Who Makes Honda Oil Filters? (Answer Explained)

You must have heard of the Honda oil filters. They are pretty popular among users. But in most forum discussions, we have noticed the lack of information among people about its manufacturers.

So who makes Honda oil filters? In this article, we’ll discuss its manufacturers and will clear all the confusion out of you. 

Who Makes Honda Oil Filters?

Honda filters from two different manufacturers are available in the market currently. But most of the users like to use the filters that are made by FILTECH.

FILTECH is a subsidiary of TOYO ROKI company that makes automotive products for them. On the other side, the blue ones that are mostly available in the market recently are the FRAM oil filters are made by Honeywell. 

Where Are Honda Oil Filters Made?

Although we know that Honda oil filters are made by Filtech and Honeywell, the location of their manufacturing factory is unclear.

 However, these companies have their manufacturing plants in different countries. TOYO ROKI has its plants in Japan and China.

Again, both the companies have plants in the USA. Most of the time, they are made in the USA and get shipped to different countries. 

Are Honda Oil Filters Any Good?

It depends. In most of the discussion forums, we’ve got good reviews about the Toyo Roki filters. But the Honeywell filters are average.

Filtech filters are better as they are kept in place with metal and caps, unlike the Fram filter held in place with coated paper and caps. But both of these filters will filter the oil properly and will provide excellent efficiency.

The cost of these two aren’t that much. However, it’s recommended to change the filter after two oil changes. Otherwise, you won’t get the optimal result. 

About The Manufacturers:

Honda oil filters are one of the best filters available in the market. They are widely used throughout the world. Two well-renowned companies manufacture these filters. 

  • Honeywell Corporation 

The TOYO ROKI filters are known as Filtech filters. Filtech is the American subsidiary of TOYO ROKI since 1989. They have been making various oil filters till then.

On the other side, you may be familiar with the FRAM filters. These Filters are made by Honeywell Corporation. These two companies have been making oil filters for a long time, and you’ll get their products throughout the world.  

Where To Buy Honda Oil Filters?  

Honda oil filters are available in all Honda authorized dealers and seller’s shops. You can also buy them from the official websites of the manufacturer.

However, it’s quite easy to buy these filters online. Just go to any renowned e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and you will get them. The price of these filters isn’t much. So it’s superbly easy to buy them.

What Are The Best Honda Oil Filters? 

Honda oil filters are very popular among users. Let’s look at 3 of their best oil filters. 

  • Genuine Honda 15400-PLM-A02 

As the name suggests, this is one of the most genuine oil filters of Honda you’ll get in the market. This oil filter is made of paper filters. It removes every small impurity and allows the top performance of the engine. Buying it will make sure that no contaminants infringe into the engine via the oil.

  • Fram Xg7317 Uktra Synthetic Soin On Oil Filter 

These Fram ultra-synthetic oil filters are made up of resin material and have dual-layered synthetic media that holds the dirt and increase the engine life. It will give protection to the engine up to 20000 miles and works with great efficiency. This filter is also easy to install and remove. 

  • 15400-PLM-A01

This is another highly rated oil filter that you can buy. It is better than the first one as it has metal and caps to hold it in place. The installation and removal process is super easy. Moreover, they have a longer lifespan and a larger surface area than the A02 filters. That’s why this oil filter is highly recommended.

What Are The Best Alternative Of Honda Oil Filters?

There are many more high-quality oil filters that you can use instead of Honda Oil filters. The best ones come from PUROLATOR that is known as PureOne filters.

Almost all users keep this as their priority. There are also filters from BOSCH and WIX that are really popular. However, whenever you are using these filters, make sure those are compatible with the oil and engine types.


Honda offers premium quality oil filters, and everyone likes them. But most users don’t even know about the manufacturers behind all these filters and other automotive products. In this article, you’ll get all the necessary information about the filter and its manufacturers. Hopefully, you had a great read!

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