions.

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