Do You Know Who Makes Amazon Oil? (Answer Explained)

With their new Amazon Basics synthetic motor oil, Amazon has entered the motor oil industry. It’s meant to be a step up from synthetic mixes while still providing good lubrication and helping to safeguard an engine’s moving parts.

It is formulated for longer drain intervals and to reduce the risk of low-speed pre-ignition. 

Who Makes Amazon Motor Oils?

Warren Distribution Incorporated produces AmazonBasics engine oil, which is a synthetic motor lubricant.

Warren Distribution started as an oil company in 1922 and today leads the private label, contract mixing and car lubricant packaging business.

Where Are Amazon Motor Oils Made?

Warren claims to be the biggest private label lubricant producer and automotive chemical distributor in North America, with headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. 

At blending operations in Guntersville, Alabama, Council Bluffs, Iowa, Houston, and Glen Dale, West Virginia, it can produce more than 140 million gallons of lubricant each year.

They also have production facilities in Lake Guntersville, Alabama, and Houston, Texas, totaling 6000 square feet. Albertville, Alabama, is home to a large oil manufacturing sector.

Are Amazon Motor Oils Any Good?

Since Amazon Basics announced that it will be selling its own generic brand of motor oil, the question remains whether it is adequate or not.

AmazonBasics engine oil is designed for auto enthusiasts, mechanics, and anybody who wants to keep their vehicles in good condition. AmazonBasics can also be stored at petrol stations to assist customers in filling up their automobiles when they run out of oil.

The cheap price of AmazonBasics motor oil is well-known. So, if you’re seeking for excellent engine oil that will preserve your vehicle’s engine for a longer period of time, even under tremendous pressure, look no further.

The AmazonBasics is a synthetic engine oil with more refined base oils. It provides better defense and performance. Mineral-based lubricants provide improved low and high-temperature viscosity performance.

This product is also resistant to oxidation and heat breakdown, as well as extending drain intervals. AmazonBasics engine oil has the ability to reduce engine deposits, therefore protecting your application from pollutants.

About The Manufacturer

Warren Distribution is a family-owned company started by James Schlott in 1922. His grandson, Robert Bob Schlott, currently serves as the company’s CEO.

It used to provide agricultural company farms in Omaha and the nearby areas with lubricating oil and associated items. James’ son joined the firm in 1930 and began extending its services.

Norman created an oil mixing technique as well as its own private label oil brand, Gold Bond Lubricants. It had grown in popularity and was eventually sold to an implement dealer in Eastern Iowa. As a result, it began to grow.

It is presently the largest private label lubricant manufacturer and automotive chemical distributor in North America, producing 140 million gallons of lubricant per year. 

They manufacture and market a wide range of popular automotive chemicals, as well as passenger vehicle motor oil, heavy-duty engine oil, industrial oil, and greases.

Their corporate headquarters are in Omaha, Nebraska. These items are sent to over 45 countries.

A customer-facing staff with over 25 years of experience leads their team. Quality services are provided by over 750 employees. These employees, together with the leaders, contribute to meeting the expectations of customers with their services.

What Are the Types Of Amazon Oils Available?

AmazonBasics is a synthetic engine oil with API SN Plus and GF-5 credentials that was first introduced in late July and prominently featured on Amazon’s oil page. SAE 0W-40, SAE 5W-20, and SAE 5W-40 are the viscosity grades available.

  • AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil – Euro Formula 5W-40
  • AmazonBasics High Mileage Motor Oil – Full Synthetic – 5W-20
  • Amazon Basics Full Synthetic Motor Oil, Euro Formula for Turbo-Charged Vehicles, API SN, A3/B4, 0W-40

Amazon oil is very user friendly. This product was created with extended drain intervals in mind. Prevents rust and corrosion by preventing build-up. It reduces friction, resulting in less wear on the engine.

Where To Buy Amazon oil?

The AmazonBasics engine oil guards your engine against even the harshest circumstances. It increases fuel efficiency while providing superior friction protection.You may get Amazon oil from AMAZON or any other online retailer of motor oils.

What Are The Best Amazon Oils?

Engine oil 5W30 from AmazonBasics is a completely synthetic lubricant that can be used in any modern car. It provides the highest level of protection and is comparable to well-known brands such as Castrol and Red Line.

Many mechanics have reported that the AmazonBasics engine oil 5W30 is a high-quality product that enhances engine performance. 

This oil is more sophisticated than high-performance engine lubricants while being a tenth of the expense. It is also Gen 2 and Dexos 1 approved.

What Are Alternatives of Amazon Motor oil?

If you’re searching for different engine oil for your high-performance vehicle, Mobil 1 is a good option. It’s a strong synthetic oil that provides the best protection for high-performance vehicles.

Because it contains additives that prevent sludge from forming, Mobil 1 engine oil improves longer engine life. It, like the AmazonBasics product, has a viscosity rating of 5W30, which means it will maintain its consistency even at lower temperatures.

Mobil 1 engine oil has a thin consistency that goes into all of the cracks of your vehicle’s system to lubricate and protect components from corrosion. Because it preserves your engine for longer, this oil allows for longer intervals between changes.

Mobil 1 engine oil is also very cost-effective because it increases fuel economy and is less expensive than other synthetic products.

As the motor oil for Mobil 1 is classified by SAE, you can be certain that it has been carefully test in a controlled environment to guarantee it resists extreme temperatures.


Amazonbasics motor oil is actually very good quality motor oil. It is meant to increase the performance of your car while protecting it against hazardous contaminants.

So, you should certainly give this motor a shot to see whether it’s worth it.

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