Harley Road Glide vs. Electra Glide: What Is The Difference?

Is there any difference between a fork-mounted fairing and a frame-mounted fairing in terms of motorcycle dynamics? During cold weather riding, does the frame-mounted fairing provide enhanced wind protection? Before buying a bike, quite a few questions need to be addressed.

Each Harley-Davidson motorcycle is available in a variety of styles to suit the preferences and needs of each rider. Recently, Harley Road Glide and Electra Glide have been the most popular and amazing featured bikes. These bikes are built for a comfortable ride while also handling well.

Harley Road Glide Vs. Electra Glide: which one is better than the other? Find out what makes the Road Glide and Electra Glide unique and which one might be right for you by reading on.

Harley Road Glide Vs. Electra Glide: In-short comparison

The structure and alignment of body parts are the key differences between Road Glide and Electra Glide. Here’s a quick comparison.

Harley Road GlideHarley Electra Glide
Frame-mounted fairingFork-mounted fairing
Features two bulbsLonely unit
Ergonomic design & first-class constructionStylish touring design
Twin-cooled, Milwaukee Eight 114, 45° V-TwinAir-cooled, Milwaukee-Eight 107, 45° V-Twin
111.0 lb.-ft.- 3,250 rpm150 Nm- 3250 rpm
Seat Height:- 27.4 inches29.1 inches
1,746cc1745 cc
Transmission- 6-speed5 speed
Measured Weight:- 931 lb.906 lb.
Final Drive: BeltBelt

Harley Road Glide Vs. Electra Glide: In-Depth Overview:

Though they are similar, both motorcycles have differences that offer a unique riding experience depending on the rider.


Harley Davidson’s Road Glide, the most popular motorcycle model among riders. The engine features a Twin-Cooled or Water-Cooled Milwaukee Eight 114. Additionally, it has 121 ft-lbs of torque and 89 horsepower. With its high bars, it offers an extraordinarily comfortable upright driving position. In spite of its enormous width, weight, and length, this bike is faster than it appears.

An Electra Glides a convenient touring bike designed for an average-size individual and primarily for tourists. Built around a Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine, it is air-cooled. The throttle controls are excellent, while the suspension performs well, making it ideal for adventure.


Fairings are the significant distinction between the 2 bikes. In the Road, Glide fairing is attached to the frame, while in the Electra Glide fairing is attached to the fork. When the temperature falls into the mid-30s, the frame-mounted fairing of the Road Glide provides excellent weather protection. When either side of the dual headlights is opened, a surprising amount of air is forced over Three clamps to the rider’s torso.

As part of the batwing fairing, the Electra Glide features winglets on the base to control the flow of air. To provide more cooling air, the winglets rotate in warmer weather. In cold weather, this is especially noticeable at night. Regardless of speed, there is minimal turbulence around the rider’s head.

Technology Abounds

A 6.6-inch version of the Road Glide is available. Despite having a larger screen, the Road Glide appears smaller visually because of its distance from the rider. Road Glide owners tend to be on the taller side when it comes to 6 feet, so this extra reach is no big deal for them.

The Electra Glide features the Boom! Box, which comes with a 4.3-inch screen. A 5-foot 11-inch person can reach the screen with the Electra Glide much more easily. It was relatively easy to hear the stereos at high speeds regardless of screen size.

Riding Position

Both bikes also have different riding positions, mostly due to their handlebars. In addition, riders are required to sit upright while driving. The controls can become challenging to maneuver, as well as difficult to direct the throttle.

A lower and more accessible grip is used for the Electra Glide. The handlebar width provides a smooth way to control a bike without having to extend the rider’s arms widely. U-turns are easy with this design. While riding, only a slight tilt is required.

GPS Systems

Harley’s online Ride Planner service allows you to design your own route with the GPS on both bikes. Simply connect the USB thumb drive to your bike, and it will present the route. With SaddleSore, you won’t have to worry about taking the wrong turn. Planning a complex, long journey on a computer rather than a small touchscreen is a great advantage.


The Road Glide has a taller motorcycle windscreen that may block some riders’ vision compared to the Electra Glide, which has a low windscreen height. It’s easier to drive Road Glide when it’s windy because it’s more stable.

On the other hand, the Electra Glide is the most commonly pushed by the wind, but it is not the case with the Road Glide. In terms of the bikes’ windshields, there is no noticeable difference between them.


When it came to handling, the Road Glide offered a really easy, very comfortable, and highly secure journey. Electra Glide was flashy but still incredibly fun and attractive. The Road Glide handlebars are higher, but they are angled toward the rear, while the Electra Glide handlebars are closer to the rider. They both have slightly different fairing designs.

Material Quality

The Harley Road Glide is built with durable, high-quality materials, which is another reason why it is suitable for riders. It features sound-free operation and many high-quality components, including infotainment and paintwork systems.

Yes, the Electra Glide is made of ABS material as well, with a smooth and strong surface.


The headlight is also an important feature. The Road Glide comes with two bulbs, while the Electra Glide has only one. Electra Glide’s Daymaker headlight is an entirely different species from the Road Glide’s. Electra Glide riders who ride a lot after sundown will enjoy the Electra Glide’s more powerful headlight.

Simpler to Use

The Road Glide wins this comparison by being more convenient to use. Since it offers riders more excellent protection, it has features that make driving it more manageable in any situation. It contains a connector for phones, storage compartments, and a convenient outlet. Don’t be upset; Electra Glide has its own set of features and benefits as well.

Comfortable Travel

It is remarkably comfortable on both the Electra Glide and the Road Glide. They both hold the rider in the same position from the waist down. The seats are quite comfortable. In terms of comfort, as well as maneuverability in tight parking lots and U-turns, this is a big plus. There is a slight forward lean with the Electra Glide rider.

On the other hand, Electric Glides have an Riding upright that may rock the pelvis slightly backward during long rides, which can cause lower-back strain. Road Glide bars that are higher can angle, making manipulation of controls more complicated. During tight turns, the throttle is challenging to control due to a long reach to the grip.


Electra Glide- is less expensive as compared to Road Glide. The Road Glider’s price is around $26,699 to $28,799, even though the Electra going for $18,999 to $24,999.


Harley-Davidson’s factory warranty usually lasts two years. The policy also covers unlimited mileage for fender-to-fender repairs of all malfunctions, other than regular wear items like paint chips, brake pads, and tires. Until two years after your original purchase, you can still ride 100,000 miles and still be covered by warranty.

Harley Road Glide Vs. Electra Glide: What’s best?

Wonderful. These two motorbikes can capture every corner of the road with ease. Among vintage and posh bikes, Harley Davidson has proven to be among the best. However, the two categories are pretty different. Electra Glide’s Twin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight engine uses air cooling, whereas the Road glides use the liquid-cooled version.

I still recommend the Electra Glide as the cheaper option, even though it’s the more comfortable bike on the road for longer rides. Also, the instruments stand out, specifically the Boom! A larger, easier-to-read infotainment screen is on the Electra Glide.


How long do road glides last?

Approximately 75,000 miles can be covered by the Street Glide, and it often exceeds 100,000 miles. As long as they are ridden, stored, maintained, and serviced properly, these motorcycles are a reliable, robust choice. When driven 4,000 miles per year, a well-maintained Street Glide can last over 18 years.

How many miles is a Harley motor good for?

There is no reason to be surprised by Harley-Davidson engines lasting 150,000 miles.

Is the Harley Electra Glide a worthy bike?

A “Fantastic Ride” in the city, the 2020 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard boasts excellent ergonomics. With low seat height as well as traditionally positioned floorboards and high back bars, it offers a more comfortable ride.

The Bottom Line

The world has never stopped being amazed by Harley Davidson. From riding bicycles to motorcycles, I have experienced a drastic change. Harley Road Glide Vs. Electra Glide? Well, when comparing them, they certainly differ in some way.

However, both are part of the fantastic Harley-Davidson company. Both of them are capable of long trips. People make sweet memories as they take photos and selfies with the beast. Wouldn’t you love to take some photos too? So, why are you still waiting? Select your favorite and run!

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