Do You Know Who Makes Polaris Oil? (Answer Explained)

We all know about Polaris oil. They have been selling great synthetic oil for a long time and people love their premium quality oil.

But do you know who makes Polaris oil?

Well, I will research it for you and tell you about who makes it and if you should buy it for your car. So, stay tuned!

Who Makes Polaris Oil?

Polaris is a great brand that sells engine oil. But they do not manufacture it. They take it from other oil manufacturers and sell it under their brand name by packing it.

The company that makes oil for them is LubeTech. It manufactures oil for many other brands as well. However, the oil that they supply to Polaris is synthetic and great for the engine. It shows superb performance and maintains a low oil economy. 

The oil comes from Lubetech that’s true but the whole packaging is done by Polaris itself. Hence, we can say Polaris and Lubetech both manufacture Polaris oil. 

Where Are Polaris Oil Made?

Polaris oil is produced in Lubetech plants in different areas. 

Lubetech has five facilities and offices in the USA. The headquarter is in Minneapolis, MN. It has factories in Des Moines, IA, Milwaukee, WI, Roseville, MN, Saint Paul, MN, and Shreveport, LA. 

All of these offices and plants operate under the supervision of the headquarter. They have large facilities for production lines and manufacturing their products. They also supply their oil from these plants.

Polaris on the other hand has many different facilities for different purposes. They have factories in the USA, Mexico, and even in China.

It builds different motorbikes, snowmobiles, etc. in these factories. it also packages the oil in some of these factories. However, it is not publicly announced at which plant it packages its oil.

Are Polaris oils Any Good?

The high-quality Polaris oil is great for the engine. There are many reasons why this oil is good.

Good customer review:

Customers who have used this oil in their engines for over ten years rate it highly in terms of quality and experience. And for as long as this oil has been available, it has delivered precisely what it claims with each bottle sold and consumed.

Environment friendly:

Protecting our environment is something that all manufacturers are considering these days, and this oil fits right in. The engineers who created this oil ensured that it burns cleanly, has a minimal odor, and emits no smoke. This aids in the functioning of your vehicle’s exhaust valves.

Great for low oil economy:

Because the oil burns slowly, you may get a lot longer mileage out of your car before needing to refuel it. In the long term, this will save you bucks.

Reduce rust and corrosion:

This oil also contains a component that promotes the reduction of rust and corrosion in the exhaust. Hence, it decreases damages and keeping it fresh for longer.

Engine protection:

The oil gives maximum engine protection. If your engine is performing at its peak, that means your car will last much longer without breaking down.

The one downside of this oil is that the price is high. But people have fewer complaints about it because they get the best by spending their money on it.

About The Manufacturer

Before we go somewhere else let’s talk about the origins of who makes Polaris oil.

Polaris Inc. is a producer of motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, and neighborhood electric cars in the United States. Polaris was created in Roseau, Minnesota, where engineering and production are currently located. The corporate offices of the firm are in Medina, Minnesota. 

Until January 2017, the business produced bikes through its Victory Motorcycles subsidiary, and it now manufactures motorcycles through its Indian Motorcycle subsidiary, which it bought in April 2011. 

Polaris manufactured personal watercraft from 1994 until 2004. It was renamed Polaris Inc. in 2019 after being known as Polaris Industries Inc. for many years. It also sells its oil for its bikes.

Lubetech’s origins began in 1925 when John Jennison and Carl Rollins formed Jennison Rollins Oil Company. Chris and Marna Bame, a husband-and-wife team, bought the Gopher Oil Company in 1993 and renamed it “Lubrication Technologies Inc.” known as “Lube-Tech,” being a family business ever since.

Lubetech purchased a number of oil firms in order to grow their sector. In 2007, it bought the Hallman Oil Company of St. Paul to increase its distribution capabilities. The company then purchased Egan Oil Company in 2010, extending its wholesale fuel business, adding retail gasoline, and entering the wind energy and power generation industries.

Following that, JM Oil Company is purchased to have a larger foothold in central Minnesota.

It also purchased Yocum Oil Company, creating a gasoline distribution relationship with Mansfield, and Lube-Tech opened Minnesota’s only oily water treatment facility.

Lube-Tech & Partners was created in 2016 by the merging of Boyer Petroleum, Lubrication Technologies (the Distribution Division), and Moore Oil Company to become the region’s largest lubricants and chemicals distributor.

What Are the Types Of Polaris oil Available?

Polaris has different types of oil made for different types of engines. They make oil for motorbikes that we all know. They have oil for racing bike engines. There is also snowmobile oil for that kind of engine.

But most of the types use synthetic oil which is best for the engines.

Where to Buy Polaris oil?

The best place to buy Polaris oil is online shops and websites. You can find this oil on Amazon and Walmart which are very convenient and trustworthy.

You can also find the oil in local automobile shops. In some car oil sellers or dealer shops, you can also buy Polaris oil.

What Are the Best Polaris oil?

I have listed some of Polaris oil that is popular in the market.

Polaris Engineered PS-4 Synthetic 4-Cycle Engine Oil:

This oil is fully synthetic and good for all seasons. It will give maximum engine protection in harsh weather. It is best for engine performance.

Polaris 2877883 OEM VES Full Synthetic Oil:

This Polaris oil is made for ease starting in extremely cold weather. It also has an improved rust and corrosion inhibitor package. It reduces engine wear with synthetic base oil formula.

Polaris Blue Synthetic Blend 2-Cycle Oil 2-Stroke Snowmobiles, 2882202:

It is a genuine Polaris product. This is specially made for snowmobiles. It will provide dependency and the best performance.

What Are Alternative Of Polaris oil?

The Polaris oil is great. But there are other alternatives that you can buy from. These all are great alternatives for Polaris oil. Take a look-

– Castrol Power 1 10W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

– Mobil 1 Racing 4T 15W-50 Motorcycle Oil

– Amsoil 5W-50 ATV/UTV Engine Oil

– Liqui Moly Motorbike 4T Synthetic 10W-50 Race Engine Oil


Polaris is without any doubt an extraordinary oil. The synthetic oil they sell is great for your engines. Thus, knowing about the oil should not be limited to quality or performance. You should also know who makes Polaris oil. 

Thus, I hope you have learned something new from this article that will help you choosing engine oil in the future.

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