Who Makes Kirkland Synthetic Motor Oil? (Answer Explained)

As long as a motor oil meets the criteria mentioned by the engine manufacturer, the brand doesn’t matter.

Yet, people are loyal to different brands for a few reasons. Among them, the manufacturer of the oil is one. 

So, lots of users ask, who makes Kirkland synthetic motor oil? In this article, I am going to answer that question along with some informative ones. 

Who Makes Kirkland Synthetic Motor Oil?

According to some sources, Warren Distribution makes synthetic oil for Kirkland like lots of other popular brands in the market. 

People trust their products because of their team of engineers and scientists who have developed a perfect blend along with useful additives. 

Where Is Kirkland Synthetic Motor Oil Made?

The manufacturer’s production facilities are located in the US. So, we can safely assume that Kirkland synthetic motor oil is made somewhere in the states. 

The company also has distribution centers all over the country.  

Is Kirkland Synthetic Motor Oil Any Good?

Let me ask you another question. Do you think that having Dexos and API certification is enough?

If yes, you will love Kirkland synthetic engine oil because it has both. Therefore, it means that the manufacturer follows all safety procedures and ensures consistency which is important for motor oils.

Its unique blend and full synthetic composition guarantee better protection and smooth performance of the engine.

About the Manufacturer

You have already known that Warren Distribution is the company behind manufacturing lubricants for Kirkland and lots of other private-label brands. 

The company started its humble beginning with the founder James Schlott in 1922. 

Today, they are the largest private-label manufacturer and distributor in North America for lubricants and automotive chemicals.

Also, the company ships its oils and lubricants to more than 42 countries in the world. But their journey was not easy.

Warren Distribution faced lots of challenges and setbacks during this time. but their highly qualified managers took care of them. And they are still doing a great job. 

To mention one incident, the company building was set on terrible fire in 1963. After that, they had to move their operations from 811 Howard Street to another location.

Still, the production was not hampered severely. Quickly after the incident, the company started doing business all over the country.

Now, they have a production capacity of a whopping 140 million gallons. It is possible due to their 2,000,000 square feet of manufacturing space spread across Iowa, West Virginia, Alabama, and Texas.

People also like them for their effort in reducing waste and be as environment-friendly as possible. 

In the process, Warren Distribution implanted a lean methodology that achieved the ISO 9001:2015 certification in 1999.

So, yes, you can rely on the products from Warren Distribution and feel proud. 

What Are the Types of Kirkland Synthetic Motor Oil Available?

Based on viscosity and application, you will find different types of synthetic motor oil from Kirkland. 

The first and most popular one is the 0W-20 engine oil. It has better wear protection ensuring longer engine life and increased fuel economy. 

It is the thinnest among other kinds and gives better fuel economy to new cars. If you have recently purchased a vehicle, I will suggest you consider it.

After that, I want to talk about 5W-20 and 5W-30. Both are almost similar except for their viscosity at a higher temperature. 

5W-20 is thinner where 5W-30 is slightly thicker while the engine is running. I can’t rule out one kind to be the best because different engines demand different viscosity ratings. 

You can rely on them because of their capabilities. The motor oil is effective against preventing deposits and sludge formation. 

Lastly, check out the 15W-40. I like it because of its improved wear protection and better oxidation controlling ability. 

Also, the effective shear-stable formulation is praise-worthy. Comparing it with the previous three, it is thicker in both cold and hot temperatures. 

Where to Buy Kirkland Synthetic Motor Oil?

Amazon and Costco both sell all types of Kirkland motor oil. You can order online or visit the physical shop of Costco. 

What Is the Best Kirkland Synthetic Motor Oil?

Kirkland 0W-20 synthetic motor oil is the best in its production line. Starting the engine in cold weather can be easier. 

The reasons are obvious. Car and truck owners prefer it for its lower viscosity, wide temperature range compatibility, and better fuel economy. 

You can expect a great performance of the engine within a temperature range of 35°C and 20°C. It is more reliable in colder regions.

On the other hand, those who are living in comparatively warmer regions should choose one from the other three types. 

Because they have lower viscosity at higher temperatures where 0W-20 can’t operate. 

What Are Alternatives of Kirkland Synthetic Motor Oil?

There are lots of alternatives but all of them are not much popular. Therefore, I have picked a few that can match or exceed the performance of Kirkland engine oil.

First of all, let me talk about a brand of the same manufacturer, MAG 1. Warren Distribution company’s own brand has a reputation of being a very good performer.

It can protect the engine in the harshest weather conditions and ensure smooth running at all costs. 

Besides better mileage and great cleaning properties, it has a downside. You can’t use it in modern high-tech engines.

Secondly, I hear lots of praise about Castrol and Mobil 1 because of their ultra-low viscosity and higher fuel economy. 

Here, you can read a comprehensive review of the Kirkland alternative oil brands. 

The article tells us about the downside of those brands. So, you have to consider several other products before making a final decision. 

See which one doesn’t have any unacceptable downside, and buy accordingly. In this context, I suggest Valvoline, Shell Rotella, Royal Purple, Pennzoil, and Toyota synthetic oil.


You have got the answer to several important questions including who makes Kirkland synthetic motor oil. 

After my thorough research, I have come to know that the oil has a good reputation among professionals and racers because of its performance and consistency.

So, if you have the budget, you won’t regret giving it a try.

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