Do You Know Who Makes Toyota Oil? (Answer Explained)

Since the famous Japanese car brand Toyota doesn’t specialize in making synthetic oil, you may wonder who makes Toyota oil?

That is why I have done some digging and found out that Exxon-Mobil manufactures Toyota-branded oil.

Don’t just go away because I have some interesting facts about the manufacturer and the products. Let’s get started. 

Who Makes Toyota Oil?

Mobil makes mineral and synthetic oil for Toyota. As the mother company is Exxon-Mobil, I will talk about them as Toyota oil manufacturers. 

Being one of the Seven Sisters that dominated the petroleum industry, Mobil doesn’t need an introduction. 

Because everyone has heard of the brand at least once in their life. Let’s know more about the company after answering some questions below. 

Where Are Toyota Oils Made?

As Mobil makes oils for Toyota and Mobil is an New York based Standard Oil manufacture Company. So its clear that for Toyota oils are USA made.

Also its possible that they have production unit in japan but you can trust on the quality of their oil.

Is Toyota Oil Any Good?

Yes, they are good. I have seen most of the users being satisfied with its performance. 

Lots of people compare it with the Mobile 1 synthetic oil and don’t recommend Toyota oil for its higher price tag.

But don’t fall for those words because the answer lies in the specs. Due to having a different and more effective additive package, Toyota-branded oil costs more.

Also, it has a different viscosity index which is particularly designed for Toyota cars and trucks. 

Even though both oil brands have the same producer, you will notice lots of differences.

About the Manufacturer

After settling the anti-trust lawsuit, Mobil merged with Exxon and form ExxonMobil in 1999.

Their corporate campus is located in Spring, Texas. Before 2015, the headquarter was in Fairfax County, Virginia. 

Mobil has 4 sub-brands; Mobil Gasoline, Mobil 1, Mobil Delvac, and Mobil Industrial.

Besides those, the company partners up with lots of its competitors to make synthetic oil for them.

Among them, Toyota oil is one. Rumors say that Mobil 1 gets rebottled and sold as Toyota oil which is not true at all.

Because those two brands have different additive combinations, viscosities, and prices. 

You will be astonished to know that ExxonMobil produces 3% of the world’s energy. 

And, it is the largest company in the energy industry that is not owned by any government. 

They have sister concerns in other energy-producing industries such as coal and minerals. 

Combining those with oil, ExxonMobil is responsible for providing 2% of the world’s total energy production. 

Environmentalists crucify the company for playing a major role in increasing global warming. They invest and research in clean energy technology to balance a little. 

Some notable areas of their work include algae biofuels and biodiesel. The final products come from agricultural waste and carbonate fuel cells.

Also, they are trying to perfect the process for making plastic by refining crude oil without using heat. 

What Are the Types of Toyota Oil Available?

From the brand’s product lineup, you will see two types of oil; mineral, and synthetic. Both are equally compatible with the Toyota car engines.

The oil comes with a special set of additives that helps improve the engine performance and keep it running smoothly for years.

Where to Buy Toyota Oil?

Authorized dealers of Toyota cars and auto parts sell Toyota oil. They have genuine products, and you can trust them.

However, it is not the same for buying online because of fake sellers. I can recommend a few eCommerce platforms. 

Amazon, Walmart, and AutoZone are the most trustworthy retailers selling Toyota oil at the most affordable prices. 

What Is the Best Toyota Oil?

As synthetic oil beats mineral counterparts in most cases, Toyota 0W-20 full synthetic engine oil is the best for your car. 

I like it because the oil is fully capable of protecting the engine in both cold and hot temperatures. 

Controlling friction between metal parts, and improving fuel economy are also some of its good sides.

As a result, wearing gets slower than usual increasing engine life greatly. You won’t have to worry about thermal breakdown like some normal competitor oils.

Also, starting engines in the coldest days of winter won’t be a problem anymore. 

What Are Alternatives of Toyota Oil?

Here, I am going to suggest some of the best alternatives to Toyota oil. But you should keep some factors in mind while choosing a particular motor oil.

Firstly, read the owner manual of your car and see the viscosity rating it supports.

After that, read the reviews of different brands to know what additives they use. Make sure that the list includes chemicals that are helpful for fighting against rust, lubrication, dirt, etc. 

Those who are going to drive their cars or trucks in harsh weather conditions must choose one accordingly. 

Finally, buy one within your budget and for its intended application. For example, some oils are designed for high-mileage vehicles, some for diesel engines, and some for motorcycles or ATVs. 

Now, let me talk about some popular brands and their best product lineup. 

Mobil 1 Extended Performance Motor Oil 5W-30 is my first recommendation for its wide operability range. What I mean is that you can choose any car needing a synthetic oil ranging between 0W-20 up to 10W-30.

Then, you may check out Royal Purple, Shell Rotella, Pennzoil, or Valvoline MaxLife. 

All those brands produce premium-quality full synthetic oil that you can use instead of Toyota oil without major issues. 


Now you know that Mobil (parent company Exxon-Mobile) is the answer to your question, who makes Toyota oil?

Some people think that it is rebottled Mobil engine oil. But there is no solid proof to that claim. Lots of big manufacturers produce goods for different brands in the same industry. 

Due to the difference in their specs, the products are not the same even though the maker is the same company.

I recommend Toyota owners to try the oil, and see how it performs.

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