Do You Know Who Makes FVP batteries? (Answer Explained)

FVP is a trustworthy brand in automobile batteries. They have proven their worth and people like to use their products. 

However, you might want to know who makes FVP batteries as you use or want to use their batteries. 

For your interest about it, I will find the answer for you and show you how good the batteries are.

Who Makes FVP Batteries?

The FVP batteries do not have one single manufacturer. Most of the batteries they sell are produced by ATLASBX America Corporation and Exide. Both of the companies are famous for their products worldwide.

There may be some other companies associated with FVP in making batteries for them. However, most products come from ATLASBX. It is a South Korean multinational company and in 2017 they are operating their U.S based products in Nashville, TN.

A small portion of the whole product is made by Exide. Exide batteries are mostly made in India.

Where Are FVP batteries Made?

The battery production facilities of ATLASBX make the most of the batteries for FVP. 

They have plenty of manufacturing places in South Korea and most recently in 2020, they opened a big manufacturing facility in Clarksville, TN. It is a 40-acre huge battery-producing facility. This facility mainly produces lead-acid batteries. These products are monitored by the headquarter of ATLASBX in Nashville, Tennessee.

They started their operation in the USA in 2017 by building their U.S headquarters in Nashville.

The other significant producer of FVP batteries is excide. It is an Indian multinational battery company. It has plants in India and Srilanka. The most noteworthy ones are in West Bengal, Haryana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand.

They do not make high-quality batteries for FVP. But the cheap but effective batteries of FVP are from Exide. 

Are FVP batteries Any Good?

FVP was founded in 2005, and only a few years, they have established a reputation for providing outstanding goods and unparalleled service.

You receive amazing items that are wonderfully built to give OE quality at a fair price. They are on par with other top-tier brands, which is exactly what a customer wants.

For vehicles, automobiles, and trucks, they deal with batteries (OEM-original equipment components), radiators, and filters.

Their entire battery collection is remarkable, and they make the best batteries for RVs, boats, automobiles, garden requirements, commercial, and yard applications.

The FVP batteries by preventing plate degradation and material shredding, the higher density paste inside them provides a longer lifespan and maximizes energy density. Also, the improved plate design reduces the common failure mechanisms in long-cycle batteries. It also ensures that the structural design and performance are in sync.

Apart from the quality, their customer service professionals have been dealing beautifully with their customers’ demands, and this is another reason why people are drawn to them.

Their customer service has a reputation for responding to client inquiries, demands, and complaints at a breakneck speed via 24X7 phone assistance and a lightning-fast response time.

About The Manufacturer

The FVP batteries have the two most renowned manufacturers. 

AtlasBX Co. Inc. headquartered in Daejeon, South Korea, is a battery manufacturer that was founded in 1944. After establishing a production plant in JeonJu, South Korea, AtlasBX changed its name to AtlasBX Co. Inc. in 2004. In 1977, they were purchased by Hankook Tire, although they continue to function as a distinct entity. They have manufacturing plants in Daejeon, South Korea, and JeonJu, South Korea, as well as offices in Daejeon, Seoul, and Dubai.

They launched a U.S. office in Nashville, Tennessee, which began operations in May 2017. AtlasBX products are now sold in 130 countries across the world, and the company is quickly establishing itself as a global leader in the battery business. 

It is a worldwide company with a 70-year history that is currently planning for the next 70 years to be the leading developer of innovative battery technology by providing the finest service to clients.

The other manufacturer of FVP batteries is an Indian multinational company who are in the business of battery storage and production for a long time. It is the largest lead-acid battery maker in India and fourth in the world.

It has factories in India and Sri Lanka, as well as a dealership network that spans 46 countries on five continents. Exide also operates four significant lead-acid battery recycling facilities: two in the United States, and one each in Spain and Portugal. According to the firm, 99 percent of the lead handled at these sites is recycled.

This concludes details about who makes FVP batteries.

What Are the Types of FVP batteries Available?

The FVP makes batteries for different purposes. They have batteries from automotive batteries to golf cart, kitchen, commercial, marine, etc. batteries. 

They have Automotive Platinum, Automotive Platinum AGM, Automotive VoltEdge, Golf Cart VoltEdge, Heavy Duty VoltEdge, Lawn & Garden VoltEdge, Marine and RV VoltEdge, Power Sport AGM Platinum, Power Sport AGM VoltEdge, SLA VoltEdge.

Where To Buy FVP Batteries?

You can buy the FVP batteries in your nearest battery shop. You can find the AGM batteries in automobile shops as well. 

In super shops or marts, you can find the batteries for different machines. In some marine shops, you can buy marine batteries made by FVP. 

You can locate shops by visiting the official website of FVP.

You will also find FVP batteries in online shops like Menards. 

What Are the FVP batteries?

FVP has different categories of batteries. However, some of the most popular ones are-

  1. FVP® VoltEdge® 49 AGM Automotive Battery

The AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) separator provides the greatest starting, cycling, and deep cycle performance. FVP’s AGM batteries are the better option for today’s passenger vehicles and light trucks.

  1. FVP® VoltEdge® U1L-340V Lawn and Garden Battery

All of your power tractors and recreational vehicle demands are met by FVP’s lawn and garden battery range. Each battery is designed to start you up under the most severe conditions. 

  1. FVP® VoltEdge® M31-8DP Dual Purpose Marine Battery

Marine batteries are designed to endure high vibration and stress, as well as operate in the harshest environments. 

  1. FVP® VoltEdge® GC2 Golf Cart Battery

FVP golf cart batteries are known for their long-term reliability and high runtime. They are top batteries for golf carts.

What Are the Alternative of FVP batteries?

It’s quite hard to find alternatives for the FVP batteries altogether! Not all other companies have the varieties of batteries and great range like the FVP.

You can look for Duralast for automotive, Trojan for golf cart, Odyssey, or Banshee for the marine battery.


Although the FVP batteries are quite popular and great, there is much misinformation related to the makers of these batteries. 

Thus, in this article, I tried to give you detailed information on who makes FVP batteries.

I believe this article has given you all the right information on FVP batteries and dismissed the misconceptions.

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