Do You Know Who Makes Motorcraft Batteries?(Ans Explained)

To be assured of battery quality, we often try to find out the manufacturer.

As Ford recommends using Motorcraft products in their vehicle, owners often wonder who makes Motorcraft batteries?

In this article, I will talk about that along with the best battery in their lineup for your convenience. Let’s get started. 

Who Makes Motorcraft Batteries?

Johnson Controls International is the manufacturer of Motorcraft batteries along with some of its competitor brands. 

Interstate, Energizer, and older Diehard batteries are produced by Johnson Controls. You may think that all of them have the same quality.

Well, it is partially true because different brands design and set the specs differently. That changes the performance greatly. 

You should read the reviews and comparisons to know which brand produces the best battery for your car or truck. 

Where Are Motorcraft Batteries Made?

The battery manufacturer of the Motorcraft brand has plants all over the US and Mexico. 

So, it is possible that the Motorcraft battery you have just bought can be either from Mexico or the USA.

Are Motorcraft Batteries Any Good?

Of course, Motorcraft batteries are good. Lots of customers are very happy with their performance even in the cold weather conditions. 

But you should also keep in mind that the brand has some negative reviews like its competitors. 

Even though the technology has matured over the years, the one you are using may become faulty quickly. 

If you own a Ford car or truck, you will have nothing to worry about because the car manufacturer recommends this brand. 

About the Manufacturer

After the start of Johnson Controls International’s journey in 1885, the company faced lots of challenges over the years.

But they have managed to tackle every one of them and turned out to be successful with 2.4 billion in net profit reported in 2018.

Its founder Warren S. Johnson laid the foundation of the company with his patented electric room thermostat. 

Later, the company began exploring other industries besides building technologies and solutions. Johnson Controls International runs its operation from Cork, Ireland. 

You guessed it right, it is not a full-American company. That is the reason, it, unfortunately, became ineligible to be listed as a Fortune 500 Company. 

After acquiring a renowned battery manufacturer Globe-Union in 1978, they entered into the battery manufacturing industry. 

Their plants employed both men and women. But a study revealed that the woman workers were losing the ability to bear children due to exposure to lead. 

The court ruled in favor of the company because it is the choice of a woman to take part in making a family or playing a role to improve the economic condition. 

25.5% of their net sales are based on lead-acid batteries designed, developed, and manufactured for light and commercial vehicles, trucks, and hybrid vehicles.

What Are the Types of Motorcraft Batteries Available?

You should know that Motorcraft batteries are designed to perform best in Ford and Lincoln vehicles. 

The latest battery technologies are used to make them. As a result, these batteries can perform across a wide range of conditions. 

The brand offers Dual-terminal, AGM, Tested Tough Max, Tested Tough Plus, and specialty batteries. 

There are several reasons for their long-lasting performance. 

Firstly, a microprocessor-controlled welding technique to weld intercell helps increase its service life. 

Secondly, the heat-sealed container with a polypropylene cover prevents leaks and gives high impact resistance. 

Furthermore, its grid alloy takes credit for enhancing the cycle life of the batteries. Finally, the negative grids and negative paste formulation prevents separator shorts and improve overall performance.  

Where to Buy Motorcraft Batteries?

Besides the physical shops, there are several trusted online platforms to buy Motorcraft batteries for your Ford or other vehicles. 

Among them, I suggest the official website of the brand, Amazon, Walmart, Ford’s website, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Sears, and Advance Auto Parts

Visiting those links, you will see several models. After reading the reviews of your preferred model, you can order one for your car or truck.

What Are the Best Motorcraft Batteries?

Absorbent Glass Material or AGM Motorcraft batteries are the best kinds you can get from the brand. 

They are designed and developed to meet the high voltage demands of the sophisticated electrical system.

Let me tell you their features in short so that you don’t feel hesitant about buying them. 

The AGM type has an EPDM dual seal vent so that no harm gets trapped inside. Also, the PowerFrame grid technology helps fight against corrosion.

The battery has proprietary and high-density positive and negative paste to increase charge acceptance and better cycling performance. 

All those are necessary to support high-draw applications. The battery is safe to use because of the thick AGM separator and reinforced polypropylene case. 

What Are Alternatives of Motorcraft Batteries?

As a new car owner, you will be glad to know that there are lots of reputed brands whose products outperform Motorcraft batteries. 

I can name a few. But it is not possible to talk about all of them in this single article. 

First of all, mechanics like Optima RedTop Battery a lot because of its specs and consistent performance. 

It has an 800 CCA rating along with 100 minutes of reserve capacity. According to Optima, it has spill-proof technology and is resistant to vibration. 

One can even mount it in virtually any position and drive on rough roads without worrying about anything. 

Next, I want to talk about ACDelco 94R AGM and XS Power D3400. They are a bit expensive but worth every penny because of their high CCA rating. You can rely on them even on the coldest days in the winter season. 

DieHard and Odyssey also offer some high-quality batteries for cars and trucks. You can find them on Amazon. 


You have got the answer to the question, who makes Motorcraft batteries? Though Johnson Controls makes batteries for other popular brands, there are some complaints about Motorcraft products.

It is because the specs of various brands are different. Hence, the difference in their quality. But you won’t have to worry about the craftsmanship.

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