Do You Know Who Makes Carquest Oil Filters? (Ans Explained)

Although Carquest Oil Filters are marketed, distributed under the Carquest Corporation name tag and logo, these oil filters are not originally manufactured by Carquest or Advance Auto Parts Company.

Now the question arises who makes Carquest oil filters or where?

Therefore, in this very article, let’s find out the answer and learn other interesting details about Carquest oil filters together.

Who Makes Carquest Oil Filters?

Carquest Oil Filters are products of Carquest Corporation, an American automotive parts distribution network fully owned and operated by Advance Auto Parts

In other words, Carquest oil filters are products of the subsidiary division of Advance Auto Parts.

However, WIX Filters and Filtrons company was the previous manufacturer of all Carquest oil filters. 

But recently, the parent company of WIX, the Affinia Group was acquired by Mann+Hummel company. 

As a result, the current and future manufacturer of all Carquest oil filters will be Mann+Hummel Gruppe.

Where Are Carquest Oil Filters Made?

WIX Filters and filtrations have manufacturing facilities and plants in various locations. WIX has manufacturing facilities in Gastonia, North Carolina, Dillon, and South Carolina

WIX also has manufacturing facilities in other regional areas, such as Europe, Mexico, India, and China.

Are Carquest Oil Filters Any Good?

All Carquest oil filters are internally constructed with high-quality materials and advanced technology. 

Especially, Carquest premium filters are great for effectively protecting the engines even while driving your vehicle in harsh conditions or cold temperatures at higher speeds. 

These premium filters also come at very affordable prices, and you can easily experience 5000 to 7500 miles of smooth drive without worrying about your vehicle engine.

Even the standard Carquest oil filters are efficient enough to last for a 6500-mile without breakdown or tear-down issues.

About The Manufacturer Of Carquest Oil Filters:

Initially, WIX Filters were manufacturing Carquest oil filters for Advance Auto Parts. But after its parent company got acquired by Mann+Hummel Gruppe, Mann+Hummel Gruppe company has become the current manufacturer.

Let’s learn briefly about these two companies: 

WIX Filters:

WIX was founded in 1939 by John Doane Wicks and Paul G. Crawshaw, where they aimed to manufacture premium quality filters that will simplify the traditional way of filtrations. 

After over 50 years of being in this industry, WIX has become a household name for manufacturing motorsports oil filters. WIX has been supplying its world-class filters to other industry leaders like Advance Auto Parts (Carquest Corporation).

When WIX first started their production of spin-on filters, it was a new concept, and they just started their experiment of commercializing those products with a small handful of parts. 

But currently, WIX is leading on the top with over 12,000 unique products numbers and also offering the aftermarket’s domestic and foreign nameplate oil, air, hydraulic, coolant, fuel, cabin air, and transmission filters.

Besides that, there are over 8,000 product numbers available for WIX hydraulic and fluid power system applications. 

According to reports, WIX has almost eleven manufacturing facilities in eight countries and currently manufacturing approximately more than 210 million filters annually. WIX has customers in more than 80 countries globally.

Mann+Hummel Gruppe: 

In 1941, Mann+Hummel Gruppe was founded by Adolf Mann and Erich Hummel in Germany. The headquarter is in Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 

Mann+Hummel company started manufacturing liquid & air filter systems, intake systems, and cabin filters. 

Since late 1940, Mann+Hummel was also actively involved in the textile industry and was known as Mann Pamina Moden. But in 1974, Mann+Hummel sold the textile business to Schiesser. 

Since 1948, the company started focusing more on further diversification along with filter production. 

After the death of former founders and CEO, and Kurk Wilks has been leading the company as the current CEO since January 2020.

What Are the Types Of Carquest Oil Filters Available?  

Carquest oil filters are available in two different options: Carquest premium (Blue) oil filter painted blue and Carquest standard (Red) oil filter.

Let’s have a brief idea of each category:

The Premium Carquest Oil Filters:

These premium oil filters are built with a highly efficient synthetic media blend that makes them durable enough to meet all OE specifications.  

Carquest Premium oil filters are compatible with various vehicle models and significantly work for long-lasting engine protection. 

Supposedly, the synthetic media blend used in these oil filters is excellent for both conventional and synthetic oil. Not only that, these filters can last for up to 10,000 miles.

The Standard Carquest Oil Filters:

These standard oil filters are suitable for conventional oil since these filters are specially constructed with a high-density media blend. 

These oil filters are built with multi-fiber materials to provide reliable engine protection for your vehicle.

Carquest standard oil filters are built to meet all OE specifications for fit, form, and function. 

These filters are mostly compatible with lightweight trucks and other similar automotive applications.

Where To Buy Carquest Oil Filters?  

Carquest oil filters are widely available at all physical and online stores or shops of Advanced Auto Parts. 

Besides that, these oil filters are also available in some other automotive retailer shops and auto part stores like Walmart, AutoZone. 

You can also place your online order through other popular e-commerce sites Amazon, eBay, or Walmart.

What Are The Best Carquest Oil Filters?  

Let’s have glance at some of the top ranked and widely popular Carquest oil filters:

  • Carquest Premium 84356 Oil Filter
  • Carquest Premium 84060 Oil Filter
  • Carquest Premium 94010 Oil Filter
  • Carquest Standard R84060 Oil Filter
  • Carquest Standard R94010 Oil Filter

What Are The Best Alternative Of Carquest Oil Filters?  

Besides Carquest oil filters, you can also try other best alternative options available in the market, such as Bosch Premium Oil Filter, FRAM Extra Guard Oil Filter, PurolatorONE Oil Filter, Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter, and ACDelco Professional Engine Oil Filter.


Today’s article was aimed to let you know who makes Carquest oil filters. But along with that answer, I have also shared some other exciting details regarding Carquest oil filters and their manufacturers. 

So hopefully, this article was informative enough to answer your queries.

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