Who Makes Costco Synthetic Oil (Answer Explained)

You might know about the Costco website. Maybe you have even bought something from there as well. Then, you are familiar with their synthetic oil, right!

So, were you wondering about who makes Costco synthetic oil?

To resolve your confusion, in this article, I will share all the information related to it. 

But the first thing you need to know is the name of Costco synthetic oil is Kirkland Motor Oil. It is Costco’s private label product.

Who Makes Costco Synthetic Oil?

As you already know that the synthetic oil that Costco sells is Kirkland Motor Oil. However, Costco doesn’t make the Kirkland oil. 

Actually, Warren distribution, located in North America, manufactures Kirkland Motor oil. Warren Distribution is the biggest private label oil mixer. 

They also make their own brand of Mag 1 oil. They combine good motor oils with good additive bundles.

The Kirkland oil is distributed by Costco Wholesale Corporation under its private label.

Where Are Costco Synthetic Oil Made?

Warren Distribution manufactures Kirkland Motor Oils in the United States. The company’s headquarters are in Omaha, Nebraska, and it has more than 2 million square feet of production and distribution facilities in several locations around the United States where it produces oil. 

Council Bluffs, Iowa, is one of these manufacturing hubs, with production buildings covering 2,40,000 square feet.

In addition, they have 6000 square feet of industrial space in Lake Guntersville, Alabama, and 340000 square feet in Houston, Texas. Albertville, Alabama, has a large oil manufacturing sector. 

Thus, from these facilities, the oil is handed over to Costco for distribution.

Are Costco Synthetic Oil Any Good?

Costco’s Kirkland brand may be a dark horse in the motor oil kingdom, but it has some remarkable features. These factors make this motor oil worthwhile to test.

When we think about buying engine oil, we want it to be both Dexos and API certified. 

The Dexos certification demonstrates that your car meets numerous conditions that allow it to meet the most recent emission standards. It also provides for better fuel economy.

In contrast, API accreditation offers substantial proof of a company’s safety precautions and competence. 

Costco synthetic oil will provide you with both of these certificates. What else could you want?

Moreover, this oil is engineered to decrease engine wear, clean inner engine components, and improve fuel economy.

Its all-synthetic formulation guarantees maximum engine protection and performance.

In terms of resistance to power-robbing elements, it also surpasses the finest synthetic mixes.

About The Manufacturer

Learning about who makes Costco synthetic oil is essential to understand how good it is.

Well, Warren Distribution is a family-owned company started by James Schlott in 1922. His grandson, Robert Bob Schlott, currently serves as the company’s CEO.

It used to provide agricultural business farms in Omaha and the nearby areas with lubricating oil and associated items. James’ son joined the firm in 1930 and began extending its services.

Norman created an oil mixing technique as well as its own private label oil brand, Gold Bond Lubricants. It had grown in popularity and was eventually sold to an implement dealer in Eastern Iowa. As a result, it began to grow.

Now it is North America’s largest house brand lubricant producer and automotive chemical distributor, manufacturing 140 million gallons per year. 

They produce and market a wide range of popular automotive chemicals, as well as passenger vehicle motor oil, heavy-duty engine oil, commercial oil, and greases.

Their corporate headquarters are in Omaha, Nebraska. These items are sent to over 45 countries.

A customer-facing staff with over 25 years of experience leads their team. Quality services are provided by over 750 colleagues. These employees, together with the leaders, contribute to meeting the expectations of consumers with their services.

What Are The Types Of Costco Synthetic Oil Available?

Costco synthetic oil has been marketed under the brand name Kirkland. Currently, the brand is a multi-millionaire oil production firm. 

It produces three viscosity classes of motor oil in total. SAE 5W-30, 5W-30, and 0W–20 are examples.

All three Kirkland diesel oils are presently available for purchase online. In addition, the 5W-30 model is now available at your local Costco. 

In comparison, the third viscosity 0W-20 is sometimes known as Costco motor oil 0W-20.

Where To Buy Costco synthetic oil?

The Costco synthetic oil is found in many oils seller shops under the name of Kirkland. There are many dealers that you can find near your location. 

You can also check Costco’s website to buy the oil. 

What Are The Best Costco synthetic oil?

If you’re seeking the best complete synthetic motor oil in North America, Costco Wholesale Corporation’s Kirkland brand will not let you down. This hallmark brand, though, has its high points. 

The Kirkland 0W-20 synthetic oil is among the best in this brand. It has received positive feedback and delivers a fluid-like reliable performance in your car’s engine.

Following that is the Kirkland 5w-30, which is less expensive but of comparable quality to the Mobil one. 

Finally, there is the Kirkland SAE 5w-30, which has the highest viscosity of all the oils.

Kirkland is one of the greatest brands that Costco promotes to sell its products. It produces the best synthetic motor oil, ensuring a smooth ride every time.

What Are Alternative Of Costco synthetic oil?

Although Costco’s Kirkland oil is great, there are some other good choices in the market as well. You can check-

Mobil 1 Extended Performance Synthetic Oil Mobil 1’s Extended Performance Synthetic Oil, with its innovative complete synthetic composition, is designed to mitigate deposits and sludge buildup for prolonged engine life while maintaining consistent viscosity of the oil. 

Because of a perfect mix of performance additives, this oil will provide good overall lubrication and wear prevention under a variety of operating situations.

  • Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil is made with the company’s PurePlus gas-to-liquid technology, a proprietary method that transforms pure natural gas into a high-grade, full synthetic base oil. 

Pennzoil says that its base oil is 99.5 percent pure, which implies it has fewer contaminants than crude oil-derived base oils. 

  • Shell ROTELLA Full Synthetic Diesel Oil

If you own a diesel engine and are looking for synthetic oil, then pick Shell’s ROTELLA. This product improves fuel efficiency by 1.5 percent when compared to ordinary 15W-40 lubricants. 

Its Triple Protection Plus formula blends entirely synthetic base oils with sophisticated additives to provide equipment protection and extended engine life. 

  • Castrol GTX MAGNATEC Full Synthetic Oil

Castrol claims that their GTX MAGNATEC Full Synthetic Oil will smooth out engine components by up to four times. 

This oil is unique as it is designed with clever molecules that stick to the engine in all types of driving circumstances, including when the engine is turned off. 

The oil normally flows down to the sump when an engine stops, but not with Castrol GTX MAGNATEC. Instead, the smart molecules will stick to crucial engine elements like a magnet, refusing to drain.


Knowing the information about the things you use is necessary. Hence, if you use or want to use Costco synthetic oil then you should know who makes Costco synthetic oil and are they good enough for your engine.

In this article, I have explained everything that you need to know about it. Thus, it will be easier for you to pick the right oil for your engine.

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