Do You Know Who Makes O’Reilly Oil? (Answer Explained)

There are various engine oils available in the market, which work excellently for lubricating vehicle engines so that, engines can function more productively and last longer. 

O Reilly motor oil is also among the top-recommended oil brands. 

However, most people are not well aware of the manufacturing company, though they are familiar with the brand and its high-quality engine oils.

That’s why in this very article, I have decided to reveal the name of who makes O Reilly oils.

Who Makes O Reilly Oil?

The O Reilly engine or motor oils are products of another North American giant producer and supplier of lubricants, Omni Specialty Packaging (OSP) LLC. 

Omni Specialty Packaging makes all the different types of oils for O Reilly Automotive, Inc. 

OSP produces light and heavyweight lubricants for various auto vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, and agricultural equipment. 

Where Are O Reilly Oils Made?

Neither O Reilly nor Omni Specialty Packaging Company has disclosed or confirmed the actual location or factory of the O Reilly oil manufacturing. 

However, Omni Specialty Packaging, LLC is a North America-based oil manufacturing firm. 

Since all of the headquarters, including the main corporate offices of Omni Specialty Packaging Company, are located in the USA, we can assume that the production takes place in that area as well.

Are O Reilly Oils Any Good?

O Reilly automotive oils are formulated with anti-wear additives and offer high mileage to improve engines performance as well engine’s longevity. 

These oils have scored a high rank in wear testing and have outstanding UOA results as well. 

O Reilly also offers a wide range of oil options for various types of vehicles so users can choose according to their needs. 

O Reilly motor oils are formulated to be less likely to degradation, not even during tough or rough driving conditions. O Reilly engine oils can last for at least six months, which also lessens the chances of constant oil change issues.

O Reilly oils meet all API requirements and come at very reasonable pricing. 

Therefore, comparing with other local conventional auto oil, O Reilly oils are a definitely better choice.

About O Reilly Motor Oil Manufacturer:

Omni Specialty Packaging, LLC, is an independent lubricant producing division of Omni Industries, LLC. 

Originally, Omni Industries, LLC was established in 1978 in Shreveport, LA as a small family business mainly to sell petrochemicals. 

However, after acknowledging the huge rising opportunity in the major lubricant markets, management decided to expand their wings. 

Around 1998, there was a need for a packaging facility, and then another wing of Omni Industries, Omni Specialty Packaging started its independent operation to meet the lubricants market demand. 

The headquarters of Omni Specialty Packaging is in Greenwell Springs (Louisiana) including five corporate connections and four main branches.

Omni was also known for producing some heavy and light automotive lubricants, as well industrial and hydraulic lubricants, brake fluids, and motor oil.

Soon after, it became one of the biggest producers and distributors of lubricants and chemicals worldwide. 

Over the years, Omni Industries, LLC has been contributing as a leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor to serve other parts of the world along with the North American Automotive Industry.

Omni Specialty Packaging is currently one of the leading global producers and suppliers of various petroleum products, grease, brake fluid, ATF, metalworking, fuel injector cleaners, gas boosters, solvents, rust preventatives, and tractor hydraulic fluids.

Omni Specialty Packaging, LLC has the API license, ILMA, and ISO certification and has been producing lubricants for several privately-owned companies like O’Reilly Automotive, Inc.

What Are the Types Of O Reilly Oil Available In The Market?  

O Reilly Automotive Inc has a wide range of automotive oils to serve all types of engines:

  • Full Synthetic Motor Oil 
  • High-mileage Motor Oil
  • Conventional Motor Oil
  • Heavy-duty Motor Oil
  • Heavy Duty Diesel Oil
  • Specialty Oil For Marine Drive, Utility vehicle & Lawn care Equipements
  • Specialty Oil For Motorcycle, ATV & Racing Vehicle.

Where To Buy O Reilly Oil?  

O’Reilly has been one of the dominant auto parts retailers all over the US market and currently has around 5,710 stores in 47 states of the U.S. 

Since 2019 O’Reilly have been expanding their internal market areas by merging with outside U.S. regions like Mexican and Malaysian based companies. 

Therefore, if you want to buy one of the O’Reilly oil for your vehicle, visit any of their stores, or you can also visit their online shop to order and place your online order.

What Are The Best O Reilly Oils?  

O’Reilly offers Full Synthetic High Mileage oil options for various types of vehicles for complete engine protection, such as trucks, buses, cars, motorcycles, and SUVs. 

However, before making the ultimate purchase decision, make sure to check your vehicle’s user manual to confirm the correct weight and type needed for the oil.

Let’s have a glance at some of the top-selling O’Reilly automotive oil options:

  1. O’Reilly Synthetic Motor Oil 10W-30 5 Quart
  2. O’Reilly Synthetic Motor Oil 10W-40
  3. O’Reilly Conventional Motor Oil 10W-30 1 Quart
  4. O’Reilly Conventional Motor Oil 10W-40 1 Quart
  5. O’Reilly Conventional Motor Oil 5W-20 1 Quart

What Are The Best Alternative Of O Reilly Oils?  

O Reilly surely offers some of the best full synthetic, synthetic blended, and other specialty conventional oils for various ranges of vehicles. 

However, there are also some other automotive oil brands, which you can try as an alternative to O Reilly oils you pick the right category and weight.

If you are looking for the best alternative to use instead of O Reilly, you can opt for auto motor oil brands such as Mobil, Castrol GTX, Valvoline, Pennzoilany Motor Oil brands.


O Reilly oil brand’s synthetic-based engine oils are well known for preventing the engine’s internal parts and components from wear. 

Besides the ultimate satisfaction users get from using O Reilly oils, there is some misinformation or speculation about the original manufacturer of O Reilly oils. 

So, I have tried to clear all the doubts or speculation about who makes O Reilly oils in here.

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