Do You Know Who Makes Valvoline Oil Filters? (Ans Explained)

Although Valvoline oil filters might not be as popular as its competitors, it has got a large enough customer base. But there is confusion about its manufacturer because its manufacture has been changed. Do you know who makes Valvoline Oil Filters now? The current manufacturer is the Purolator. Purolator is a well-known manufacturer of automotive oil filters. So let’s know more about them.

Who Makes The Valvoline Oil Filters?

The Valvoline oil filters are made by MANN+HUMMEL Purolator Filters LLC, which is commonly known as Purolator.

It’s important to clear the confusion here. Previously, these filters were made by Champ Labs. So many of the users still think of them as the manufacturer.

But they are not anymore. Now they are made by Purolator. Purolator is a subsidiary division under MANN+HUMMEL Gruppe, which is a Germany-based manufacturer of liquid and air filter systems.

Where Are Valvoline Oil Filters Made?

Valvoline oil filters are made by Purolator. They have manufacturing facilities in different states of the USA. But the exact location is not mentioned.

However, they have manufacturing plants in Fayetteville, North Carolina where the headquarter of this company is situated. 

Are Valvoline Oil Filters Any Good?

Valvoline oil filters have pretty good reviews from the customers. They are made of good quality filter paper membrane and have a strong construction.

Valvoline oil filters are more expensive than other filters. But they are great for short OIC (Oil change interval) and overall it’s a great deal to make as they offer premium quality.

However, they have some bad reviews also. Some customers complained that they don’t fit into their engine. So make sure that the size of the filter suits your engine before purchasing this oil filter.

About The Manufacturers:

As mentioned above, the Valvoline oil filters are made by Purolator. Purolator company was established in 1923 when Ernest Sweetland and George H. Greenhalgh made the first automotive oil filtration system. They named this invention “Purolator” short form of “pure oil later”. 

It became a subsidiary of global company MANN+HUMMEL since 2012. From then, it has strengthened its position as the leading company in the automotive filtration industry.

Now Purolator has more than 2000 filtration part numbers for different applications and their products are being shipped into most of the countries of the world. They have their headquarter in North Carolina, USA.

Again, the previous manufacturer was Champ Labs which is also a global manufacturer. They headquarters in Albion, Illinois, USA. They also have their presence in China and some other countries. 

What Are The Best Valvoline Oil Filters?

Although Valvoline has many good oil filters, let’s look at their two best filters. 

  • VALVOLINE VO-108 Engine Oil Filter

This is one of the best oil filters from Valvoline. The filtration quality of this filter is excellent and it also has a great dirt holding capacity. So you no contaminants will enter into the engine if you use this filter.

  • VALVOLINE VO-106 Oil Filter

This is another highly recommended oil filter from VALVOLINE. This oil filter is designed to remove metal debris and harmful containments without restricting the oil flow. As per the customer reviews, most customers are happy with the product quality. 

Where To Buy Valvoline Oil Filters?  

You will most likely find Valvoline in your nearby automotive part stores in the USA. However, if you don’t find them, you can buy them from online. Online sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart will have Valvoline oil filters. You can also buy them from the official website of Valvoline. 

What Are The Best Alternative Of Valvoline Oil Filters?

Valvoline is less popular among the users in comparison with other oil filter brands. So you have some very good alternatives to it.

You can use the other oil filters from Purolator, the BOSCH ones or the Motorcraft oil filters. The Fram and Filtech oil filters are also good ones. So it’s not hard at all to find the alternatives of Valvoline oil filters.


Valvoline comes with some very good spin-on oil filters that offer great efficiency and no one denies that. But most Valvoline filter users don’t have the information on its manufacturer and they also have lack awareness about the brand. This article aims to answer those questions and make a clear understanding about the Valvoline products for the customers!

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