Who Makes Stihl 2 Cycle Oil? (Answer Explained)

Many people like to use Stihl 2 cycle oil because of the great quality of the oil. But do you know who manufactures the oil? Is the oil good enough for your vehicle’s engine? Are there any other alternatives available?

After studying and researching many articles and news, it is found that the Stihl 2 cycle oil is made by Castrol Company. This is a renowned oil manufacturing company that also has its own oil brand in the market.

I will discuss more in this article about Stihl 2 cycle oil and other available alternatives to this product. That will help you in buying the best oil for your vehicle.

Who Makes Stihl 2 cycle oil?

Stihl 2 cycle oil is a product of Stihl Holding AG & Co. KG. It distributes first-class quality products including oil.

However, it does not manufacture the oil. It takes customized oil from Castrol and then sells the oil with the Stihl brand seal.

Castrol not only makes its own oil but also sells customized oil to different companies. Stihl is one of those companies. There is no question about the quality as we all know the Castrol synthetic oil is top-rated engine oil.

There is one more thing that I should add. The whole making to packaging process is not done by Castrol alone. The Omni Specialty Packaging mixes all the components of the oil and packages it for Stihl.

Thus, we can say, Castrol makes the oil and Omni packages it for Stihl, who then distributes it under its brand name.

Where Are Stihl 2 cycle oil Made?

Stihl 2 cycle oil is made in different plants of Castrol. Castrol has several factories in many different countries.

It has a total of 25 manufacturing plants around the globe. Over 7,000 people work in Castrol offices and plants.

It also has many technology centers from where they operate the manufacturing and the business. The technology centers are located in Pangbourne (UK), Wayne (USA), Naperville (USA), Nagoga (Japan), Shanghai (China), Hamburg (Germany), Moenchengladbach (Germany).

The headquarters of Castrol is in different countries. It has a headquarter in Wayne, NJ. The other headquarters are in Uk and India.

The next company that we need to check is Omni Specialty Packaging. It is based in Shreveport, Louisiana. It packages the oil from Shreveport.

Is Stihl 2 cycle oil Any Good?

People using the Stihl 2 cycle oil have been giving great reviews about the high-quality synthetic oil. There are many aspects that can make you interested in buying this oil.

Less ash in the oil:

Stihl 2 cycle oil has less ash in the oil. It is one important part of the oil because this ash produces carbon, which clogs the engine and creates piston scoring. Thus, Stihl 2 cycle oil is great for the engine.

Good for the environment:

Stihl 2 cycle oil is biodegradable and has a low Sulphur content, making it healthier for the environment. Hence, it is better to use this oil.

Rust and corrosion control:

This oil also has an ingredient that helps to prevent corrosion and rust in the exhaust system. As a result, it reduces damage and keeps it clean for longer.

Great protection for engine:

Stihl 2 cycle oil is great for your engine. It will keep the engine running like new. That protects your engine from getting old.

Improving engine performance:

By using this oil, you can improve the performance of the engine. If you use other non-biodegradable oils, the engine performance will decline slowly.

On the other hand, Stihl oil will improve performance by providing essential ingredients for the engine.

Although the price is higher for this oil in the market, this is one of the best synthetic oils for 2-stroke engines. Users have reviewed the oil positively on different platforms. And experts have suggested using this kind of oil for the engines.

About The Manufacturer

To know more about who makes Stihl 2 cycle oil, let’s check the backgrounds of the manufacturers.

Castrol is a British oil firm that sells industrial and automobile lubricants, with a broad range of oils, greases, and other lubricants for a variety of uses.

The term Castrol was initially only a brand name for the business’s motor lubricants, but since the product name became more well-known than the main company name, CC Wakefield, the company renamed it Castrol.

Castrol Limited has become a part of BP since 2000 when the business was purchased for $4.7 billion.

Now, let’s talk about Omni. Omni Industries began as a modest family firm marketing petrochemical in 1978.

Omni Industries entered the brake fluid industry shortly after and has since grown to become a significant brake fluid supplier in the United States. It has been supplying brake fluid to the aftermarket in the United States for over 30 years.

Moreover, it forward integrated into the lubricant business by building a packaging factory in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1998, seeing opportunities in the major lubricant markets.

The building of a state-of-the-art production plant at the Port of Shreveport/Bossier, currently known as Omni Specialty Packaging, was part of this expansion.

What Are the Types Of Stihl 2 cycle oil Available?

There are two available types of Stihl 2 cycle oil. One is Stihl 2 cycle oil and the other one is STIHL HP Ultra 2-Cycle Engine Oil.

Both of these oils are great for the engine.

Where To Buy Stihl 2 cycle oil?

If you want to buy Stihl 2 cycle oil check different online shops like Amazon.

You can buy it from different engine oil selling shops. In some dealer stores, you can also buy it.

What Are The Best Stihl 2 cycle oil?

You can find two of the below-mentioned oil in the market-

High-Performance 2-Cycle Engine Oil

High-Performance 2-Cycle Engine Oil is a unique mix created to suit the demands of today’s premium 2-stroke engines.

HP Ultra 2-Cycle Engine Oil

STIHL HP Ultra Oil is the best security for your high-performance 2-stroke engine. This 2-cycle engine oil offers exceptional engine cleaning properties as well as “ultra” lubricating capabilities above other 2-cycle engine oils. This entirely synthetic oil is also extremely biodegradable, breaking down by 80% in just 21 days.

What Are Alternative Of Stihl 2 cycle oil?

Stihl 2 cycle engine oil is efficient and great for your 2-stroke engines. But if you want to check some other good products check these-

– Castrol Power 1 10W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

– Mobil 1 Racing 4T 15W-50 Motorcycle Oil

– Amsoil 5W-50 ATV/UTV Engine Oil

– Liqui Moly Motorbike 4T Synthetic 10W-50 Race Engine Oil


If you are looking for buying Stihl 2 cycle oil for your engine, I will suggest you buy it as you have already read about the positive aspects of the oil and the company that makes Stihl 2 cycle oil. There is no doubt about the quality of Castrol made oil and the oil under the brand name of Stihl. With great packaging and manufacturing by good oil manufacturers, Stihl oil is one of the best in the market.

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