Do You Know Who Makes SuperTech Oil Filters? (Answer Explained)

SuperTech is one of the leading oil filters in the market. They have been producing quality products since the beginning.

But who makes SuperTech oil filters? That’s a big question for lots of you people.

Worry not, in this article we shall answer your question and talk more about it.

Who Makes SuperTech oil filters?

The SuperTech oil filters are a product of the USA. The Champion Labs have been manufacturing this oil filter. Although the first manufacturer of SuperTech oil is Wix. 

This is not their solo project. They have worked together with Walmart and the manufacturing is going on in six different states! And Champion Labs got the legal right to produce for Walmart after Wix let it.

Wix benefited from Wal-Mart’s financial support and marketing clout, while Wal-Mart benefited from Wix’s oil filter expertise. Wal-Mart began selling their new SuperTech oil filters at the same time they ceased marketing Purolator a few years ago.

Wal-Mart intended to conquer the oil filter industry in one fell swoop by leveraging Wix production plants and designs.

The goal is to become the new face of oil filters by offering top-tier oil filters at affordable costs. And this was quite obvious from the manufactures.

Where Are Supertech oil Filter Made?

The Supertech oil filter is made in the USA. In six different states, they are manufactured. 

The champion labs are making the oil filters in many different facilities and also supplying them to Walmart and Wix. They have industrial facilities in Illinois, South Carolina, and some other places. 

The black filters are made by the champion labs and the blue ones by Wix. The shell is made in Texas.

The SuperTech oil filters are not made by only one company. Thus, there are many different facilities of both companies associated with Walmart where the filters are manufactured.

Are SuperTech oil filters Any Good?

SuperTech oil filters have a good reputation and have been in the market for a long time. This may not be the number one product out there but it definitely gives a good service.

Prevent dirt and impurities from damaging engine oil:

This filter is good for preventing dirt or other things from going in the engine oil and keep it healthy. But you need to change the oil every 5000-7000 miles.

With the help of Champion Labs, Walmart has made great improvements in this oil filter.

A SuperTech oil filter screens dirt and pollutants from engine oil to keep them out of the engine. The engine will always run effectively as a result of this.

Impurities in the engine will reduce its performance and cause harm to its components.

High-performance filtering:

The SuperTech oil filter has high-performance filtering media that help in holding more dirt in it and increasing the capacity and also, building 99 percent filtering efficiency. Furthermore, they are made up of a variety of synthetic and natural fibers.

This material composition allows them to function at their best while also reducing flow limitations.

Furthermore, the structural robustness of these filters enables them to endure the severe circumstances that a 10,000-mile service interval brings.

An extreme center tube is included in every oil filter, ensuring greater filter integrity and strength.

This tube also guarantees that engine oil enters the engine in the appropriate flow.

Quality ensuring:

SuperTech filters are made by top brands and companies who are involved in the oil and filter producing business for a long time. It won’t be untrue to say these manufacturers are some of the world’s best companies.

Also, the customer reviews of the filter are very high. People love to use the filter for their cars.

These oil filters also ensure the highest protection for the engines and even can withstand the upcoming engine types. The quality is granted by the producers and also the users.

About The Manufacturer

The Supertech oil filter has three different companies that are involved in the manufacturing. Firstly, the Wix was founded in 1939 And has been in the business till now. Primarily it was a cotton industry. However, they needed good filters for the industry and eventually turned to a filter company.

The Champion Labs Inc. was first established in 1955. Since then, Champion Laboratories has grown to become one of the major automotive filter suppliers, as well as a prominent maker of OEM, private label, and filters.

Walmart was created in 1962 by Sam Walton. It was built to give the lowest prices anytime, anywhere. Since then, Walmart has been performing excellently. It has now different businesses. The Supertech oil filter is one of the projects of Walmart. 

That says who makes Supertech oil filters and who they are.

What Are the Types Of Supertech oil Filter Available?

Because there are many types of automobile engines, there are various types of oil filters.

For example, a certain automobile engine model needs a specific filter type and size. As a result, SuperTech oil filters come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Where To Buy Supertech oil Filter?

Supertech oil filters are exclusive products of Walmart. You can find them in any Walmart shop. Other than Walmart there may be some local oil filter shops or automobile shops where you can buy the filters.

You can also check online shops like Amazon for this filter. The SuperTech filters are quite popular and you will get them in your area most likely. 

What Are The Best Supertech oil filters?

There are many top-rated Supertech oil filters. You can buy the one that fits your car’s engine.

Some of the top-rated filters are-

1. St10575 Oil Filter

Engines need maximum protection in every way possible and the ST10575 oil filter will provide you that protection for your oil. It filters oil in the safest way and keep your vehicle safe and running. It can survive a 10,000-mile service interval due to its high structural strength.

2. St6607 Oil Filter

SuperTech st6607 oil filter is one of the best for filtering efficiency. It can filter up to 99% of oil. It can also hold more dirt with its massive capacity. People love to use this oil filter for their engines.

3. St9688 Oil Filter

For peak performance and reliability, the ST9688 model is number one choice. It will provide extensive performance with great sustain and outcome. It helps in cooling down the engine oil, stops soot particles that can ignite the oil. This steel made product is great for the car’s engine.

What Are the Alternatives of Supertech oil filters?

The oil filter market has high competition. And there are plenty of other products that compete with SuperTech oil filters.

The Farm is a tough competitor of SuperTech. They build similar quality products and have similar kinds of price tags.

There are also OEM products that are pretty good in some type of engine. However, the Supertech products perform quite well in the competition.


The SuperTech oil filters are quite good for the engine. It will keep your oil fresh and dirt-free. This way you will get a better engine life for your car. 

And in this article, you have found answers to questions like “who makes SuperTech oil filters?”. Hope this will help you with your buying experience.

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