Do You Know Who Makes Duracell Car Batteries? (Answer Explained)

One of the most innovative, reliable and lasting car batteries comes from Duracell. Their wide range of vehicle batteries covers small cars to trucks alike. 

Duracell’s parent organization is Berkshire Hathaway. It is a multinational company with its headquarters IN Omaha, Nebraska. 

However, Duracell car batteries are the brainchild of one scientist and a businessman. We will discuss the origins in this article.

Who Makes Duracell Car Batteries?

The East Penn Manufacturing Company has been making the Duracell batteries for a long time. They are the perfect combination of giants.

Although Eastpenn signed an agreement with Duracell, they did not make batteries for them from the beginning of Duracell’s journey.

Samuel Ruben and Philip Rogers Mallory, in the 1920s, started their own business of making alkaline manganese batteries and mercury cells. They are the pioneers of the present Duracell brand.

However, Duracell was not the brand name until 1964. Before, it was called ‘Durable Cell’

In 2009, the most significant development for Duracell happened when it partnered with EastPenn for a joint venture in the caWho Makes Duracell Car Batteriesr battery market.

Where Are Duracell Car Batteries Made?

Since 1937, Duracell Automotive has been manufacturing high-quality lead-acid starter batteries in Austria. 

However, in 2009, East Penn Manufacturing Company started to produce Duracell vehicle batteries after an exclusive agreement with Duracell company.

East Penn has two manufacturing complexes.

Berks County, Pennsylvania, is home to the largest of the industrial complexes. It is a massive 520-acre complex with a single manufacturing site for batteries.

East Penn claims that the battery plant meets world-class standards. It is obsessed with robotics and sophisticated machines. Furthermore, this plant has four automobile battery plans.

There is another facility in Corydon, Iowa. They claim to be able to process 30,000 batteries each day.

Are Duracell Car Batteries Any Good?

Duracell car batteries are hyped all over the world. They come with a warranty of 2-5 years. The time varies with the model of the battery. But whatever model they are, Duracell batteries provide superb amps. Especially for a cold-cranking.

The Starter, Advanced, Extreme EFB, and Extreme AGM car battery types give the consumers a good number of options. This combined with its high reliability and durability makes it a user favorite. 

The expensiveness of the batteries is overshadowed by the value they provide. They are very powerful and long-lasting batteries. And it suits luxury vehicles as well as it supports ordinary ones. 

Moreover, a fully charged battery should last you a year. This should do in an optimum temperature as 20°C.

About The Manufacturer

East Penn Manufacturing Company has much confidence in its legacy and products. As they describe their history with ‘A Proud Past With A Bright Future’.

Back in 1946, a young Air Force veteran DeLight Jr. with his father DeLight Sr. started a battery company. The single-roomed company was established in a village of Bowers, Pennsylvania.

They leveraged the need for batteries in wartime craft during Worl War II. Rebuilt batteries paved the rising of them. This is quite similar to Ruben and Mallory’s, Duracell battery inventors’ history of making Duracell batteries. 

Just within 7 years, East Penn expanded worldwide. Initially, their product lineup was only five automotive batteries. 

Currently, the company has over 10,500 employees and 515 product designs. The exceptional quality of their products has brought them multiple awards and accolades. 

Currently, the President and the CEO of the company is Chris Pruitt. He as well as the owner Kurt H. believes in sustainable practices in the company. 

What Are the Types Of Duracell Car Batteries Available?

There are 4 types of car batteries provided by Duracell. These are: 

1. Starter:

There are 12 types of starter batteries by Duracell. Depending on the ‘Fits’, they are distinguished so. These are DS 44, DS 45, DS 45H, DS 45L, DS 55, DS 60, DS 62, DS 70, DS 72, DS 72L, DS 88, DS 95.

2. Advanced:

The advanced ones come in 24 types. 

3. Extreme EFB:

There are 8 types of  Extreme EFB engines depending on vehicle Fit.


4. Extreme AGM:

There are 6 types of  Extreme AGM engines depending on vehicle Fit.

DE 104 AGM, DE 50 AGM, DE 60 AGM, DE 70 AGM, DE 80 AGM, DE 92 AGM.

Where To Buy Duracell Car Batteries?

You can find the batteries on Amazon for online purchases. You can also find them in a battery shop. Junkyards are also a probable place from where you can get these in a deal. But be careful when purchasing second-hand batteries. 

What Are The Best Duracell Car Batteries?

As you know Duracell batteries are divided in 4 types. The group size of a battery refers to the battery size best fits the physical dimensions, terminal locations and type required for your vehicle.

Different group size batteries have different performance. Based on group sizes, car owners have rated the following Duracell batteries as some of the best ones:

  1. Group Size 121R.
  2. Group Size 124R.
  3. Group Size 24F.
  4. Group Size 25.
  5. Group Size 26R.
  6. Group Size 27F.
  7. Group Size 34.
  8. Group Size 35.
  9. Group Size 36R.

What Are the Alternatives Of Duracell Car Batteries?

You can look for a similar type of battery from other brands. For example, ACDelco car batteries are often compared with those from Duracell.

Many other brands such as Optima, Odyssey, etc. also produce good car batteries. 

As of 2021, Optima batteries are gaining more popularity. Amongst car owners and truckers alike. 


The Duracell car batteries are of superior quality. East Penn and before that, the Mallory firm also ensured reliability. They also provide you a wide range of batteries. This is how you can pick the perfect one for your vehicle. 

Moreover, environment-friendly practices by the producers of Duracell are praise-worthy.

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