Do You Know Who Makes MicroGard Oil Filters? (Ans Explained)

The reason behind MicroGard oil filters’ popularity is their high quality and great protection. 

This is where you may wonder, who makes MicroGard oil filters.

I have put a lot more information than which company makes the part for your convenience. Let’s get started. 

Who Makes MicroGard Oil Filters?

Purolator is the manufacturer of MicroGard oil filters, and you can know it by seeing the backplate design which is steel/aluminum. 

Previously, the company was known as Motor Improvements. After a few decades, the company was sold to a German filter maker.

The company produces not only oil filters for their own brand but also for other popular brands providing the same quality.

Where Are MicroGard Oil Filters Made?

These filters are proudly made in the United States. Their operation is based in Fayetteville, North Carolina; so is their plant. 

Are MicroGard Oil Filters Any Good?

According to some independent reviewers and testers, these filters have one of the best ratios of voids. 

You can understand that it is important for oil flow. Also, the purifier strands help a lot. 

Due to very thin filter paper, the oil flows faster. 

Doing a side-by-side comparison, you may notice that its quality and performance are closely similar to the WIX oil filters. 

For the money, it is the best value product that doesn’t need to be changed before 3000 miles of usage. But don’t push the limit over 5000 miles. 

About the Manufacturer

MANN+HUMMEL Purolator Filters LLC is the name of the company that manufactures oil filters for MicroGard. Or more appropriately for Ford Motors.

Their operation is based in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Purolator sold their company to German-based companies Mann+Hummel and Bosch.

Later on, Mann+Hummel bought the 50% share of Bosch claiming full ownership in 2013. 

Besides manufacturing oil filters for motor vehicles, the company has a diverse business portfolio. 

Also, they market oil filters under their own brand name which is very popular. Car owners love PurolatorTECH which is capable of exceeding OE standards. 

They use the latest oil filtration technology to help keep the engine efficient and healthy. 

The story of MANN+HUMMEL dates back before the second world war. While having a successful textile company, the duo (Adolf Mann & Dr. Erich Hummel) got an offer of making engine filters. 

They took the opportunity and started MANN+HUMMEL. Throughout the years, they pioneered filtering technology and invented lots of cool techs. 

With the vision of leadership in the filtration industry, the company has owned several other manufacturers and brands along with the Purolator. 

Now, let’s try to know some history of Purolator. 

To begin the story, it all started with Ernest Sweetland and George H. Greenhalgh patenting the very first oil filtration system for the automobile in 1923. 

A very interesting fact behind naming their invention ‘Purolator’ is that it is a short form of “Pure Oil Later”.

As the inventor of the tech, they have managed to stay ahead of their competitors by ensuring quality and improving the filter’s efficiency and effectiveness. 

During the second world war, their filters were used on aircraft, tanks, ships, and trucks. 

But the filters were primitive with only 10% filtration capability. 

Later on, Purolator managed to develop their product with the first “Full Flow” filter ensuring 100% purification capability.

You have already got that part where MANN+HUMMEL acquired Purolator and became the market leader in the industry. 

What Are the Types of MicroGard Oil Filters Available?

There are no particular types of classification of MicroGard oil filters. Variation in their size and price depends on the vehicle you have. 

On Amazon, you won’t find lots of models, and people usually don’t order these filters from there. O’Reilly Auto Parts is the destination for that. 

Here, you will find all available parts that you can order online. On top of the page, you will see a search filter. 

Select the model of your car along with the production year and find a compatible oil filter.

Where to Buy MicroGard Oil Filters?

Besides physical parts shops, two online eCommerce platforms sell oil filters from MicroGard. 

O’Reilly Auto Parts is the first platform to sell these filters. Also, you can find the parts on Amazon. 

Now, don’t buy it from anywhere seeing special deals or something because it is possible to end buying a fake.

You may find some listings on eBay. But as I have said, trusting any seller is like gambling. 

When you have a good source for the product, why bother trying the risky ones. 

What Are the Best MicroGard Oil Filters?

There are several high-quality filter models from MicroGard. And, all of the products are made in the US.

As you have read in the previous section, there are no types or options. So, I can’t declare anything like the best MicroGard oil filter. 

All of the models have some common characteristics. They are built and designed to withstand the toughest driving conditions. 

As the filter makes oil change intervals between 3700 and 10000 miles, it is very economical. All credit goes to the excellent filtering ability.

The synthetic filter media lets oil pass easily without letting any contamination pass. The anti-drain back valve is also synthetic. 

Its thick filter paper can catch everything that is harmful to the engine and performance. 

According to experts and independent testers, the filter efficiency of this brand is 95% at 20 microns.  

What Are Alternatives of MicroGard Oil Filters?

Wix oil filters are one of the best alternatives to MicroGard Oil Filters. 

But don’t just stop there because a lot of reputed brands should be taken into your consideration.

From Oil Filter Cross Reference, you can know all about them. 

All one has to do is match his/her vehicle model to the part number, and read the reviews about the chosen one.


Though the article is about who makes MicroGard oil filters, I hope that you have got some important information to keep the car’s performance more efficient. 

Oil contamination leads to serious engine problems. So, get the best filter within your budget range.

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