Who Makes Supertech Oil? (Answer Explained)

Walmart always tries to sell products that are inexpensive yet great in quality. SuperTech oil of Walmart is no exception. Even you might have used the SuperTech oil!

Just like other products of Walmart brand, SuperTech is not made by Walmart. Then, you might ask, who makes SuperTech oil? Is the oil really cheap and of good quality? Are there any reliable alternatives available?

There is much more than you can learn about the maker of SuperTech oil that might interest you. 

Who Makes SuperTech Oil?

Although Supertech Oil is a Walmart-exclusive brand, the oil is not manufactured by Walmart. Warren Oil Company, LLC, commonly known as Warren Distribution, is the company that makes and distributes the oil. 

Supertech is the brand name for a series of automotive items that Walmart sells exclusively.

Despite the fact that Supertech motor oils are not premium like Mobil 1 or Valvoline, they perform quite well. Supertech motor oils are a fantastic alternative if you’re on a limited budget and need to replace your car’s engine oil.

Where Are SuperTech Oil Made?

It is easily understandable that SuperTech oil is made in Warren oil company’s factories. 

The firm presently employs around 500 employees and has six production sites ideally placed to service clients in the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Midwest, and West coasts.

Although the company is bought by Trail Creek Investments the plants are still running and producing oil for the consumers and dealers.

Is SuperTech oil Any Good?

Supertech may not be the best oil that you can find in the market. But this oil is made of good material and still, it remains low in cost. 

There are many aspects that can make you buy this oil. Let me share some-

Good in extreme weathers:

Supertech has the benefit of being able to endure both extremes of weather. This oil does not respond in the same way as natural petroleum-based oil does. When the temperature drops too low, it thickens, and when the temperature rises too high, it breaks down. Supertech oil is also slow to evaporate.

Reduces acid build-ups:

Supertech oil has the advantage of reducing acid build-ups and hazardous deposits, allowing it to last longer. Additionally, the oil will aid in the reduction of friction in engine components. 

As a result, the engine will remain healthy and last longer. Who doesn’t want to drive without worrying about anything?

Improves fuel economy:

Supertech oil distinguishes out because of its constant viscosity, which enhances the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. In comparison to other synthetic oil brands, this oil is also less expensive. 

When you use Supertech as your normal oil, you will save money on servicing since it lowers wear and strain on engine parts.

Licensed dexos1 brand:

Supertech Oil has passed the testing and received a license, as well as being classified as a dexos1 brand. 

As a result, automobile producers across the board recognize its quality, and using it as directed will not violate the conditions of your vehicle’s warranty in the event you need to file a claim with your automaker.


One of the important aspects of something is how costly the product is. In this section, SuperTech as an oil brand of Walmart shines a lot. This oil is priced low and good for a budget buy. 

Other than these there are also some advantages of SuperTech oil. As opposed to petroleum-based motor oil, the oil does not react to temperature fluctuations. It will not thicken as a result of the cold. It takes a long time to evaporate. It lowers the danger of oil sludge and eliminates the need to replace the oil.

The decrease of friction will be improved by using this oil. As a result, the engine’s parts live longer. This oil possesses all of the necessary characteristics to safeguard a mechanical engine. 

There are some cons as well that you should know-

SuperTech oil isn’t appropriate for all engine types. To decrease friction, it mixes. During a hiatus, it causes issues with a fresh engine. It doesn’t stay in the oil’s suspension.

It causes an issue with ancient automobiles. It is disposed of in a different way. Engines of rotational kinds are not recommended. There is no mention of a warranty. Oil changes are required every 7000 miles.

About The Manufacturer

WARREN OIL COMPANY started with a single semi-automatic packaging plant in 1976. Warren Oil Company was founded by Irvin Warren in a tiny facility in Dunn, North Carolina, with two employees. 

The firm presently employs around 500 employees and has six industrial production sites ideally placed to service clients in the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Midwest, and West coasts. 

Warren Oil Company was purchased by Trail Creek Investments in October 2016, a privately owned investment firm with interests in the distribution of automotive and industrial refinishing goods, as well as the production and delivery of industrial, medical, beverage, and specialty gases and supplies.

This company is the one who makes SuperTech oil.

What Are the Types Of SuperTech oil Available?

One of the finest aspects of Supertech oil is that it is available in a range of formulations to meet the needs of various cars. When you use the improper type of oil in your car, it might cause difficulties with the gear transmission system or engine components. 

This is why Warren Oil Company offers specialized oil for each vehicle’s unique requirements.

Where To Buy SuperTech oil?

SuperTech is a unique and exclusive product of Walmart. As a result, you may not find the oil in other shops or markets.

If you need to buy SuperTech oil, then just buy them from your nearest Walmart store.

In some cases, you can also buy them from online shops.

What Are The Best SuperTech oil?

SuperTech oil is amazing in the price point. There are some popular SuperTech oil that you can check-

  • Super Tech Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30

Super Tech Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil provides exceptional wear protection for your car over 10,000 miles to keep it running smoothly. This oil is packaged in a five-quart container. This oil is created with a blend of quality base oils and a stronger additive system to provide your engine with more protection.

  • Super Tech Full Synthetic SAE 5W-20

This oil will keep your engine safe and running. It has smooth synthetic oil quality that prevents corrosion and damages. It also provides decent fuel economy.

What Are Alternative For SuperTech Oil?

If you are not willing to buy SuperTech, don’t worry, there are plenty of other brands that you can choose from.

Mobil 1, Castrol, Amazonbasics, Red Line, Pennzoil, and Amsoil, etc are pretty well.


Walmart products have a standard quality that it provides constantly. SuperTech oil proves it once more. It is one of the best budget-friendly engine oils and you have learned who makes SuperTech oil.

Warren Oil company is a giant company. And their manufactured products have good quality. Thus, you can change your engine oil to Walmart’s SuperTech oil.

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