Odyssey vs. Optima Battery: (In-depth Comparison and Guide)

Choosing the correct car battery is essential to ensure hassle-free confident rides. You will get plenty of options available in this case. Among all the great car batteries, Odyssey batteries and Optima batteries have gained immense popularity. Which eventually created a controversy, “Odyssey vs. Optima Battery.”

With the revolution in the automobile industry, these two brands evolved and updated their batteries according to modern needs. In today’s article, we will discuss kith and kin details about Odyssey and Optima batteries.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the detailed comparison straight.

Comparison Chart – Odyssey vs. Optima Battery:

Odyssey BatteryOptima Battery
Lead-Acid AGM batterySpiral Gem AGM battery
Available in different models like- Odyssey PC925, PC680, PC545 and more.Available in different models like- Optima Red Top, Blue Top and Yellow Top.
12 Volts battery12 Volts battery
Different batteries have different Cranking Amps and Cold Cranking Amps. Different batteries have different Cranking Amps and Cold Cranking Amps.
Two years full replacement warrantyThree years free replacement warranty
Reserved Capacity is several in different model batteriesReserved Capacity is several in different model batteries
Reasonably lower in priceExpensive in price

In-depth Discussion Between Odyssey and Optima Battery:

From the comparison chart above, we have seen a quick view of the two batteries. Now let’s figure out the detailed specification of Odyssey and Optima batteries. 

Battery Type

Odyssey and Optima both have different types of batteries than the traditional flooded lead-acid batteries. Unlike the traditional batteries, in Odyssey and Optima, the liquids stay intact and don’t slush around in the battery.

Odyssey and Optima are built with Absorbed Glass Mat technology. Where Odyssey is a Lead-Acid AGM battery, Optima is a Spiral Gem AGM battery. What is the difference?

In the Odyssey, manufacturers have traditionally used AGM technology. The plates are stacked in a square shape. Each of the cells produces 2 volts of electricity. Thus the whole battery produces 12 Volts of current. 

In the Optima batteries, you will see a different shape. They are manufacturing batteries in cylindrical shapes. They claim to use 99.99% of pure lead. They make sheets using Absorbed Glass Mate. Roll them up in coils and fit them in the battery. 

Optima claims this spiral AGM technology increases better electrolyte flow in the battery. As a result, better performance is ensured. 

As both batteries use AGM technology, there is no chance of spilling any liquid in rough usage. So, you can drive your vehicle on any road without the tension of any harm happening to the battery. 

Models and Group Size

Odyssey batteries and Optima batteries are available in different group sizes and models. Some best-selling models of Odyssey batteries are- Odyssey PC925, Odyssey PC680 AND Odyssey PC545. They are also available in different group sizes.

The different Optima battery models are- Optima Red Top, Optima Blue Top and Optima Yellow Top battery. These three different Optima batteries are manufactured for different purposes. Like the Blue Top is specialized as boat batteries. But, you can use them in your regular car as well.

Remember, group size is significant. Group size is the fit in the size of the battery. You must buy a battery that fits the group size number of your car battery installation space.


In today’s time, there is almost no company that produces less than 12 Volts. Because 12 Volts is the standard Voltage for any car battery.

6 Volt batteries are almost gone now. They were the traditional voltage batteries in the very far past. 

Odyssey and Optima, each of the company, produces all 12 Volt batteries. The Cranking Amps and the Cold Cranking Amps might be different in each battery. But the Voltage is the same.

Cranking Amps and Cold Cranking Amps

Cranking Amps and Cold Cranking Amps are the two crucial measurements to consider while buying a car battery. Cranking Amps is tested in the lab at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Colour Cranking Amps is tested at 0 degrees Fahrenheit in the lab. The more Cranking Amps and Cold Cranking Amps in the battery, the better the battery is. 

Odyssey PC925 has a CCA of 330. Odyssey PC680 has a CCA of 170. And the Odyssey PC545 has a CCA of 150. Optima Red Top has a CCA of 800, Blue Top has CCA of 750, and the Yellow Top has a CCA of 750.

Warranty and Replacement

In warranty and replacement, Optima wins over Odyssey. Odyssey comes with a two-year full replacement warranty. The Optima comes with a three years full replacement warranty.

Reserve Capacity

Well, batteries do not reserve any power at all. There is no reserve functionality in there. But, the reserve capacity in a car battery means how much time a battery can deliver 25 Amps at 80 degrees.

Different batteries have different reserve capacities. Like the Odyssey, PC925 has a reserve capacity of 52 minutes. Optima Red Top has a reserve capacity of 100 minutes, the Blue Top has 120 minutes, and the Yellow Top has 120 minutes.


The price and costs between Odyssey and Optima are considerably different. With a general good-to-go quality, Odyssey comes at a reasonable price. With high-quality efficiency, Optima comes at a higher price.

Odyssey or Optima Battery – Which One to Choose?

From the above discussion, we can see, both Odyssey and Optima car batteries work great. Optima outperforms Odyssey in some cases. But, there is some crucial information that is unraveled.

The authentic customer experience in the past few years says something different. The users claim that the quality of Optima batteries has decreased over time. Before the 2000’s the quality of Optima batteries was great. They used to last for a more extended period. 

But, in the 2000s, when Jhonson Controls bought Optima, things started to change. They took the manufacture to Mexico, and the factory in the United States got shut down.  Not only that, the quality of the Optima batteries started to go downhill, and the price started to go up. From back then, many Optima lovers started to shift to brands like Odyssey or other ones. 

Although Optima batteries have three years free replacement warranty, the replaced batteries don’t have any warranty. That means you will get a free replacement on the first battery you buy in 3 years. But, if the replaced battery shows problems, you will get no help with that. Eventually, you have to buy another battery. 

So, for today’s time, Odyssey wins in the controversy for clear. Many real customers have claimed Odyssey to be a better battery in a lower price range. The price with the efficiency makes Odyssey the ultimate convenient battery.


Are Odyssey batteries better than Optima?

Optima used to make fantastic batteries before. But in today’s time, Odyssey outperforms Optima in many aspects with lower costs to the customers. 

Are Odyssey Batteries The Best?

For a long time, Odyssey has been a reliable name in the automobile industry. The batteries they produce are super durable and provide efficient quality performance at all times.
Besides, they are cheaper, and the warranty replacement is also suitable for Odyssey batteries. This combination makes Odyssey the best battery in town.

Why Are Odyssey Batteries Better?

Odyssey batteries are better because of the technology they used to produce the battery. Besides, the better quality at a lower price is also a plus point. 

How Long Do Odyssey Batteries Last?

Odyssey batteries generally come with a two-year warranty. If anything happens to your battery in the two years of purchase, they will take care of it. You can also get a free replacement from them in two years.

Are Odyssey Batteries Gel Or AGM?

Odyssey batteries are not gel. They are AGM Lead-Acid batteries. This AGM technology allows Odyssey for heavy usage without any leakage tension.

Final Words

Whichever battery you choose for your car, make sure you understand all the specifications of it. Besides, double-check the group size number of your car battery. If you can’t fit the battery inside the car, the investment will remain of no use.

One more important thing is the negative and positive point location in the battery. In different batteries, they are located differently. Be careful to choose one which can merge with the connectors in the car.

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