Do You Know Who Makes Advance Auto Parts Batteries?

Advance AutoParts is one of the most popular and widely known automotive aftermarket parts providers. They sell DieHard batteries, which are one of the most used butteries globally. But who makes these Advance AutoParts Batteries?

Most of the users don’t know about their manufacturer and other related stuff. So let’s dig deeper and know more about advance auto parts batteries.

Who Makes Advance AutoParts Batteries?

Advance Auto Parts mainly sells Diehard batteries. They are made by Clarios (Formerly Johnson Controls) since 2019. Johnson Controls used to make these batteries. Then they sold their business to Brookfield Business Partners.

Later they relaunched their business with the name Clarios in 2019. Clarios is currently the largest manufacturer of automotive batteries in the world.  

Where Are Advance Autoparts Batteries Made?

As mentioned earlier, these batteries are made by Clarios. Although it’s unclear where exactly they make these, they have manufacturing plants in Kernersville, North Carolina, and in other states of the USA.

In total, they have 56 manufacturing, recycling, and distribution centers in more than 150 countries. They had to close one of their plants in Middletown due to the Covid situation.

Are Advance Autoparts Batteries Any Good?

Advance Auto Parts Batteries are mostly average batteries. They are quite good for the price and reliable for a few years.

Diehard batteries are supposed to be one of the most premium battery brands. They are said to be last forever.

However, it doesn’t happen to last forever, but they last longer and have a range of car battery types, including heavy-duty line and medium-duty car batteries to meet your needs.

Moreover, they are one of the largest providers of world batteries. So you can purchase them without any hesitation. 

About The Manufacturers:

The manufacturer Clarios has a bright history with a new beginning. It started in 1885 with the founding of the Johnson Electric Service Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In 1978, Johson Controls bought Globe Union, which was one of the most recognized global companies for battery design.

But in 2019, Clarios became an independent entity as Johnson sold their power solution business to Brookfield.

Clarios creates the most advanced battery technologies for every type of vehicle. They are the largest global manufacturer of batteries, and their batteries get export to more than 140 countries.

They sell more than 140 million batteries a year to secure the top number position in its sector in both America and Europe. They produce one-third of the automotive industry’s battery technologies which means 1 of every 3 car batteries are made by Clarios.

What Are the Types Of Advance AutoParts Batteries Available?  

The Diehard and Autocraft batteries are the most common line of batteries available in Advance Auto Parts. These batteries can come in 5 different grades. These grades can be distinguished by certain features, including Cranking Amperes, Cold Cranking Amperes, Ampere Hour, and Reserve Capacity. But all 5 grades can be divided into two different types – 

AGM Battery 

AGM (Absorber Glass Mat) batteries come with an expensive price tag. But they perform better than lead-acid batteries, have a non-flooded design, and offer more durability. They also have superior qualities to the lead-acid ones, including resistance to vibration, total sealing, and being maintenance-free.

So you should buy them if you are happy to spend money on durability. The AGM batteries available in Advance Auto Parts are:

  • Diehard Platinum AGM Battery 
  • Diehard Gold AGM Battery  

Lead Acid Battery 

In contrast with AGM batteries, Lead Acid batteries have lead and lead oxide that produce electricity. They are comparatively cheaper but are less durable in general.

However, some of these batteries also offer the same features as the AGM ones at a lower price. You can go with these batteries without any hesitation. The batteries you can buy from this type are:

  • Diehard Platinum Battery
  • Diehard Gold Battery
  • Diehard Silver Battery
  • Diehard Red Battery. 

What Are The Best Advance Autoparts Batteries?

Advance Autoparts sells great batteries as a whole. But let’s talk about some of the best batteries among them.

Diehard Gold Battery:  This is the best Diehard battery for any application as it offers more durability with its advanced grid technology. They have almost identical specs to Diehard Platinum batteries but cost 15% less than them.

It also has a 3-year warranty, which makes it a safe choice. So it’s the best deal you can make from these batteries.

Diehard Silver Battery: This is the best budget battery from Diehard. Its specs will meet your need, and you will get the battery under $150. It has 2 years guarantee with some good specs. 

Diehard Red Batteries: They are the cheapest batteries you’ll get in Advance Autoparts. Although they don’t have quite good specs, they’ll be enough for your use.

However, the best type is the Platinum ones as all the specs are better in these batteries. But most of the time, you won’t need their overpowered specs. So it will be useless to spend your money on them if you don’t have any need.

Where To Buy Advance AutoParts Batteries? 

All the Advance Autoparts batteries are available on Advance Autoparts’ website and offline stores. Besides, if you want to order them online, you will also find them on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

You’ll also get them in Carquest Auto Parts stores, Sears Auto Centers, and many professional shops. However, you are most likely to get a 15%-30% discount if you buy from Advance Autoparts.

What Are The Best Alternative For Advance Autoparts Batteries?  

There is never only one best brand for car batteries. So good alternatives to the advance auto parts batteries are available. There are Kirkland batteries available at Costco, EverStart, Duralast, AC Delco, Optima, Napa Car batteries, and many others that you can use for your car. Each of these batteries is good and offers great quality. 


Advance auto parts offers premium quality batteries, and there is no doubt about that. 

Although everyone uses the Advance AutoParts Batteries, most of them don’t know any information about its background. If you’ve gone through this article, you know the facts, and it will help you to crosscheck before buying a battery for you.

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