Who Makes Interstate Batteries? (Answer Explained)

A good old reputed car battery manufacturer in the automotive industry goes by the brand name of Interstate.

Over the years, the company has scaled up its operation and market share making it nearly impossible to make all batteries on its own.

This is where lots of people wonder who makes Interstate batteries. At the same time, you may also think of its manufacturing location. In this article, I am going to give you all the necessary information about the brand. Let’s get started.

Who Makes Interstate Batteries?

I have done some research and found out that Johnson Controls makes 65% of the brand’s car, truck, and marine batteries.

The information can’t be backed by an official source or reference. The percentage number and product type may vary.

Some industry experts say that Exide is now looking over that operation instead of Johnson Controls.

And, it is true that there are some unknown or undisclosed contractors who make batteries for Interstate.

Where Are Interstate Batteries Made?

Having manufacturing plants in both Mexico and America, either one of the countries is the birthplace of your Interstate car or marine batteries.

That information is only valid for the models made by Johnson Controls. I can’t tell you the exact location of other contractors as there are no available sources.

When it comes to quality, you can rely on them because the location of manufacturing doesn’t affect it.

The design, and quality control power are still in the hands of Interstate Batteries so that the customers can’t complain much.

Are Interstate Batteries Any Good?

I will be honest with you. According to lots of reviewers and industry experts, there are lots of other brands better than Interstate.

What I want to say is that Interstate hasn’t been able to keep up with the competition.

With less durability, unsatisfactory overall performance, and customer dissatisfaction, the brand has lost most of its value.

However, one thing is certain. You can’t get a better deal at the low price range. Interstate offers good-quality cells compared to its counterparts in the economical segment.

About the Manufacturer

If you go to the wiki page of Johnson control, you will get lots of information about the company.

It started its journey in 1885 and had become the largest battery manufacturer in North America.

However, their humble journey began with the patent of a supersensitive electric room thermostat made by Warren S. Johnson.

They soon diversified their business and worked in the industry of building technologies and solutions.

After some acquisitions and getting a huge manufacturing spree, the company built its headquarters in Cork, Ireland.

As a result, they became ineligible to be listed as Fortune 500 company. But that doesn’t affect anything.

About 25.5% of Johnson Controls’ net sales come from lead-acid batteries. The company has a good reputation for producing premium batteries for commercial and residential uses.

Lots of popular brands don’t make their own batteries and give the contract to Johnson controls. So, there should be no doubt about their battery-making capabilities.

What Are the Types of Interstate Batteries Available?

There are several types of batteries in their product portfolio. Let’s try to know all about them in short.

  • MTZ

To meet the electricity demand of modern accessory-rich vehicles, Interstate has introduced MTZ batteries. You can install all the necessary add-ons to your vehicle and don’t worry about the charge capacity of the battery.

  • MTX Line

When it comes to starting the vehicle, you would love the performance of MTX Line batteries. People can rely on this battery type for AGM-required applications.

  • MTP

Getting extended battery life along with high-cranking performance is now possible with Interstate MTP-type batteries. Whether it is cold or in normal weather conditions, the battery won’t let you down.

  • MT

This one is not an AGM battery and is capable of providing enough support for cars and trucks in warmer regions.

  • M

Those who have a tight budget can go for the Interstate M batteries. The good rating of its cold-cranking amps makes it desirable to lots of people.

  • AGM Powersports

Because of having perfectly sealed spill-proof design, these are suitable for Powersports vehicles. It requires no water filling making it maintenance-free.

  • Marine

On the water, boats need batteries with deep-cycling, starting, and a few marine-friendly features. You can find all of those in Marine Interstate batteries.

  • Marine RV

Lastly, you can choose their Marine RV batteries that promise the best outdoor performance.

  • Alkaline

There are some small-capacity alkaline batteries marketed by Interstate. From AA to 9V, there are different sizes to power small electronic components.

Where to Buy Interstate Batteries?

On the brand’s official website, there is a list of dealers selling Interstate batteries. Go to this link, select your location, and find a dealer near you.

Or, one can order them online. Among lots of online retailers, I trust Costco, Amazon, and Walmart the most.

What Are the Best Interstate Batteries?

Apart from the AGM-type batteries, MTP is the best non-AGM battery in the production line of Interstate.

I am not particularly mentioning AGM because it is without any question the best performer.

Here, let me suggest three very popular models of the brand used in different industries.

According to the ANSI test, these Interstate 9V alkaline batteries have 20% more or improved performance than some competitors.

It is great for powering smoke detectors, walkie-talkies, special remotes, garage door openers, clocks, toys, etc. Now, you have to keep in mind that they are not rechargeable.

To start heavy types of machinery such as generator engines, people prefer this SLA battery from Interstate. Click on the link to see the customer reviews.

The maintenance-free battery has VRLA technology to prevent any accident from acid spills.

One can also use it in UPS, backup and cranking systems, or heavy-duty servers. It is a rechargeable 12V 9Ah battery pack.

Here is another SLA battery but with AGM technology. This one is also rechargeable making it perfect for backup applications.

I also recommend SLA0905 which is more suitable for use in medical devices.

What Are Alternatives of Interstate Batteries?

According to the experts and numerous customers, Optima is the best brand to consider as an alternative to Interstate.

They have red, blue, and yellow top batteries with different features and capacities.

You can also check out the best batteries from XS Power, Odyssey, ACDelco, and Kinetik.


Brookfield Business Partners who own Johnson Controls and Exide Technologies are the answer to your question, who makes Interstate Batteries?

Despite some bad reviews about some of their battery models, there are a few desirable products too. And, I have suggested the above. I hope that you have got the answers and some amazing facts about the company.

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