Do You Know Who Makes Harvest King Oil? (Answer Explained)

Harvest King Oil is one of the best synthetic oil that you can use in your car engine. This synthetic oil works tremendously well to enhance engine performance and protects the engine even in tough operational conditions.

However, many of us don’t know who makes Harvest King Oil. Well, it’s Warren Distribution which is the largest blender of private label oil in the world.

Let’s know more about this oil brand in today’s article below.  

Who Makes Harvest King Oils?

Harvest King Oil is made by Warren Oil Company which has its base in North America. It is the largest independent blender and packager of private label oils.

They blend high-quality motor oils with decent additive packages. Harvest king oil is one of them. You can use this with full confidence.

Where Are Harvest King Motor Oils Made?

As mentioned earlier, Warren Oil Company is the blender of Harvest King Oil. They have their manufacture facilities in 6 states of the USA. They have plants in Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

Thousands of gallons of lubricants get shipped to different countries from these plants every year. So you may be one of those countries where the oil gets shipped, but those are the places where they actually come from.

Are Harvest King Oil Motor Oils Any Good?

Dexos and API certification can be two important criteria in determining a motor oil’s quality. The Dexos approval ensures the oil’s efficiency while the API certifies the safety precaution and the quality of the company.

The good thing is harvest king oil has both certifications.

It also ensures a four to thousand miles safe journey without changing oil. Moreover, this synthetic oil comes at an unbelievable low price.

So, yes, Harvest King Oil is good for many reasons. It is well certified, trusted, and performing well. 

About The Manufacturer

Warren Distribution is a family-owned business founded by James Schlott in 1922. Jame’s grandson Robert Bob Schlott is the current chairman and CEO Of the company.

James started the distribution business back in 1922 on 811 Howard Street in downtown Omaha, NE, which is still the headquarter of this company. The company used to supply lubricating oils in Omaha and surrounding areas.

But it started expanding when James’s son Norman joined the company in 1930. He developed an oil blending process and its own private label brand of oil named Gold Bond Lubricants. This product came out successful and was sold to an implement dealer in Eastern Iowa around 1935.

The success story began from there, and they had their hardships in the journey. The company lost its building at Howard Street in 1963 due to a fire. But they didn’t slow down and relocated them to a new location quickly.

Thus their expansion continued, and today they produce 140 million gallons per year to claim themselves the largest private label lubricant manufacturer and automotive chemical distributor of North America.

They manufacture a broad range of lubricants, greases, and automotive chemicals, and these products get exported to almost 45 countries and have six plants throughout different states of the USA. 

What Are the Types Of Harvest King Oils Available?

Costco is the current vendor of Harvest King Oil. It makes oil of three different viscosities or grades. It includes the SAE 5W -20, 5W-30, OW-20, and 10W-30.

Each of these grades is available online, and you can use them according to your need. Take the help of the Vehicle owner’s manual to select the lubricant for your engine.

Where To Buy Harvest King Oil Filters?

Harvest king oil filters are available on online platforms. You can easily get them from platforms like eBay, Amazon, etc. They are not that costly also. You’ll get a good one easily in $5-$20. So always use an oil filter as it will help to remove contamination from the oil and increase fuel efficiency. 

What Are The Best Harvest King Oils?

Harvest king oil has its bests. The best type of this oil should be 5W-30 and OW-20. They have great reviews, and they also prevent wear in the engine. The 5W-30 is cheaper but offers almost the same quality.

So you will get a great deal here. Besides, 5W-20 is also really good. Keep in mind that any type of Harvest King Oil is a very good oil for your engine. So no type will disappoint you. 

What Are the Alternatives Of Harvest King Oil?

There are different synthetic oils available in the market that you can use as an alternative to Harvest King Oil. You can use Kirkland Motor Oil, Mobil 1 oil, Subaru oil, etc.

These oils also have great quality and will perform great with your engine. However, always check if the oil is compatible with your engine before using it.


Harvest King Oil is a great oil produced by Warren Distribution. They are good in quality and efficiency. Moreover, you don’t have to hassle to buy them as they are quite available anywhere. 

But most harvest king oil users are not aware of the company behind all these various high-quality automotive oils. 

That’s why in this article, I have tried to answer the question with all the authentic background explanations of who makes harvest king oil.

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