Do You Know Who Makes Exide Batteries? (Answer Explained)

Among the many alternatives on the market, the Exide batteries are one of the finest options for most consumers.

It provides a wide range of car battery alternatives that are compatible with a wide range of cars. 

But who makes Exide batteries? In this article, we’ll discover who manufactures these high-quality batteries.

Who Makes Exide Batteries?

One of the most often asked questions is who manufactures these Exide batteries and whether or not customers can rely on the company.

Exide Technologies, formerly known as the Electric Storage Battery Company, makes this brand of car batteries.

It is an American multinational lead-acid battery manufacturing company. t produces car batteries and industrial batteries. The company is situated in Milton, Georgia, USA.

Who Owns Exide Batteries?

Atlas Holdings, located in Connecticut, bought Exide’s operating assets and split them into two separate companies: Stryten Manufacturing and Element Resources, a lead battery secondary recycler.

Exide filed for bankruptcy on many occasions after amassing debts, and the firm saw various ups and downs between 2013 and 2017. Then again, On May 19, 2020, Exide (and four subsidiaries) to ease the sale of its North American assets, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Exide sold its North American operations to Atlas Holdings in July 2020.

Following the acquisition of practically all of Exide Technologies, LLC’s operating assets in the Americas, Atlas Holdings established separate businesses Stryten Manufacturing and Element Resources.

Where Are Exide batteries Made?

The worldwide headquarters of Exide Technologies is located in Milton, Georgia. It has production and recycling plants spread across the United States and Europe

Their most important production facilities are in the United States, Europe, the Pacific Rim, and Australia.

The European headquarters of Exide is in Gennevilliers, France. Exide has a global presence in roughly 80 countries.

Are Exide Batteries Any Good?

Exide is one of the world’s major automotive battery manufacturers. It offers a variety of car battery options that are compatible with a variety of vehicles.

You can be sure that your new car battery will last a long time because their batteries are known for having deep cycles.

They don’t just expect their batteries to work well when completely charged, but they also go to great lengths to ensure that their goods operate effectively even while half charged. This means, even when the battery is low, consumers can get a good level of performance.

Exide‚Äôs high- Automobile manufacturers have certified all of Exide’s batteries. They deliver excellent performance while being inexpensive to all drivers.

These batteries are simple to install and work with nearly all makes and models of vehicles.

History behind The Exide Battery (About The Manufacturer)

The Electric Storage Battery Company, founded by W.W. Gibbs in 1888, was Exide’s forerunner

To make the storage battery a marketable commodity, Gibbs bought inventor Clement Payen’s concepts and patents. Electric lighting businesses were targeted by Gibbs so that they could use the storage batteries to deliver services to their consumers.

In addition to lead batteries for the industrial sector, the company also offers lithium-ion batteries that are compatible with forklifts and suitable for submarine, mining, and railroad applications.

Their European headquarters, on the other hand, are in Gennevilliers, France. The good news is that this company also has a recycling facility, which will assist people with outdated batteries while also reducing pollution. 

Exide technology, on the other hand, has a long and illustrious history.

Since 1893, the business has been recognized for creating chloride accumulators, which are used to stabilize electric grids. It was able to offer 220 similar installations nine years later, allowing for the construction of electric street rails.

During World War I, the company supplied components to power the US Navy submarine in 1900 and aviation radio sets/stations. Exide nickel-zinc (solar-charged) batteries were used by NASA during the Apollo program.

But the company suffered many ups and downs due to claiming bankruptcy from 2013 to 2017. In 2020 they found buyer Atlas holdings and now they are again in business.

What Are the Types Of Exide Batteries Available?

The batteries from the Exide brand are among the many options that you can find in the market.

Ford, Suzuki, and even Hyundai utilize Exide batteries in their vehicles. 

Exide batteries are unquestionably of excellent quality and have a sufficient capacity for starting the vehicle’s electrical equipment.

Here are few types of Exide batteries-

The Exide Micro-Hybrid

Exide car batteries in this category are particularly suited for most current automobiles with stop/start systems. As a non-AGM variant, this option is built with an Enhanced Cycling Mat. In 2004, Exide introduced the first Start-Stop AGM battery.

The Exide Excell

The SE range batteries, as they’re known, also come with a tempting warranty (three years). It’s also important that the battery functions effectively and provides a smooth ride with no problems.

The Exide Premium

Exide’s premium batteries have a four-year guarantee. These batteries have higher specifications and meet OEM requirements.

Exide Classic 

Exide’s low-cost car battery line is designed for older automobiles.

Exide EFB 

The Exide EFB battery is suitable for all cars with high cycle needs, including those with and without Start-Stop systems.

Exide Vintage 

Exide’s collection of 6-volt automobile batteries for antique cars.

Exide is one of the few major battery manufacturers still producing 6 Volt batteries.

Exide also manufacture EXIDE Commercial Vehicle Battery, Exide Marine Multifit and EXIDE Motorcycle Batteries.

What Are The Best Exide Batteries?  

Although Exide makes the finest batteries for all sorts of vehicles, I’ll focus on the highest rated-

1. Exide Edge FP-AGML5/49 Flat Plate AGM Sealed Automotive Battery

AGM is the type of battery used. In nearly every manner, it outperforms a traditional battery. The design is spill-proof from top to bottom. This means you won’t have to worry about the battery being in an awkward location. It may offer you with 850 CCA. When it comes to performance, this battery offers a reserve capacity of 160 minutes at 25A.

2. Exide Edge FP-AGML4/94R Battery

The 800CCA battery has a 140-minute backup capacity. This implies that you will receive exceptional performance from both sides.

This battery may be used as both a starter and a power source. This product is ideal for powering up any number of accessories you have placed in your car.

3. Exide Edge FP-AGM24F Sealed Automotive Battery

This is another high-capacity battery that can withstand a wide range of vehicle loads. This battery has a CCA rating of 710, which is more than adequate.

Where to Buy Exide Batteries?

The Exide battery online store offers a variety of battery kinds with varied capacities. As a result, depending on the battery type, you may find a variety of alternatives for various uses at a reasonable price.

You can buy these batteries from their official website of Amazon or any other online platforms.

What Are The Best Alternative Of Exide Batteries?  

Exide batteries are very fine batteries you can use in your vehicle. 

There are obviously other car batteries you can use instead of Exide.

Energizer battery is a perfect alternative, they are highly safe and well-made. They are more likely to be found in high-end, high-performance sports vehicles, but they are not exclusively designed for this purpose.

Others like Duracell, Optima are also very good brands.


Exide batteries are clearly of great quality, and there is a battery available for a variety of applications. When you use them, you will realize for yourself how amazing they are.

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