Do You Know Who Makes Napa Oil And Oil Filters? (Ans Explained)

NAPA has been serving the auto parts industry for more than decades. The Oil and Oil Filters NAPA offers are some of the industry-recommended well-ranked products.

But surprisingly, there are still misconceptions about who makes NAPA Oil and Oil Filters among most users.

So, why not first clear that misconception in today’s article?

Let’s learn and explore more about the brand and its product lines together-

Who Makes Napa Oil And Oil Filters?

National Automotive Parts Association which is commonly known as NAPA Auto Parts is an automotive retailer company and subsidiary division of Genuine Parts Company.

So, none of the products under the NAPA brand name are manufactured by NAPA Auto Parts.

Currently, all NAPA motor or engine Oils are made by Valvoline.

But previously, another refined motor oil production company Ashland Oil supplied for NAPA.

Reportedly, NAPA Oil filters are made by the WIX Filters Company.

Where Are Napa Oil And Oil Filters Made?

Reportedly, Ashland has around 29 manufacturing facilities in 15 countries, including the USA and China.

But all Valvoline oils are made in the USA.

WIX filters manufacturing company has its operational and production facilities in 10 countries in over five continents.

WIX produces all oil filters in North Carolina USA, Gastonia, Venezuela, Ukraine, Canada, Poland, Brazil, and China.

Are Napa Oil And Oil Filters Any Good?

Although NAPA oil options are not only the best products out there, and you will get better options in the market, NAPA still offers quality motor oils which have unique blends, exceptional resistance for any temperature conditions, and wear protection.

Especially, napa premium and ultra-premium synthetic oil are suitable for both gasoline and diesel vehicle engines.

Napa synthetic oils feature improvised lubrication, enhanced stability, less oil breakdown, sludge, and more effective resistance against wear as well as high or too low temperatures.

Not only that, but NAPA oils offer more engine cleanliness, improved fuel or gas economy, and quick as well as more flows during cold weather conditions.

About Manufacturer Of Napa Oil And Oil Filters:

Let’s have a short in-depth idea about the manufactures of Napa Oil And Oil Filters –

ASHLAND was initially founded as Ashland Refining Company of Ashland in Kentucky by Paul G. Blazer in 1924.

Originally, the Ashland refinery company was set up under the form of a Kentucky-based Swiss Oil Company.

In 1930, Ashland purchased Tri-State Refining Company.

In next following years, it continued to acquire other oil companies, combining more resources, facilities, improvised R&D centers, and distributional networks.

Later on, the company started to diversify by adding petrochemicals to its portfolio after acquiring the R. J. Brown Company in 1956 and United Carbon in 1963.

In 1967, another significant acquisition was made when Ashland bought ADM Chemical Group.

In 1969, The company entered into a joint venture in Coal Mining under the “Arch Mineral” name and was also reorganized as Ashland Petroleum.

The Ashland petroleum division merged with Marathon Oil and reformed as Marathon Ashland Petroleum, LLC or MAP in 1998.

In 1999, Ashland sold its Scurlock Permian subsidiary and shifted the headquarters from Russell, Kentucky to Covington, Kentucky.

Currently, Ashland has four solely-owned divisions, including Distribution, Performance Materials, Water Technologies, and Valvoline.

VALVOLINE INC. (NYSE: VVV) is a worldwide leading manufacturer, producer, and distributor of premium-branded automotive oil, additives, industrial lubricants, and commercial automotive chemicals.

Originally, Valvoline Inc was founded by Dr. John Ellis, the inventor of a petroleum lubricant for steam engines in Binghamton, New York on September 6, 1866.

Initially, He named the company Continuous Oil Refining Company, and in 1868, Ellis renamed the Binghamton Cylinder Oil company Valvoline.

In 1869, the Continuous Oil Refining Company was moved to Brooklyn and renamed Ellis & Leonard.

In the early 20th century, Valvoline was listed as the recommended motor oil for the Ford Model T.

In 1949, the Freedom-Valvoline Company was acquired by Ashland Inc.

Reportedly, till 2016, Ashland’s Valvoline subsidiary accounted for approximately 37% of its parent company’s annual revenue.

However, Valvoline started its activity as an independent company, on 5th May 2017.

WIX FILTERS company was formed by John Doane Wicks and Paul G. Crawshaw in 1939.

But the WIX company’s initial grounds as an automotive filters manufacturer started in late 1930 when Jack Wicks and Paul Crawshaw started car filters production in North Carolina.

When the WIX filters company first started production of spin-on filters, it was a new concept, and the founders just started their experiment of commercializing with a small handful of materials. 

In 1954, Jack Wicks and Paul Crawshaw also patented a thread filter named “twist of the wrist” and instantly this new invented thread filter became the standard in the automotive filtration sector.

Currently, WIX has over 16,000 unique and separate automotive products.  WIX also manufactures fuel filters, air filters, urea filters, cabin air filters, air dryers, coolants, and hydraulic oil.

Reportedly, WIX has approximately 11 production facilities located in 8 countries.

WIX has been manufacturing about 210 million filters yearly.

However, in May 2016, MANN+HUMMEL group acquired Affinia group, the parent company of WIX.

What Are the Types Of Napa Oil And Oil Filters Available? 

NAPA Auto Parts offer three major types of motor oils, which are mentioned in below:


NAPA Proformer motor oils are formulated from a 100% virgin oil base and performance additives.

NAPA Proformer oils are specially formulated to meet or exceed the requirements of the industry standard and offer protection to enhance engines longevity.

NAPA offers Conventional NAPA Proformer oil and Synthetic NAPA Proformer grades oil.


NAPA Premium motor oils are specially formulated with advanced anti-wear additives to ensure full engine protection in all climates or weather conditions.

Even these motor oils are capable of protecting and keeping your engine clean against all types of deposits at all temperatures.

NAPA offers Conventional NAPA and Synthetic NAPA Premium motor oils


NAPA High Mileage engine oil is specially formulated with Synthetic oil and a special additive blend to extend vehicles engine’s life of your engine.

These motor oils protect and fight against the engine’s wear-off issues.

NAPA Auto Parts also offers two types of Oil Filters, which are listed below-

  • NAPA Light-Duty Oil Filters:

NAPA offers first-class oil filters for all types of light-duty vehicles and passenger cars.

Under this NAPA filters family range, you can find-

SilverNAPAFilters™ Oil, GoldNAPAFilters™ Oil, and PlatinumNAPAFilter™ Oil.

  • NAPA Heavy-Duty Oil Filters:

With this product line, NAPA offers Optimum Heavy-Duty filtration efficiency.

These filters are perfect for all types of heavy-duty, off-road vehicles, equipment, or machinery that deals with the regular battle against the wear and tear of dirty engine oil.

Under this NAPA filters family range, you can find-

NAPAGold Heavy-Duty Oil Filter, XD Xtended Drain Filter, XE Xtended Efficiency Filter, and ecoLAST™ Filter.

Where To Buy Napa Oil And Oil Filters? 

NAPA Auto Parts distribution system has approximately 57 distribution centers and around 6,000 stores.

Besides, you can also place your order on NAPA Auto Parts online store, Walmart, or eBay.

What Are The Best Napa Oil And Oil Filters? 

Let’s have a quick glance at some of the most Popular NAPA Oils and NAPA Oil Filters:

  • NAPA Proformer Oils
  • NAPA Premium Oils

What Are The Best Alternative Of Napa Oil And Oil Filters? 

Rather than NAPA Oil, you can also opt for other brands such as Mobil 1, Valvoline, Castrol, Shell Rotella, or Havoline.

Instead of NAPA oil filters, you can also go for other brands such as Mobil 1, FRAM, Bosch, K&N, or Champion.


One of the most common queries among most NAPA oil or oil filters users is who makes napa oil and oil filters. Also, it seems there are misconceptions or confusion about the actual manufacturer of the NAPA brand’s products.

So, I have tried to clear all those misconceptions and confusions as much as possible in today’s article.

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