Do You Know Who Sells WIX Oil Filters? (Answer Explained)

Although WIX has been in this automotive industry for more than decades and proudly serving with its high-quality oil filters, often customers ask who sells WIX oil filters since they are concerned about purchasing authentic products from its authorized dealers or stores.

Even sometimes, customers get confused by seeing different regions mentioned on the products manufacturing location label.

Well, to clear up all those confusion and misconception about WIX, I have decided to reveal every unknown but relevant fact about WIX oil filters in today’s article-

Who Makes WIX Oil Filters?

Before moving to the dealers and retailers list, we need to know who or which manufacturer is behind all those excellent products of the WIX brand.

Although WIX has been producing and distributing a wide range of high-quality filtration systems for almost 80 years by now, MANN+HUMMEL, another leading global expert for filtration solutions is the current manufacturer of all WIX filters since 2016.

Where Are WIX Oil Filters Made?

WIX originally had manufacturing facilities in several countries to reach and serve the global market groups. 

Reportedly, WIX has its operational facilities almost in 10 countries on more than 5 continents. 

But since 2016, all MANN+HUMMEL production plants have been producing WIX filters.

These filters are manufactured in several regional areas such as Gastonia, North Carolina USA, Canada, Poland, Brazil, Venezuela, Ukraine, and China.

Who Sells WIX Oil Filters?  

All WIX filters are physically available in WIX, MANN+HUMMEL, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and Walmart dealers or retailer stores.

Besides that, these filters are also available for online shopping. You can buy them from WIX online store, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Walmart, Amazon, and AutoZone’s online store.

Are WIX Oil Filters Any Good?

WIX oil filters are some of the best options currently available in the market and especially, WIX spin-on lube filter. These oil filters are built with latest technology, premium quality parts and media. 

WIX oil filters have such an improvised construction that they are durable enough to handle or resist extremely high or low temperatures.

WIX offers different types oil filter to fit different types of vehicle’s need. From regular vehicle to sports or heavy-duty vehicles, you can find one match for every type. Even WIX oil filters are the favorite deal for many vehicle owners whose vehicle deal with lots of highway driving and takes long idle times. 

Though WIX and MANN+HUMMEL brand combinedly ensure that each manufactured WIX oil filter is engineered with the highest quality components to deliver excellent performance, these oil filters are affordable compare to other similar grade brands.

About The Manufacturer Of WIX Oil Filters:

While talking about the WIX filters brand its manufacturer, we have to consider two names here one that has been behind these filters from the very beginning and another one joint later on.

Let’s have an overall idea on the manufacturer of WIX Oil Filters:

The WIX Filters:

For over 80 years WIX has been supplying filters for passenger and every other variety of heavy vehicles, machinery, and equipment. 

But over the years, WIX never compromised with the quality and has successfully maintained its loyalty towards delivering only quality that is worth the consumer’s money. 

Initially, WIX company’s journey as a manufacturer of automotive filters started in late 1930 when Jack Wicks and Paul Crawshaw started producing car filters in North Carolina. 

Jack Wicks and Paul Crawshaw, the founders of WIX filters brand patented thread filter named “twist of the wrist” in 1954, and immediately their thread filter became a standard in the automotive filtration sector. 

Since then, WIX filters R&D team has never stopped and continuously working on developing new ways to improvising existing filtration systems. 

Currently, the WIX Filters company has more than 16,000 separate automotive products. 

WIX has filtration products for passenger cars, sports or racing vehicles, light trucks, minivans, buses, heavy industrial machines, and equipment. 

WIX Filters does not only produce oil filters, the company also produces fuel, air, cabin air filters, air dryers, coolant, hydraulic oil, and urea filters. 

WIX is currently available in more than 80 global markets including the local consumer markets. Its production and operational facilities are available globally.

However, in May 2016, a big change happened to expand WIX limitation and boundaries more smoothly. In 2016, another industry-leading global brand, MANN+HUMMEL group acquired the parent company of WIX filters(Affinia group).


In 1938, Adolf Mann and Dr. Erich Hummel had their textile business, and the company was named Bleyle in Ludwigsburg

But after the outbreak of the Second World War, the Stuttgart piston producer Mahle offered engine filters production. That offer was the main foundation of today’s MANN+HUMMEL Brand. 

In 1941, Adolf Mann and Dr. Erich Hummel officially founded Mann+Hummel Gruppe in Germany. 

Currently, the company headquarter is in Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.  

Mann+Hummel company started manufacturing liquid & air filter systems, intake systems, and cabin filters.  

After 1942, Mann+Hummel was extremely suffering because of the post-war hardship in Garmany and the global market. 

But the founders of the company did not hesitate and instead focused more on intensive research and development activities. 

Since 1948, the company has invested and focused more on further diversification along with filter production. 

During that period, MANN+HUMMEL was also actively involved in the textile industry again to overcome the situation. The textile business was known as Mann Pamina Moden. Later on, Mann+Hummel sold the textile business to Schiesser in 1974.   

During the timeline of 1990 to 2000, it was the actual growth period for the company, and MANN+HUMMEL founded numerous subsidiaries to cover global regional production boundaries. 

Over the previous three decades, MANN+HUMMEL Group expanded its business unit for industrial filtration by consolidating Filterwerk Mann+Hummel GmbH and other companies like WIX.

What Are the Types Of WIX Oil Filters Available?  

WIX offers oil filters under two major categories so let’s have a glance at what are types of products WIX has in its stock-

WIX Automotive & Light Truck Category:

Under this particular category, WIX has three different products to serve different consumer needs.

  1. Pro-Tec Oil Filter: 
  2. Wix Filters:
  3. Wix XP Oil Filters:

WIX Heavy Duty Filters Category:

Under this category, WIX offers four different products to serve all types of consumer’s needs.

  1. WIX XD Oil Filters 
  2. WIX XE Oil Filters
  3. WIX ecoLAST Oil Filters
  4. Wix Racing Oil Filters

What Are The Best WIX Oil Filters?  

The top-rated products from WIX Filters are mentioned below:

  • Wix Spin-On Lube Filter 
  • Wix Xp Oil Filter
  • Wix XP 51348XP Oil Filter
  • Wix Racing Lube

What Are The Best Alternative Of WIX Oil Filters?  

Besides WIX oil filters, you can also choose oil filters from Bosch, PurolatorONE, FRAM or Mobil 1 brands.


There are several misconceptions about WIX oil filters and the brand among most customers, such as who makes those for WIX, where the production takes place, or who sells WIX oil filters?

That’s why in today’s article, I tried to answer all those queries and shared as much relevant information as possible.

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