Do You Know Who Makes Champion Batteries? (Ans Explained)

Once you have compared the price and features of Champion batteries with its competitors, you may wonder who makes Champion batteries?

Because they offer reliable, durable, and premium-quality products without charging a lot of money.

In this article, I am going to answer all of your questions. So, sit tight, and let’s get started right away. 

Who Makes Champion Batteries?

Let’s answer the question by asking another. Who is the world’s largest leading automotive battery supplier?

The answer to that question and the topic of this article is the same; Johnson Controls. 

The company manufactures batteries for lots of brands including Champion. Johnson Controls and Federal-Mogul Corporation signed an agreement 

Where Are Champion Batteries Made?

The manufacturer of Champion car batteries has production facilities all over the world including China. 

Johnson Control produces power cells for lots of brands. And, the location of making those batteries varies based on lots of factors.

In the case of Champion batteries, they are made in China. But don’t think negatively of its quality.

Because the company ensures quality which is why Champion has years of good reputation among its customers. 

Are Champion Batteries Any Good?

I can’t say with full confidence about Champion batteries that they are great. Because lots of customers are not happy with their performance and service life. 

Scrolling down the article, you will some alternatives to this brand. Most people and experts recommend them. 

If you are hesitant about making the final decision about Champion, checking those alternatives will help you a lot. 

About the Manufacturer

Before I talk about the manufacturer, let me tell you some facts about the brand-owner Federal-Mogul LLC.

They are one of the leading global suppliers of parts and components in rail, automotive, commercial, marine, aerospace, and power generation industries.

Among their aftermarket brands, Champion is the most popular car battery. Federal-Mogul gets the credit for designing and setting the specs of the battery.

Johnson Controls International makes the batteries according to their requirements. Now, let’s know more about this conglomerate. 

Ireland-based company JCI has its headquarters in Cork, Ireland. According to 2019 data, the company employs over 105,000 people all over the world.

In 2017, JCI was listed as a Fortune 500 company but having the main operation center in Ireland, they became ineligible for the position.

The company started its humble beginning by inventing and selling super-sensitive thermometers on air conditioning units. It was started in 1885 by Warren S. Johnson.

Later on, the company expanded its business in different industries by acquiring lots of existing companies. 

Their power solution division needs to be mentioned particularly because it produces almost one-third of the lead-acid batteries in the world.

However, JCI sold the power solutions part of their company to Brookfield Business Partners in 2018.  

What Are the Types of Champion Batteries Available?

If you research the brand, you will see that they manufacture batteries for automobiles, lawn and garden tools, marine applications, commercial vehicles, powersport cars, and golf carts. 

Those are the main types of Champion batteries. But each category has a set of different models based on the model of your car, truck, or other vehicle types. 

That is why I recommend you to go to their website, and look at the available options. 

Where to Buy Champion Batteries?

Like any other car battery, you can buy Champion batteries from physical stores. I can think of AutoZone Auto Parts stores.

Other than that, one can order them online too. But don’t buy from anywhere as you can get scammed.

I recommend the official website of Champion, Advanced Auto Parts, and Pep Boys

Search on those websites with your car’s model number and production year. And, from the results, choose the one you prefer.

Or, you can see my recommendation on the next part, and save some time on research. 

What Are the Best Champion Batteries?

I have told you earlier that Champion makes batteries for lots of different applications.

Therefore, it is not logical to name one model as the best of all. However, I am going to save you some trouble and talk about an AGM battery from Champion.

Their lead-acid batteries are also good but I am going to review the AGM ones here. You will know why.

Group size H7 Champion AGM battery comes at a reasonable price offering a 1000 CCA rating which none of its competitors can offer. 

The next thing I love about this particular model is its design that includes a cool carrying handle. 

It has the perfect combination of power, durability, and reliability that can provide consistent power even in the most demanding situations. 

Also, the battery doesn’t take long to be recharged. 

Furthermore, having reliable starting power at low temperatures and corrosion-resistant features make it so popular. 

What Are Alternatives of Champion Batteries?

I can think of some very popular brands that can be the perfect alternatives to Champion batteries. 

The first name that pops into my mind is Optima. They offer RedTop and YellowTop batteries with a good CCA rating and long-lasting build quality. 

Those cells are so well-made that you can install them in virtually any position without worrying about acid spills or accidents. 

After that, XS Power is my candidate which has the same 1000 cold-cranking amps as the Champion AGM battery. But it costs 1.5 times more than Champion. 

Finally, you can consider ACDelco, Motorcraft, Odyssey, and DieHard batteries for their amazing performance. People like them for some reason.

They offer good reserve capacity along with longer warranty periods and better design.  


Now you know who makes Champion batteries. Johnson Controls International does a good job making them.

Because it can provide a whopping 850 cold cranking amps even at 0°F. So, yes, you can consider them for your ride without any hesitation.

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