Harley Road King vs. Electra Glide: Detailed Comparison

Harley Road King and Harley Electra Glide, what is the main difference? Well, you can see some difference in visuals undoubtedly. The two bikes are manufactured by the same company, Harley-Davidson, a trendy brand.

The most significant difference between these two bikes is the design and look. But, in the case of operation, they are almost the same. The reason behind it is Harley tries to put the best engine in each of their bikes. So, eventually, they end up providing the best in each of their bikes.

As a result, all of them work just great. To learn more about these two demanding bikes from Harley, stick to the end.

Comparison Chart – Harley Road King vs. Electra Glide

Harley Road KingHarley Electra Glide:
Classy looking bikeLooks great from the outside
Lighter bike than the Electra GlideHeavier bike than the Road King
103 Milwaukee Eight engine107/114 Milwaukee Eight engine
Dual seat motorcycleSingle-seat motorcycle
Has clear windshieldHas batwing fairing with windshield above
Floorboard is availableNo floorboard available
Cruiser Control bikeCruiser Control bike
Cheaper than Electra GlideCostlier than Road King
It doesn’t shake a lotLess sound and vibration issue

In-depth Discussion – Harley Road King vs. Electra Glide

From the comparison chart above, you can see a quick view of the specifications of the bikes. Now, let’s figure out the details.

Structure and Looks

The first thing you will notice is the difference in the structure pattern and looks of the two bikes. First of all, both the bikes look magnificent in their way. The black finish of the Electra Glide gives a classy finish; the red/maroon shining of the Road King mesmerizes the viewers.

The Harley Road King is a dual-seat bike with backrest. And the backrest is necessary in longer rides. It comes with a giant clear windshield. And it is removable. Removing the windscreen is so easy. You have to press the buttons and slide up the windshield.

On the other hand, the front end is unique on the Electra Glide. It comes with a batwing fairing. Which is kind of cool to so many people. There is a windshield attached to the fairing above. You can remove the windscreen if you want. All you need to do is, unscrew three screws, and you are done. You can also get different windshield types (long/short/round/oval). You have to ask the dealership to bring that for you.

You will get upright handlebars on the Harley Road KING. So, you can keep the arms parallel. And it improves effortless biking for sure. Also, you get to run narrower bars here. The handlebars on the Electra Glide are almost in the same position here. The bars are shorter and broader. Which also ensures comfortable arm resting and reasonable control on the bike.

Both of the bikes do not come with any Radio system. In the Electra Glide, you have space to install one. But in the Road King, you can not add that. Along with the Radio installation space or case, you get storage spaces. You will get speaker grills on the sides but with no speakers in them.

So, Harley has given you enough space to customize the Electra Glide. Besides, they can keep the price in a lower range by not adding the extras, convenient for people to buy.

The saddlebags and shocks are similar in both bikes. You can make shock adjustments by removing the saddlebags. Removing them is also easy. You have to open up the lid and unscrew the bag from inside. Then you can make the rear shock adjustment and only do it on the left side.

Then, both bikes come with a 6-gallon fuel capacity. So, you can say they positively impact fuel economy. So, it saves you a lot and gives you better mileage for an extended period. The button and functionality frame is so similar in both bikes. They both have electric cruiser controls.

Engine and Power

Another significant reason Harley Road King and Electra Glide are so demanding is their engine power. The Road King comes with a high capacity 103 Milwaukee Eight engine. And the Electra Glide comes with a 107/114 Milwaukee Eight engine.

These motors are potent. That’s why they can take the heavy driving without any problem. Besides, these engines are air-cooled and oil-cooled. It keeps the heat at a level that doesn’t seem to feel much.


Now let’s talk about the most significant factor of a bike, the performance. When we shop for a motorcycle, we want the best-performing one. The bikes we are discussing are touring bikes. And by this, it means they should be able to ride with quality on highways.

As we already know, these bikes have the best engines. They perform like this. You can ride these bikes for a long time on the freeways. So, they both are your great touring companion.

Besides, the Road King has highway pegs designed on the bike. So, you can rest your feet there, and your boots can stay there. Moreover, these bikes are engineered with such efficiency that you can ride them just with one hand, which is also safe.

The Cruiser Controls work primarily in this case. They have self-cancel technology. So when you want to cancel it, touch any other key, and it will stop automatically.

Sound and Vibration

Sound and Vibration are compared to not to be seen at all in these bikes. We are familiar with other Harley bikes’ vibrations, shakes, and loud sounds as they were the twin-cam engines.

You will not see that in the Road King and Electra Glide because it is a different engine now, which performs just outstandingly.

Price Comparison

Comparing prices, the Road King comes cheaper than the Electra Glide. Even if you modify and make your bike, the Electra Glide will still come pricier than the Road King. It is because the Electra Glide has more components attached. And the bike is also heavier than the Road King. Even you can see a price difference between these bikes; both come way cheaper than other sporty Harley models.

Harley Road King vs. Electra Glide – Which one to choose?

Choosing between the Harley Road King and Electra Glide is not a lot of work with your mind. Nonetheless, you have to pick carefully. Both the bikes are bigger than most other bikes. Primarily they are much larger bikes than Harley softails.

So, they both are the ultimate choice of taller guys. Both the bikes are capable of providing enough room. So, relaxed driving is no tension at all. If you want a more vision-friendly touring motorcycle that is also cheaper, go for the Road King.

If you are good to go with the faring style touring bike, then the Electra Glide is the best suit for you. But only if you are ok with the extra cutting and a little increased price than Road King.


What’s the difference between an Electra Glide and a Road King?

Electra Glide is a single-seat cruiser control bike. You can make it double with customizations. Road King is a double seat cruiser control bike. They have some differences in looks. But ultimately, they both are touring bikes. 

Is a Harley Road King considered a touring bike?

Yes, the Harley Road King is considered a touring bike. This bike has a high powered 103 engine, which controls heat and performs fantastic on freeways for a longer time.

Why is the Road King so famous?

The Road King mainly gained its popularity because of the simplicity and outstanding performance of the bike. Users liked that they were getting a fantastic bike with optimum quality, which also looks fascinating.

Final Verdict

Now, we have come to the end of the Harley Road King vs. Electra Glide discussion. I hope that you will be able to choose one now. Make sure you know what you want from your bike. If the specifications match your demand, go for the one.

Again, both of these bikes are just as awesome as touring bikes. If you travel a lot and run on highways frequently, you can go with either of the bikes. And that won’t be a bad deal at all.

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