Do You Know Who Makes Harley Davidson Oil? (Answer Explained)

Harley Davidson is a brand that people trust and use the oil for their bikes. Many people know who makes Harley Davidson oil. However, lots of them have misinformation and some might want to know who they really are.

Hence, in this article, I will talk about the manufacturer of Harley Davidson oil and more.

Who Makes Harley Davidson oil?

No wonder that the oil giant group SUNOCO has manufactured the most loved Harley Davidson oil. And obviously, it is a company of the USA, the country of brands. 

Although most kinds of Harley Davidson oil are made in SUNOCO, some types are made in Citgo. They have kept a business with some other oil companies as well.

Even though the name of the oil is Harley Davidson, the Harley Davidson Company does not manufacture oil. They are mainly a motor company. 

Where Are Harley Davidson oil Made?

Harley Davidson oil is manufactured in the USA. The manufacturer SUNOCO Company is based in Dallas, Texas, US. 

Although they are packed and refined by Sunoco, the oil doesn’t necessarily come only from the USA. They get their oil from the USA, Canada, and other countries as well.

There are many refinery and manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma.

Harley Davidson oil claims that the oil is manufactured in the USA. And that is true. Most refinery work is done in the Sunoco refinery facilities in the US. But some portion is also manufactured outside the USA. However, the company is a US-based company.

Are Harley Davidson oil Any Good?

There is no doubt that Harley Davidson oil is one of the best in the market and has top-rated oils. It has proven the quality and stability with their performance and has own people’s love. But here are some ideas on how good it is- 

Friction reduction:

The Harley Davidson oil is one of the best at reducing friction with efficiency. Synthetic oil is thinner than non-synthetic oil and it can help the engine work smoothly by decreasing friction. This way, your bike’s engine will be in good shape.

Extreme heat resistance:

In case you are wondering how well the oil will perform in extreme heat. The answer is it helps in minimizing the viscosity of the engine at high temperatures. And cool it down significantly. 

The oil also works fine in cold weather where it becomes hard to start the engine.

Protection for chains and gears:

This synthetic oil is great for anti-corrosion capability and protecting the chains and gears. It helps the metals to stay good and reduce the chance of breaking from frictions.

Great heat control:

If the engine is spending unnecessary heat, the synthetic oil will keep it eloquent and keep the engine safe from overheating. Thus, the Harley Davidson oil is great for engine heat.

Better performance:

The Harley Davidson oil will provide you better performance than many other oil brands. It will give you efficiency and improve your oil economy. It also improves the bike’s performance and provides better drag resistance.


Synthetic oil can be used for a long time. And you will have lesser issues related to oil if you use Harley Davidson oil!

About The Manufacturer

Sunoco is a very old and famous oil company. Sunoco is the one who makes Harley Davidson oil for a very long time. 

Sunoco LP is a Delaware-based master limited partnership in the United States. It distributes motor oils wholesale in different states and companies. The headquarter of Sunoco is in Dallas, Texas.

Philip Pisano, Joseph N. Pew, and Edward O. Emerson built the SUNOCO in 1886. They were three renowned oil merchants.  

Over 7300 Sunoco branded gas station is maintained by the company and it supplies oil to all of them. These gas stations are privately owned and operated. Energy Transfer Partners control the partnership.

The current CEO of the company is Joseph King.

What Are the Types of Harley Davidson oil Available?

Harley Davidson oil is mostly synthetic oil. They are good for the engine. But you can find different types of motor oil in the market.

Mineral oil:

It is a type of crude oil that is meant to be used in motors. This is one of the most popular lubricants for antique motorcycles.

Semi-synthetic oil:

They are made up of a blend of synthetic ingredients and high-quality crude oil. This oil is the second most affordable of the bunch, and it delivers excellent results for a modest price.

Synthetic oil: 

Synthetic oil is the highest quality oil available, outperforming mineral and semi-synthetic oils while also being the costliest. The majority of individuals find it to be quite adaptable.

Sunoco Lubricants manufactures many different oils other than Harley Davidson oil. They have ENGINE OIL, GEAR OIL, TRANSMISSION FLUIDS HYDRAULIC OILS, GREASES, SPECIALTY FLUIDS.

Where To Buy Harley Davidson Oil Filters?

You can find Harley Davidson oil in many oils merchant shops. You can also buy them online.

For the filters check online shops. You can buy them from the local oil filter shops as well. There are some distributors too.

What Are The Best Harley Davidson Oils?  

The synthetic Harley Davidson oil is the best you can find in the market right now. It provides smooth engine mechanism and safe driving with durability.

What Are Alternative of Harley Davidson oil?

The Harley Davidson oil is good synthetic oil. However, some other brands can compete with it. Here are some of them-

Motul synthetic oil:

The American Petroleum Institution has countersigned Motul synthetic oil, a well-known motor lubricant for motorbikes. It’s ideal for engine replacement and features a design that ensures smooth gear changing.

Redline full synthetic oil:

It’s also one of the most well-known Synthetic oils. It is located in the United States, in the city of Benicia.

This is specifically designed for use in all types of current cars with four-stroke engines.

Amsoil synthetic oil:

These are one of the best oils for power efficiency and anti-wear protection. The founder of Amsoil synthetic oil is Albert.

Mobile1 synthetic oil:

This is a completely synthetic oil that works well and is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of motorbike engines. It is a reliable product for many users.


The Harley Davidson oil is a proven and great product in the market. And Sunoco lubricants is the one who makes Harley Davidson oil.

They have been in the business for many years now and going on with great effectiveness and confidence. 

I hope you learned more about them and may it help you buy the best oil for your cars or bikes.

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