Do You Know Who Makes STP Oil Filters? (Answer Explained)

Years of strong presence ensuring quality products at a very reasonable price, STP has made a strong position among the car owners. 

With the brand being common, people often wonder, who makes STP oil filters?

In this article, I will answer that question along with some product reviews. It will help you know all about STP filters and whether buying them is a good option. 

Who Makes STP Oil Filters?

Champion Laboratories, Inc. makes STP oil filters which is one of the largest automotive filter manufacturers and distributors. 

Their partnership with lots of popular brands includes STP too. Let’s get to know more about the company and where the filters are made in the following sections.

Where Are STP Oil Filters Made?

Although the company has production facilities in different parts of the world, STP filters are made in Mexico.

Later, they distribute the products across different continents. The reason behind their fame and popularity is their effective filtering ability. 

Are STP Oil Filters Any Good?

Like any other oil filter, the ones from STP have mixed reviews. But the number of negative opinions is more which has made me suspicious. 

According to lots of users, they match the OEM standards but don’t perform well. 

That is why I won’t recommend it like other oil filters on the market. 

Those who are on a very tight budget can consider it but beware of the consequences. 

One major complaint about the filters’ design is the lack of an anti-drain back valve. As a result, it is hard to stop draining oil out of the filter when the engine is not running. 

However, on the good side of the oil filter, it works effectively to purify the motor oil before sending it to the engine. 

Therefore, the engine keeps running smoothly and gets an increased service life. Because of their thoughtful construction specs, STP oil filters are compatible with lots of car models. 

One can expect the filters to be in service for more than 4500 miles considering. But it depends on the usage and some other factors.

About the Manufacturer

The humble beginning of Champion Laboratories, Inc. started in 1955. It was previously known as Kleen Pak Manufacturing Company.

After 4 years of its creation, they had a major jump after patenting an engine-end relief valve that helped them produce spin-on oil filters.

The invention is considered a breakthrough in the industry to this date. If you are still doubting the capacities of Champion Laboratories, then let me tell you something. 

Besides STP, they are also producers of oil filters for Mobil 1 and K&N. The manufacturer got lots of awards because of assuring high-quality.

You can buy their filters without spending lots of money making it affordable for all car owners. 

Engine performance increases noticeably by installing one of their premium oil filters. 

Champion Labs run their operation from Albion, Illinois. Their distribution center is located in Michigan, Toronto, and San Jose. 

If you are wondering how they have ended up making filters under the brand STP, you will be glad to know that they acquired STP corporation in 1970.

Efficiency and effectiveness don’t come in cheap. But Champion Laboratories Inc. doesn’t cut the production cost for a higher profit margin.

Thus, everyone can enjoy their premium products at an affordable price. 

What Are the Types of STP Oil Filters Available?

All STP filters are cartridge type but the specs vary a little based on the car models. 

So, what we have here is basically one type. 

Visit the online stores I have mentioned in the next section, put your car’s model in the search bar, and find the right STP oil filter. 

Where to Buy STP Oil Filters?

There are a few trusted online platforms that you can choose to order an STP oil filter.

STP’s own website, Amazon, AutoZone, Walmart, O’Reilly Auto, and Advance Auto Parts are those online retailers. 

Other than that, you can always visit your local shop, and buy one from there. 

What Are the Best STP Oil Filters?

I have researched and found some of the best products from the STP oil filter lineup. Let me tell you about them shortly here so that you can get the right one.

STP Oil Filter S4967 is the model I like the most because you can get filtration service from it extending up to 5000 miles.

I recommend you also check STP Oil Filter Extended Life S4967XL that has up to 10000 miles of promised filtering. Click the link to check availability. 

Both models have up to 98% efficiency due to the material of the media being a blend of synthetic and cellulose. 

It has almost 101 square inches of surface area and more thickness than its close rivals. 

You will love the fact that it has a silicone anti-drain back valve which is not present in lots of popular brands. 

Now, those who are constrained with a low budget can check out STP S8873 and STP S-02805.

What Are Alternatives of STP Oil Filters?

If I start talking about all of the alternatives, this small article won’t be able to cover them all.

So, let me just tell you the names of the brands that you can seriously consider. 

AC-Delco, Wix, Castrol, Toyota, Purolator, Fram, Bosch, K&N, and Purolator are the most popular alongside STP. 

They offer high-quality products at a reasonable price. However, there are some expensive premium units.

For those who have enough budget, it is wise for them to buy more expensive ones because of the good filter medium, durability, and better construction. 


I hope that you have got all the answers to your questions along with “who makes STP oil filters”. 

As Champion Laboratories Inc. is the manufacturer of the product, you can rely on it. And, the alternative options are worth your consideration too.

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