Harley Road Glide vs. Street Glide: In-Depth Comparison

Do you want a bike to change up your hot-rod fillings? Whether you select Harley-Davidson Street Glide or Road Glide, you won’t remain unnoticed. There are two kinds of Harley fans here: those who love Harley-Davidson Street Glide and those who love Harley-Davidson Road Glide.

Besides the robust functionality you expect, both models are outfitted with advanced safety and infotainment features. Both Road Glide and Street Glide offer a unique riding experience, despite being two different motorcycles. However, which one would be best for you? And which one you’ll love more?

Below, I will provide a helpful comparison between Harley Road Glide Vs. Street Glide so you can make an informed decision. Fortunately, you’ll be able to pick the one that best meets your needs. Stop thinking. Go to the next step.

Harley Road Glide Vs. Street Glide: Comparison Briefly

The structure and the alignment of body parts are different between road glide and street glide. Pay attention to quick comparisons.

Harley Road GlideHarley Street Glide
Engine:- Milwaukee-Eight-107Milwaukee-Eight-107
Fuel system:- Injecting fuel via an electronic sequential port (ESPFI)Injecting fuel via an electronic sequential port (ESPFI)
Engine capacity:- 1745CC1745CC
Torque:- 111 pound-feet111 pound-feet
Fuel capacity:- Approximately 22.7 litersApproximately 22.7 liters
Seat height:- 29.5 inches26.1 inches
Exhaust/mufflers are blackExhaust/mufflers are chrome
Frame-mounted fairingFork-mounted fairing
Weight:- 372 kilograms361 kilograms
Headlights and taillights are LED-lit_ dual headlightHeadlights are halogen, while tail-lights are LED_ single headlight

Harley Road Glide Vs. Street Glide: In-Depth Overview

The following are some of the similarities and differences between the Harley Road Glide vs. Street Glide. These two bikes differ in many ways, such as riding style, design, quality, price, and comfort. You should first determine the similarities and differences before buying.

What is a Road Glide?

There is no question that Harley Davidson has an impressive collection of powerful, vintage, and robust bikes. Davidson has been the best brand out of all the others since the early 1900s. Taking a look at The Road Glide, it’s obviously a cruiser bike, but with a few mind-blowing upgrades built into it.

What is Street a Glide?

Since Harley-Davidson began with bicycles, they have moved on to produce motorbikes, and they have come a long way. It might have been a strange journey, but the craze and zeal of the watching crowds is something you wouldn’t have expected. Introducing the street glide, designed to make your engine roar from start to finish!

Road Glide vs. Street Glide Key Features

Folsom riders can ride in safety with Harley-Davidson’s advanced technology. In terms of a high-quality audio system and additional perks that enhance the driving experience, technology is just as important.

  • A Brembo brake system with ABS.
  • Headlamps with Daymaker Reflector LEDs.
  • Compatible with H-D Connect
  • Speakers measuring 5.25 inches
  • Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones
  • Featuring text-to-speech and voice recognition
  • There is an SD card slot, a USB connection, and an MP3 player.
  • Both support SiriusXM presets
  • Both are available; Boom! 4.3 GTS Information Upgrade
  • From Cruise Drive to 6 Speed
  • Slip & Assist Hydraulic Clutch
  • Electric throttle, Safety system available
  • Rider-activated Idle Temperature Monitoring

Comfort and Accessibility

A vehicle’s first priority is comfort. Despite both bikes having comfortable and luxurious saddles, the Road Glide’s seating is lower, and it has higher ground clearance. In spite of the subjective nature of this, the Road Glide handles the wind quite well.

With the Street Glide, you can view the touchscreen ‘infotainment’ and other controls from your saddle because the fairing is closer. It’s also pretty easy to hear the stereo because the speakers are fairly close. Compared to the Street Glide, the fairing is a bit farther up, giving it a more spacious appearance. Each motorcycle also features a different Rider triangle.

Handling and Turning

Street Glide has a better reputation than Road Glide when it comes to turning in tight spaces and passing through dense traffic. Fork-mounted moveable fairings on the Street Glide help you twist and squeeze during your busy commute.

In general, the lighter and shorter bike is intended to be more agile than its counterpart. The Road Glide, however, provides a lot more space between the handlebars and the seats, which is important for tall riders. Nevertheless, the Road Glide’s ability to deflect wind makes it stand out more than any other motorcycle.


Despite the fact that both of them have fairings, the Road Glide’s frame bolted construction reduces arm strain. Now, talk about what makes the Street Glide different from the Road Glide.

In addition, the Road Glide is featured with a ‘Shark-nose’ fairing-mounted directly on the frame, making it impossible for the fairing to move. On the other hand, the Street Glide is distinguished by a ‘Batwing’ fairing mounted on the fork, which is a hallmark of Harley-Davidsons.


There is only one headlight on the Street Glide. Both the headlight and taillight are LEDs. There are two headlights on the Road Glide. Halogen headlights and LED tail lights are on either side of the vehicle. Dual lights emit a wider beam of light in terms of the field of vision they provide.

It is impossible to turn the headlights on a Road Glide when you turn the bars. Due to its frame-mounted fairing, it stays in place like those on automobiles.

Curb Weight

In terms of curb weight, the difference between the two is quite minor. The Road Glide has a curb weight of 372 kg. While the Street Glide weighs 361 kilograms.

Although the difference of 10 kg (nearly) may not seem like much, it makes a significant difference as well. If you are cruising at high speeds on highways, it makes a big difference. This all depends on your personal taste in handling.

Color Options

Harley Davidson offers 4 color options for their “Road Glide” Special model:-

  • Vivid Black
  • Billiard Red vivid black
  • Billiard Teal
  • Midnight Crimson

There are 8 different color options available for the Harley Davidson “Street Glide”:-

  • Vivid black
  • Black denim
  • Deep jade pearl
  • Velocity red sunglo
  • Charcoal denim
  • Hard candy black gold flake
  • Hard candy gold flake
  • Cosmic blue pearl

Comparison of prices

The Harley Davidson website lists Street Glide’s standard price as 21,999$ for the ‘Vivid Black’ model. A similar variant of the Road Glide costs 21,699$. The prices do go up by a few hundred dollars when you go for colored, but the gap between the two stays the same at $300.

If you spend $21K on a bike, $300 is probably not a big deal. If you’re planning on a long relaxing ride, you might want to consider which one performs better.

Harley Road Glide Vs. Street Glide: What Should You Choose?

The Street Glide and the Road Glide both offer a sporty look and an athletic riding experience. Choosing a bike depends mainly on its weight, size, and price. A Street Glide weighs about 25 pounds less than a Road Glide, at 796 pounds. You can accelerate better when you have a lighter bike. Additionally, it has a lower seat height than the Road Glide, making it suitable for shorter riders. On the other hand, if the size isn’t important to you, choosing a Road Glide will save you about $300.


Is a Street Glide suitable for touring?

The Harley-Davidson Street Glide is the top-selling touring motorcycle in the U.S., so it makes sense why it’s rated number one.

Why is the Street Glide so popular?

Compared to a touring bike, the Street Glide is lightweight. In terms of being a “fashion bike,” well, it’s growing in popularity every day. Custom baggers rose to popularity during the 2010s due to the low-slung, sleek styling of the Street Glide.

What makes a road glide special?

Among Harley’s V-twin & touring bikes, the Road Glide Special stands out. A Showa suspension system with Dual Bending Valve Forks for a comfortable ride on rough terrain.

What is the most expensive Harley Davidson?

There are many of its legendary models that are more valuable than today’s supercars. Taking its place as the world’s most expensive motorcycle, the Harley Davidson Bucherer Blue Edition retails for A$2.4 million.


Therefore, which motorcycle is superior, compared with Harley Road Glide Vs. Street Glide? If you compare the two, they are indeed different in some respects, but they both belong to Harley Davidson, which is an amazing company. Both look different in terms of styling and operate differently as well.

Ultimately, riders must decide what works for them better based on comparison. Wind protection varies among the fairings, as well as the rider triangles. Finally, Harley-Davidson recommends that you ride both bikes for a while before deciding which one is right for you.

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