Kroil Vs. PB Blaster Vs. WD-40: Find The Best Penetrating Oil?

Jammed log nuts in the tire, rusty nuts, and bolts, rusty fasteners, are the common problems every car owner faces at a particular time. The metal parts of the car and the fasteners often get rigid and rusty after a more extended period.

Changing the tire or making minimal mechanical changes to your car becomes a tough job with jammed rusty body parts. The solution to all these problems is one- using penetrating oil. Now, which one to use?

Well, the ongoing debate in the market is- “Kroil Vs. PB Blaster Vs. WD-40″. Today, in this article, we will be comparing these three market snatching penetrating oils from different aspects.

Comparison Chart – Kroil Vs PB Blaster Vs WD-40:

Here, we have made a comparison chart below to understand the difference between Kroil, PB Blaster, and WD-40 penetrating oil.

FeaturesKroilPB BlasterWD-40
Performance on RustEffective              Most effectiveLess Effective
Rust PreventionLess EffectiveMore effectiveEffective
Lessening CorrosionLessens CorrosionLessens CorrosionNot really works on Corrosion
Suitable to use onNuts, bolts, screws, shafts and many moreSuitable to use on any metal parts, nuts, bolts, etc.Bearings, shafts, nuts, bolts, and metal parts
LubricityEvaporates  more quicklyDryerHighest lubricity
CleaningIt can be used as a cleanerIt can be used as a cleanerIt can be used as a cleaner
CostCosts $17Costs $10Costs $6

In-depth Comparison Between Kroil, PB Blaster & WD-40

Now, we will get into the in-depth details of each of these penetrating oil. By the seven key factors, let’s see the differences and how they work.

Performance on Rust

The KANO Kroil claims that it works effectively on rust. But it is seen that it doesn’t work correctly as it says. Kroil is not so suitable to remove the rust.

On the other hand, PB Blaster is doing a great job here. It emits the strong rust effectively. You may need to use a couple more doses of the PB Blaster penetrating oil. But, surely you are going to get the results.

The WD-40 is more like a classic penetrating oil which is profoundly suitable for classic cars. Works excellent on minor rust and removes it. But not so good for stiff rust and so.

Rust Prevention

The rust prevention these penetrating oil producers talk about is not letting the rust back. Well, in this case, Kroil is the less effective one.  How can a product not get the rust back when it cannot remove the existing rust properly?

As PB Blaster is specialized in heavy rust cleaning. It can assure rust prevention, more or less. This one is more effective than the other two.

WD-40 works for rust prevention. But not in a noticeable value. It is in between the good and the best.

Lessening Corrosion

Kroil works great in lessening Corrosion. Where the PB Blaster works excellently in this factor, the WD-40 is not committable at this.

Suitable to use on

Kroil penetrating oil is suitable for nuts, bolts, screws, shafts and many more. The PB Blaster is also suitable in the same way. This means you can use PB Blaster penetrating oil in every stiff part of your vehicle.

On the other hand, WD-40 is not suitable to use on every part. Not good for nuts and bolts.


Lubricity refers to the moisture that a penetrating oil can hold into the part the oil is applied to. Although we use penetrating oil to clear the blockages, ensuring the required limited moisture on the elements is also necessary.

In this factor, Kroil cannot provide much lubricity. The oil absorbs down or evaporates more quickly. The PB Blaster dries out fast after the appliance. So, we cannot expect the moisture thing at all from this one. The WD-40 provides the highest moisture with water displacement.


All of the penetrating fluids above can be used for cleaning. You can use some wire brush and cloth to clean your car with any of these penetrating oil.

Be conscious about where you are using the oil. Not every penetrating fluid is relatively designed for cleaning. Read the instructions and maintain them.

As for the suggestion, WD-40 can be announced the best cleaner among all.


The least expensive product comes with high efficiency. Yes, it is the WD-40. Then, PB Blaster is holding the position of the second with medium cost. This one is worth the price. Then, Kroil comes at the highest price.

Kroil or PB Blaster or WD-40- Which Penetrating Oil To choose?

Working with different penetrating oil can be dissimilar from one another. Separate penetrating oils are made with individual chemical components. Each of them is specialized in another way. Some are best for penetration. Some are best for rust prevention, and some are best for lessening Corrosion.

It depends on you, which one to choose. You need to specify the purpose of your use because there is no all-in-one solution to it.

If you want to rate the above three then, Kroil is going to stand up first. Then PB Blaster would be the second, and WB-40 would be the last one.

Then again, if you are looking for more water displacement, you can go for WB-40. The manufacturer itself claims it is best for water displacement. It is a great product.

If you are working on severe, stubborn rust, you should go for the PB B’laster as it is the most recommended penetrating oil compared to the other two. Works great on rust and smoothens the whole process for you to work on your car.

Suppose you are more likely to spend a little more and want to get everything at once. Then, Kroil could be a good choice for you. Although, it has controversy. To some of the users, Kroil has resulted in an altogether successful. On the other hand, it has become a severe fail to the user.


Is Kroil better than PB Blaster?

-With a lower price, PB Blaster is better Than Kroil. Though manufacturers claim that Kroil is an all-purpose, heavy-duty penetrating oil, it doesn’t work so great in reality. On the contrary, despite being cheaper than Kroil, the PB Blaster works more than it claims to do.

Is PB Blaster better than WD40?

-You cannot come to a transparent settlement to this. The PB blaster is great for rusts; the WD-40 is a significant water displacement that primarily works on moisture. So, comparing two different special features, it can’t reach any conclusion.

What should you not use WD-40 on?

-You should not use WD-40 on any electric and electronic machine. Like- mobile phone, power bank. Also not applicable to use on home types of equipment like- hinges, chains, etc.

What is the best penetrating oil on the market?

-There are several best penetrating oils in the market. You can not name any. But, if you want to talk about the ranking ones. Kroil, PB Blaster, WD-40, and Liquid Wrench can be named serially.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter what penetrating oil you choose. You must understand one thing clearly. That is, good results require good time, so it takes effort. Whether the penetrating oil will work or not also depends on the type of hardness of the rust or the density of the jammed nuts and bolt along with Corrosion.

So, after applying any penetrating oil, wait for a while and then see the results. For a better outcome, use two to three more appliances. It will make the work EASIER.

TIP: If possible, try to preheat the nuts and bolts or whatever part you want to break out. Heating is just something that intensifies the effectiveness of any penetrating oil.

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