Do You Know Who Makes Costco motor oil? (Answer Explained)

Costco is a significant brand in the automotive lubricant industry. It has proven itself as one of the finest lubricant brands.

Motor oil is mainly used for the internal combustion and lubrication of the engine. When the engine is used alongside Costco oil, the engine is more efficient.

In this very article, I will inform you about who makes Costco motor oil and the manufacturer of the brand.

Who Makes Costco Motor Oil?

Costco motor oil is made by Warren Distribution. The company is based in North America. Out of all the blenders of private label oils, Warren Distribution is the largest.

Your engine gets wear protection and prevention from thermal breakdown due to motor oil usage. Costco is here to give you the best of it and make sure your engine runs without any complications.

Where Are Costco Motor Oils Made?

Warren Distribution manufactures the Costco motor oil which goes by the name of Kirkland oil. Their headquarters is situated in Omaha, Nebraska.

Costco has a total area of about 2 million square feet for its manufacturing and distributing facilities in the United States.

The manufacturing area that Costco holds is Council Bluffs, IA. They have a 240,000 square feet area here for manufacturing oil.

Costco also has manufacturing facilities in Houston situated in Texas which measures about 340,000 square feet. They have a facility in Alabama which is about 6 thousand square feet.

Are Costco Motor Oils Any Good?

You might not know about the Costco brand and their oil, but the oil that they provide has some excellent qualities. These qualities make this brand stand out from the others.

The engine oil that you buy should be API approved and Dexos approve to ensure good quality. The API certification ensures you the quality and safety precautions of the company.

On the other hand, Dexos certification ensures you that your ride has the up to the minute emission standards. Since Costco oil is approved by both, you have no worries. The manufacturers also make the Walmart Supertech and Amazon oil. So yes, Costco motor oil is good for your vehicle.

About The Manufacturers:

Warren Distribution is a family-owned business. The company was founded by James Schlott in 1922. His grandson, Robert Bob Schlott is the current CEO and Chairman of the company.

The distribution was run from 811 Howard Street in downtown Omaha. The location of the headquarters has not changed since then. In 1930 the company started to blend oil. It was just a small unknown brand in the east of Mississippi then.

James Schlott’s son Norman Schlott joined the family business in 1930. Since then, Norman has developed a new oil blending process that made the company be the first one from Mississippi.

The company created its private brand of oil which was known as Gold Bond Lubricants which was very successful. They sold the oil formula to an implement dealer in Easter Iowa in 1935.

Now the company has become the largest private label lubricant manufacturer in North America. They are also the biggest automotive chemical distributor. Warren Distribution manufactures 140 million gallons of oil per year which includes heavy-duty engine oil, industrial oil, passenger car motor oil, greases.

They distribute the popular automotive chemical to around 45 counties around the world. The Warren brand is led by a group that has more than 25 years of experience in this field. With about 750 associates, they provide customers satisfaction.

What Are the Types Of Costco Motor Oils Available? 

Costco oil is known as the Kirkland Signature Motor Oil. They make a total of three grades of engine oil. They are divided by viscosity grade which is SAE 5W-30, 5W-20, and 0W-20.

  • 5W-30:

The 5W-30 has an exceptionally high viscosity. The details are given below:

– 4 to 5 quart (4.73L) bottles.

– Advanced wear protection.

– Controls thermal breakdown.

– For extended engine life.

– Full synthetic oil.                   

  • 5W-20:

The 5W-30 costs less but it has a consistency equivalent to Mobil One. The specifications are given below:

– 12 to 1 quart (946 mL) bottles.

– Helps prevent deposits.

– Provides extended engine life.

– Good protection against wearing.

– Prevents formation of sludge

– Full synthetic 5W-20.

  • 0W-20:

Kirkland 0W-20 is considered to be the best lubricant provided by Costco. The specifications are:

– 2 to 5 quart (4.73 L) bottles.

– Maximizes fuel economy of the vehicle.

– Better performance in high and low temperatures.

– Prevents and protects from wear.

– 100% synthetic formulation.

– Superior protection against corrosion.

Where To Buy Costco Motor Oil? 

Costco sells its motor oil from their Costco wholesale site which is You can also buy the motor oil from Amazon, Piqua, InstaCart, etc. sites.

They also have a warehouse finder from which you can find the nearest shop to your home. You can also return the product to any one of their 800 warehouses worldwide.

What is The Best Costco Motor Oil? 

If you want the best 100% synthetic motor oil, Costco’s Kirkland oil is the right choice. The best of the Kirkland oil is the 0W-20 viscosity range one.

The 0W-20 gives you a fluid-like smooth performance for your vehicle. It has great reviews on its website with an overall of 4.8 with more than 1700 reviews.

This oil guarantees you to reduce wear on critical parts and also maximizes the fuel economy. The fully synthetic formulation makes sure you have long-lasting engine protection and high-quality performance from the engine.

What Are The Best Alternatives Of Costco Motor Oil? 

There are a few alternatives that you can rely on if you do not want to buy the Costco motor oil. The brands that provide you good motor oil are Pennzoil, Castrol GTX, Valvoline, Havoline, AmazonBasics, Lucas Oil Hot Road & Cassic, and so on.

These brands also guarantee you high performance like Costco’s Kirkland synthetic motor oil.


The Warren Distribution has a motto to produce the best quality of motor oil. Costco is also known for providing its customers the best synthetic oil for a healthy engine.

The Costco oil will ensure you a wonderful consistency which is appreciated by the racers and auto drivers. So, the next time you are looking for engine oil, be sure to get them from Costco.

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