Do You Know Who Makes Valucraft Batteries? (Ans Explained)

In the crowd of expensive batteries, the Valucraft batteries are low priced but give a good performance. Many users like this battery for that obvious reason. 

So, who makes Valucraft batteries that are low in cost but good in performance?

Well, I am here to take you on the knowledge trip of knowing many things about Valuecraft batteries in this article. So, keep on reading.

Who Makes Valucraft Batteries?

Valucraft battery is a private label brand of Autozone. Autozone sells it along with some other batteries under its flagship. However, Autozone doesn’t make the batteries for their brand. 

The companies behind making Valucraft batteries for Autozone are mainly Johnson Controls and Exide. But it is reasonable to say that most of the batteries of Valucraft are made by Johnson Controls as they make most of the batteries for all kinds of brands.

And most probably East Penn only makes Platinum Duralast batteries for Autozone. And they do not make low-cost batteries.

Some other companies make batteries for Valucraft, although the amount is significantly low.

Where Are Valucraft Batteries Made?

Valucraft batteries are made in different factories of Exide, Johnson Controls, and maybe East Penn. 

Johnson Controls, often known as “Clarios,” has plants all around the world, employing millions of people. This battery company employs 2,000 people worldwide and has operations on six continents. They employ around 105,000 people worldwide.

It has two battery manufacturing plants in Chongqing in western China and Zhejiang Province in eastern China. There is also a new factory in Shenyang city in northeastern China. However, it has most of its factories in the USA.

As of 2021, their entire company net worth is $11 billion.

The other manufacturer, Exide technology has its headquarters in both the USA and Europe. They have plenty of factories all over the world. 

The worldwide headquarters of Exide Technologies is in Milton, Georgia. It has production and recycling operations spread across the United States and Europe. The European headquarters of Exide is in Gennevilliers, France. Exide has a global presence in roughly 80 countries. 

There are seven manufacturing plants and three recycling facilities of Exide in the US. They also have ten manufacturing plants and three recycling facilities in Europe. 

Are Valucraft batteries Any Good?

The Valucraft batteries may not perform like top-tier batteries but it certainly is not the worst. They have some good points where they excel quite well.

Cold Cranking Amperage:

Cold-cranking amperage, or CCA, relates to a battery’s ability to start at low temperatures. A 12-volt battery can create a certain quantity of energy in 30 seconds at 0 degrees Celsius. This is known as cold cranking amperage. 

The higher the CCA, the greater a car battery’s starting power. Valucraft batteries have a CCA rating of 690 amps. This indicates that Valucraft vehicle batteries provide enough energy throughout the starting process.

Reserve Minutes or Capacity:

The number of minutes a battery can tolerate a given load is indicated as reserve minutes, which is also known as reserve capacity. This test is performed before the battery has been fully charged. 

In most cases, the sustained load is 25 amps or higher. The reserve minutes for Valucraft vehicle batteries are 110 minutes. This indicates that these batteries can withstand such a load for 110 minutes before needing to be recharged.

Low in cost:

If you are running low on bucks and need a good working battery for your car then you can choose a Valucraft battery. They are less costly and good in quality.

Despite all these, it is suggested by many users to buy a more expensive battery or top-ranked battery instead of this one. Because Valucraft batteries have less durability which impacts the users. 

After using these batteries for some years, the overall performance decreases significantly.

About The Manufacturer

The manufacturers of Valucraft are the best in battery manufacturing. These companies are making batteries for a long time now. 

Johnson Controls International is a multinational corporation headquartered in Cork, Ireland. Warren S. Johnson and other Milwaukee investors formed it in 1885 after obtaining his patent for the first electric room thermostat in 1883.

The company was formed through the merger of Johnson Controls and Tyco International, which was announced on January 25, 2016. The merger resulted in the avoidance of US taxes on Johnson Controls’ foreign market activity, as well as a financial windfall for Alex Molinaroli, the company’s CEO at the time. 

Johnson Controls, on the contrary, has sold its battery division to Brookfield partners. Clarios has been rebranded by the company’s new owners. Clarios is negotiating more deals and utilizing innovative strategies and technology in order to have a significant influence on the industry.

Exide began as a brand name for batteries manufactured by The Electric Storage Battery Firm and evolved into Exide Corporation, doing business as Exide Technologies, an American multinational lead-acid battery manufacturing company. 

It is a manufacturer of automotive and industrial batteries. It is headquartered in Milton, Georgia, in the United States. Exide has both manufacturing and recycling facilities.

Now you get the idea of who makes Valucraft batteries.

What Are the Types Of Valucraft Batteries Available?

Valucraft batteries are made for different types of engines. Hence, there are verities of sizes of batteries made by Valucraft. It has different CCA values for different models. But there is no special Valucraft battery like platinum or gold, etc. 

Where To Buy Valucraft batteries?

Valucraft batteries may be purchased in Autozone stores or through the Autozone online platform. They are also available in other retail stores. You may also find them in your nearest battery or automobile shops.

What Are the Best Valucraft batteries?

You will find different models of Valucraft batteries. Here are some most popular ones-

Valucraft Battery 26-VL: This model has great performance and durability although lacks some CCA. It is also lightweight.

Valucraft Battery 34DT-VL: With a 690 CCA, this model gives great energy to the car. It is powerful and durable. There is no need to add water as it is a maintenance-free battery.

Valucraft Battery 24F-VL: The Valucraft 24F-VL is one of the most popular models among low-cost batteries. They are made with great technology for the best performance.

What Are the Alternative of Valucraft batteries?

The Valucraft are cheap in rate and there are not many batteries that are comparable with them. However, there are some other products that you can check instead if your budget is not a problem.

– Optima Batteries RedTop 35

– Optima Batteries YellowTop D34/78

– ACDelco 94RAGM Professional Automotive Battery

– DieHard Advanced Gold Battery

– AutoCraft Platinum Battery


There may be many negative views on Valucraft being a cheap rate product. However, this is the best battery in this price range. And also, by knowing who makes Valucraft batteries it is clear that they are not those cheap products.

Moreover, they are great for a low price.

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