7 Best Battery for Harley-Davidson: Buyer’s Guide 2023

Whether it’s a long ride or an emergency case, there is no comparison to a motorcycle. And if yours is a Harley-Davidson, then no problem! Because a Harley-Davidson is more than just a motorcycle. The iconic American bike manufacturer has inspired the hearts of many motorcycle enthusiasts with the machines they have produced since 1903.

Since Harley-Davidson is a high-quality motorcycle, it can not work properly without a suitable, strong and sturdy battery. A battery plays an important role in the maximum enjoyment of a motorcycle, the most notable of which is starting the engine.

In this article, we’ve listed the top 7 Harley-Davidson batteries on the market. We have also discussed how to pick the best battery, including the details of  Harley-Davidson batteries. So pay attention …

Why Is the Best Battery Important for Harley-Davidson?

A reliable and best battery can be said to be the main driving force of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. In addition to pumping energy, it provides all the energy needed to start your motorcycle’s engine.

Your Harley-Davidson battery will provide the most power when you want to start the bike regardless of the weather conditions or when the initial charging system of the motorcycle cannot meet the required power requirements.

Another role of a reliable battery is that it acts as a stabilizer for your bike’s power system and lights up your bike.

7 Best Battery for Harley-Davidson: The Reviews

Now, it’s time to learn about the best 6 Harley-Davidson bike batteries. We will first take a quick look at the list of our research-based batteries and then we will know the details of them.

  1. Deka Sports Power ETX-30L Battery
  2. Yuasa GYZ32HL Battery
  3. HDX30L X-rated Battery
  4. PowerSource Lightning Start Battery
  5. Chrome YTX-BS Battery
  6. Pirate YTX30L-BS Battery
  7. Powerstar HD Blue Box Battery

1. Deka Sports Power ETX-30L Battery

Deca Sports is one of the most powerful batteries on our list. It is very popular for some of its special features, which are: used for personal watercraft and snowmobiles, All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) technology, etc. This battery will give you durability and power.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic cover is used in Deca Sports Battery which can prevent any kind of incision and leakage. Also in any weather, too cold or too hot, ABS technology plastic protects batteries from damage.

You’ll be happy to know that these batteries are durable and strong, as they are protected by state-of-the-art Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology. The technology has made the battery more durable as well as environmentally friendly.

The key function behind the AGM technology is the highly porous microfiber separator used to fully absorb and retain electrolytes. The tops of Deca Sports batteries are fully cast.

They have side connection terminal facilities so you can enjoy the versatility and ensure easy mounting by installing in any way. Here, you have the complete installation package, such as side-mount cable, bolt, brass spacer for cable installation etc.


  • Strong and durable;
  • Versatility of use;
  • Leak and scatter problem-free;
  • Comes with all necessary installation materials;
  • ABS casing for compatibility with any type of weather;
  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology.


  • Medium after-sales service;
  • Shipping problem;
  • Some consumers claim that the right product may not reach you.

2. Yuasa GYZ32HL Battery

Yuasa brand is a trusted name in the motorcycle battery market. A special model of the brand is Yuasa GYZ32HL which is ideal for touring bikes like Street Glide, Ultra Classic, Road King as well as powerful Harley engine.

Another special feature of Yuasa GYZ32HL is that it has a rating of 500 cold-cranking amps. If you buy the battery, you will get a unique lead-calcium technology in it.

As a result, it is more powerful than conventional batteries. This battery is perfectly suited for your Harley, as it is sealed and shatterproof.

There is no need to add any refills, such as distilled water, to increase battery life. However, the price of this battery is much higher in the case of motorcycle batteries.


  • Lead-calcium technology;
  • 500 cold-cranking amps;
  • Perfect for large Harley engines;
  • Spill-proof design.


  • Excessive price;
  • Fluid must be added during installation.

3. HDX30L X-rated Battery

The HDX30L X-rated battery is designed to be compatible with all other wide models, including your Harley-Davidson.

With this battery, you will get 100% compatibility specifications like dimensions and weight just like the pre-mounted batteries that come with your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

The HDX30L battery has a patented heat-sealed cover. It ensures that no matter what happens, the battery will never overheat. On top of that, this cover will not be damaged by fire, i.e. flame and fire retardant.

In this battery, you also get a non-leak, non-spill Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology. Also, you’ll find a featured anti-rust solid lead female threaded terminal, along with free stainless bolts to install.

The latest attraction is that you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee, along with an 18-month free replacement warranty. It allows you to enjoy a bike ride from the day you buy the battery.


  • Harley’s exact specification according to demand;
  • Free stainless bolts for a complete installation;
  • Anti-leak and scatter;
  • Heat resistant structure;
  • Lead rust-resistant terminal.


  • Once dead it is no longer charged;
  • Some bike models do not go with it.

4. PowerSource Lightning Start Battery

PowerSource Lightning Batteries feature a unique design that allows you to generate the charge you need to get your motorcycle running in any weather.

The AGM batteries of this company are decorated with black and red colours which made us feel a bit different from other competitors. The front or top mounts on the terminals of these batteries make it easy to replace the correct adaptation you have found.

The PowerSource company has made batteries exclusively with the view of a direct OEM match. It means that you will get the correct Ah rating, CCA and size of the current battery just like your previous battery.

Now, if you agree with us, we will say that you will benefit in every way. You may have to spend a bit more to buy a PowerSource battery than the others on our list. However, the ability of these batteries to fit directly will cost you a fair amount of money.


  • Value for money;
  • OEM compatible;
  • Sustainable;
  • Lightweight;
  • Easy to install.


  • Only fit certain motorcycle models;
  • Charging systems are sometimes faulty.

5. Chrome YTX-BS Battery

Are you looking for a budget-friendly battery for your Harley-Davidson? Then Chrome battery is an option for you. The full credit here goes to AGM technology, which makes it a spill-proof and low maintenance battery.

The manufacturing company has included a patented sealed post here, which has increased battery life and prevented corrosion. When you buy a Chrome battery it will be fully charged and you can use it directly. It is also quite easy to install. ‌

Only attach the battery to your motorcycle, then the whole installation will be complete. It has a 30 days refund and an 18 months replacement system which will bring you more happiness.


  • Versatile;
  • Affordable;
  • Vibration resistant;
  • User-friendly;
  • Sustainable;
  • Easy to install.


  • Gives weak turnover;
  • Weak cranking amps.

6. Pirate YTX30L-BS Battery

Pirate YTX30L-BS is one of the best high-performance lead-acid batteries on the market. The main reason behind its popularity is that the plates have an AGM separator which is a sign of a high-quality battery. This technology enables your battery to crank up to 30 Ah and 385 CCA.

Pirate YTX30L-BS is guaranteed not to leak because it’s designed to be a complete seal. It is liquid filled, sealed and pre-charged- all done at the factory. It means that you can use it out of the box after buying.

The battery manufacturing company is extremely confident in its product. This is probably why they are offering every Pirate battery a little different offer from the others- a 60-day money-back guarantee and an 18-month warranty.


  • The box is ready when pre-charged;
  • Leak-Proof design;
  • Tolerates cold temperatures.


  • Install unsuitable for some bikes;
  • Old terminal design.

7. Powerstar HD Blue Box Battery

If you are looking for a direct replacement for your Harley-Davidson battery, Powerstar HD Blue Box may be a significant option for you. The HD Blue Box Battery is a sealed AGM battery for use on Harley-Davidson motorcycles that is ready to run as soon as it is out of the box.

Our research has found that most people expect at least a 3-year warranty on a battery. Mounting and being dead halfway through the riding season can be extremely bad and annoying for a battery. In this case, PowerStar gives you a warranty of up to 3 years for a battery.

By now, you probably know that a sealed AGM battery is an ideal choice. The mentioned battery is best suited for a high discharge rate and HD engines like your Harley-Davidson.

Now, another concern is whether the HD Blue Box model will fit with your Harley. No worries, PowerStar makes different sized batteries that fit each Harley bike. In that case, be sure to check the fitment before buying.


  • Maintenance-free;
  • Low discharge rate;
  • Warranty security.


  • Some bikes don’t fit;
  • Low CCA rating.

How to Choose the Best Battery for Harley-Davidson?

Now, you may be confused as to which of the best batteries to choose from. No worries here because this time we will teach you how to choose the best battery for your Harley-Davidson. So, pay attention…


Most Harley-Davidsons use a 12-volt battery. The rest use 6 volts. Make sure you know what voltage battery you need.

Battery size

To know the exact size, check the battery box manual, motorcycle box or previous battery and compare it with the selected one.


Choose a battery that is made of high-quality materials, has a low self-discharge rate and does not run out easily.


Make sure to measure your old battery and the battery compartment of your bike precisely. The new battery may not be suitable, or the connections may not arrange without some jury fixing.


Batteries can be expensive depending on the company. To fix a budget head before looking for different options. It will allow you to narrow down your options as well as find the right battery quickly.

Ratings and reviews

Before buying anything, browse the internet and see customer reviews about the product on various online buying and selling platforms. It will be more convenient to be sure.

What Are the Different Kinds of Motorcycle Batteries?

Bike batteries vary as far as science and design. Here are the sorts you are probably going to experience:

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery

Otherwise called a valve-controlled lead-corrosive (VRLA) battery, it utilizes electrolytes to create the power required by your motorcycle. AGM batteries fall under this classification.

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Battery

AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat is quite possibly the main variable to think about while purchasing a battery. This plan guarantees your battery runs impeccably for quite a while. In addition to the fact that it increases the battery’s power and solidness, however, it is additionally reasonable. The mystery lies in its exceptionally permeable microfiber separators that totally retain and trap electrolytes.

Flooded Lead Acid Battery

Assuming that you have a more established motorcycle, you have likely experienced this battery type. It is not suggested for Harleys since you risk spilling sulfuric acid. Flooded lead-corrosive batteries need a water top off now and again and successive upkeep. You additionally need to commit more opportunities to its upkeep.

Lithium-Ion Battery

Stay away from this battery type as it isn’t viable with Harley motorcycles. They are utilized by other car brands since lithium batteries are longer-enduring. They are additionally rechargeable, minimized and lightweight.


When it comes to finding the best Harley-Davidson batteries, you know exactly what you need. All batteries on this list are ideal for Harley-Davidson bikes.

All batteries offer an extremely leak-proof and maintenance-free design. The rest is up to you, i.e. budget, demand, style of riding, etc. Definitely make a pick to your liking.

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