Do You Know Who Makes Carquest Oil? (Answer Explained)

Carquest oil has a high-quality blend, excellent stability, and viscosity to protect by lubricating all internal components and parts of vehicle engines. 

Although the Carquest oil brand is the top automotive oil option currently available on the market, not many people know who makes Carquest oil.

But I think it is good to have those background knowledge about the product you regularly use.

So, let’s learn exciting details of Carquest oil manufacturers.

Who Makes Carquest Oil?

Carquest motor oils are manufactured by Amalie Oil Company, another North American leading manufacturer of various weights transmission fluid, motor oil, synthetic oil, and other automotive fluids.

Amalie Oil Company is the first company to introduce and sell multi-grade engine oil. 

Currently, it is North America’s most extensive private, independent blender of motor oils and industrial lubricants.

Where Are Carquest Oil Made?

Amalie Oil Company has its extensive manufacturing facility in Tampa, Florida.

Their manufacturing unit is occupied with high-quality raw materials and equipment to boost their production facility. 

From blending, bottle blow-molding to finished product packaging, every task is sophisticatedly done by Amelie company’s manufacturing unit. 

According to the production reports, Amalie Oil Company produces more than 3,000 finished products, including different types and sizes.

Are Carquest Oil Any Good?

Carquest oil is formulated with varying additives to provide maximum engine protection from internal leaking or wear damage issues and high mileage at the same time

According to several customers reports, Carquest oil even exceeds the typical standard of a good automotive oil brand since this quality synthetic oil even works perfectly during cold temperatures or rough driving conditions. 

Carquest oil lasts longer than any other competitors, and interestingly, it also comes at a very affordable price than other specialty oil brands.

Carquest oil brand also offers various types of motor oil options so that all types of vehicle users can find their compatible and suitable match from Carquest’s wide range of oil options.

About The Manufacturer Of Carquest Oil:

Amalie Oil Company is a fast-developing company, which is well renowned for its provision of well-engineered and top-quality petroleum products. Amalie Oil Company is known for providing top-quality fluid solutions. 

Amalie Oil Company was founded and started its journey in 1903 in Franklin, Pennsylvania. But the manufacturing facility of this extensive company shifted to Tampa, Florida, and till now, production work all Amelie oil and other products operating there. 

In 1953, Amalie Oil Company came up with its first breakthrough and became the first company to introduce multi-grade oil, also commonly known as the Imperial 10W30.

This company is under the Barkett family’s ownership and control since1977. In 1977, the Barkett family entered the auto motor oil business by purchasing Petroleum Packers. 

After that, they acquired Amalie Oil company from Sun Oil Company to merge with Petroleum Packers. This merged corporation has it headquarter located in Tampa, Florida, since 1998. 

Since then, Amalie oil company has been manufacturing several types of motor oils for different private labels such as Carquest corporation, O Reilly Auto Part store, AutoZone, Walmart, and Advanced Auto Parts.

What Are the Types Of Carquest Oil Available?  

As I have already mentioned earlier, the Carquest engine oil brand has a wide variety of options to satisfy all vehicle owners and users. 

Therefore, let’s have a brief idea of the main Carquest oil categories that are available in the market include:

Full Synthetic Oil:

Carquest full synthetic motor oil is specially formulated to protect the engine even while driving in difficult or rough conditions.

This engine or motor oil can also keep the engine warmer with the constant flow even in significantly cold temperatures. 

So, this motor oil helps the driver to worry about oil or engine damage while driving in such rough conditions.

High Mileage Oil:

Carquest high mileage motor oil is formulated with varying additives to protect the engine from dirt, grime, corrosions, and sludges. 

This automotive oil ensures both better engine protection and mileage. 

This engine oil works great for those vehicle owners, who tend to drive their vehicle over 75,000 miles under normal conditions.

Full Synthetic High Mileage Oil:

Carquest full synthetic high mileage motor oil is better than any clean conventional motor oil. 

This motor oil is formulated with a combination of synthetic blend and high-quality varying additives. 

This engine oil even works great to protect older engines and enhance their lifespan. 

This Carquest motor oil minimizes the chances of leaking issues in the engine and increases the mileage. 

Conventional Oil:

Carquest conventional motor oil is ideal for vehicle owners or drivers who tend to drive their vehicles under normal conditions. 

This engine oil even exceeds the industry standards because of its high-quality formulation.

Where To Buy Carquest Oil?  

Carquest motor oil is widely popular and recommended automotive oil so, this engine oil is available almost everywhere, and in most retailers or auto parts shops, you can find this oil, including the variety of its oil types and weight range. 

However, Carquest motor oil is also available on top online e-commerce sites like Walmart, eBay, Amazon, and auto zone. Besides these popular websites, the Carquest motor oil brand also has its own selling website.

What Are The Best Carquest Oil?  

Some of the top-rated and most popular Carquest motor oils are listed below:

  • Carquest Oil & Fluids 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil 1 Quart
  • Carquest Oil & Fluids 10W-40 Conventional Motor Oil 1 Quart
  • Carquest Oil & Fluids Full Syn 2 Cycle Oil
  • Carquest Oil & Fluids SAE 30 Small Engine Oil, 20 oz.
  • Carquest Oil & Fluids 2-Cycle Engine Oil, 6.4 oz.

What Are The Best Alternative Of Carquest Oil?  

Besides Carquest premium quality full synthetic, synthetic blend, high mileage, conventional motor oil, you can also opt for other best alternatives automotive oil options.

Such as- Royal Purple High-Performance Synthetic Oil, Castrol GTX Magnatec Green 5W-20 Motor Oil, Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 5W-20 Motor Oil, Shell ROTELLA Full Synthetic Diesel Oil, etc.


Carquest automotive oil is an excellent option to ensure the utmost protection of the vehicle engine and better mileage with smooth running performance.

There is no doubt about this brand’s products quality, but many users are not aware of the manufacturing company behind this excellent automotive oil brand.

Hopefully, this article helped those people find out the name and other exciting information about Carquest oil.

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