Do You Know Who Makes Kohler Oil? (Answer Explained)

If you try to find out who makes Kohler oil, you will get mixed answers on the web.

According to its users, the engine oil performs well under harsh conditions. So, I have researched a lot to give you some solid answers.

Besides knowing about the manufacturer, you will also get to know about the oil brand and its best product. So, let’s get started. 

Who Makes Kohler Oil?

According to the online forums, people are not sure about the manufacturer of Kohler oil. 

Some say Warren Distribution Inc. is the one, and some say that it is Quaker State.

But a majority of them think that Warren is the right answer due to the symbol on the bottom of Kohler oil’s bottle. 

Also, they are the largest lubricant manufacturer in the US who produces such products for lots of major brands. 

Where Is Kohler Oil Made?

Kohler oil is proudly made in the USA maintaining the specs and quality suitable for different applications. 

As there are several manufacturing plants of the company in the country, it is hard to tell the exact location of Kohler oil production. 

Is Kohler Oil Any Good?

Like other premium brands, Kohler oil is good for ensuring better protection. You can use it in heavy-duty diesel and gas engines. 

Indeed, Kohler oil is slightly expensive than its similar counterparts. But the quality gives the owner peace of mind by increasing engine performance.

Users are saying that they use the oil all the time without facing any major issues. All you have to do is change the oil regularly. 

Regular synthetic oils are good for lots of reasons but they fail to provide the necessary wear resistance in air-cooled engines at higher temperatures.

That is why Kohler did the research and ensured their oil to withstand up to 300 degrees. To summarize, you won’t regret using Kohler oil. 

About the Manufacturer

Let me tell you about the largest privately owned lubricant manufacturer and automotive chemical distributor in North America, Warren Distribution. 

It is a company started in 1922 by James Schlott. After meeting the demand in the US, they export their products to more than 42 countries.

In their product portfolio, you will find motor oil for passenger cars, heavy-duty engine oil, industrial oils, and greases.

A total of 2,000,000 square feet of manufacturing space is owned by the company across Iowa, West Virginia, Alabama, and Texas.

However, their headquarter is in Omaha, Nebraska. With the help of the latest technologies and innovations, Warren Distribution is capable of producing 140 million gallons of lubricants per year.

The journey has not been easy for the company. After a terrible fire, it lost its facility at 811 Howard Street in 1963. 

But that didn’t set Warren Distribution in a downing position. Quickly, the company relocated to a new location and began manufacturing in full swing. 

By ensuring good quality, and maintaining a healthy environment for its workers, the company achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification in 1999.

They were awarded because of implementing a lean methodology that helped improve the process and eliminate waste in the most environment-friendly way. 

In short, Warren Distribution is a proud American company that upholds values and quality. So, you can trust their products.

What Are the Types of Kohler Oil Available?

Based on viscosity rating, you can categorize Kohler engine oil into three types. 

The first and most popular type is 10W-30. Here, I have found it on Amazon. The package includes an oil change kit, oil pad, and fuel filter. 

Another recommended oil for Kohler engines is 20W-50. You can choose it for the lawnmower engine. 

To offer the oil at a low price, I am recommending a package of 6 bottles. The synthetic blend is suitable for four-stroke engines. 

Lastly, check out their SAE 30 engine oil that people prefer for their lawnmower engines. 

The lubricant has an extra zinc additive so that it can last longer than the competitors. 

Where to Buy Kohler Oil?

Among lots of different online platforms, I can recommend Amazon, Cub Cadet, and Rural King.

There you can get the best quality Kohler oil. Also, visit your nearby auto part shops to buy it at a reasonable price. 

I can think of Walmart, Kohler Geo A Brothers, and The Home Depot as trusted shops for buying Kohler brand oil. 

What Is the Best Kohler Oil?

According to Kohler, 10W-30 is best for their engines. So, you can consider Kohler 1 Quart Synthetic Blend 10W30 Engine Oil.

It is a bottle of 946 mL or 1 quart. Buy as many bottles as your engine requires. 

According to Kohler, one can use the oil in gaseous fuel engines, diesel engines, Kohler engines, gasoline engines, and overhead valve engines.

If you are wondering about the part number, it is 25 357 06S-25 357 65S. The oil is residential grade.

Now, before I move on to the next section, I want to tell you that don’t underestimate other types. 

Because all are good quality oils and they are made for their particular application. 

Another matter is that the one listed on Amazon costs more than Rural King. Check out the same 10W-30 oil by clicking on this link for the best online deal.

What Are Alternatives of Kohler Oil?

By doing in-depth market research, you will be able to find some good alternatives to Kohler motor oil. 

First of all, check out the oils from Castrol. They are boosted with the help of extra-fluid Titanium technology. 

As a result, both new and old engines get the necessary lubrication for increased performance.

After that, I want to suggest Quaker State Advanced Durability and Mobil 1 Extended Performance engine oil. 

All three brands are perfect for engines ran over 75000 miles. The list of good brands and products doesn’t stop there. 

Next, you can consider Pennzoil Platinum and Valvoline High Mileage full synthetic motor oil. 


Now you know who makes Kohler oil. Besides making awesome engines, the company’s signature lubricant lineup has become popular in the industry.

And the reason for that is good performance under harsh conditions. So, give it a try.

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