Mid Controls vs. Forward Controls On Harley: Which Is Better

If you’re a relatively new rider, have you heard of mid controls and forward controls? Now I’ll be honest. Until I did my research for this article, I had no idea what is mid control, or forward control were on motorcycles, even Harley-Davidsons.

Have you experienced the same? Mid Controls Vs. Forward Controls On Harley, what are the differences between them? Relax. Don’t be afraid!

I hope that after reading this article, you will have a better understanding of what Mid and Forward controls are on a motorcycle than I did. Plus, you will also understand the key differences, similarities, and benefits of motorcycle mid control to forward controls. Let’s explore them further.

What is Mid Control?

Yes, the term refers to where you place your feet when operating a motorcycle normally. A Strom, a GS, a KLR, a KTM adventure, and so on- these 4th are excellent examples of mid-control bikes. In addition, FJRs, STs, ZX14s, etc., fall into this category as well.

It’s usually cruisers that have forward controls, and sport bikes typically have controls and rear sets.

What is Forward Control?

The original pedals can be used with forward controls. A new set of levers is needed for the bike’s control systems and for the bike to move forward. As a result, the rider can extend his or her legs while still reaching the controls_ which can positively impact posture. Forward controls give you a sense of freedom that you cannot find on other types of vehicles.

Mid Controls Vs. Forward Controls On Harley: Complete Observation

The forward controls and mid controls are located where you put your feet or floorboards, your brake, and your shifter. On cruisers or chopper motorcycles, they are most common. I’d like to talk about Mid Controls Vs. Forward Controls On Harley and why you install them. Scroll down below.

Greater Comfort

Footpegs and controls are easier to operate when they’re located in the middle of the motorcycle, which is better for riding aggressively. Mid-control options are a convenient way to customize the performance of your Harley-Davidson and do not affect vehicle performance or handling. Mid-Controls are available in original equipment and configurations, which may be mixed or matched according to the vehicle’s accessories and customization.

In a forward position, the rider can more comfortably recline during long rides, as the controls and accessories allow him to move forward. During stop and start traffic, riders will be able to quickly get their feet on the ground. For improved visibility and for turning at slower speeds whereas keeping a more upright posture. While riding forward control on Harley, you can stretch your legs more freely since your knees are not bent as much.

Aesthetic Improvements

It is considered more aesthetically pleasing by many motorcycle enthusiasts to use Mid Controls and Forward Controls on a motorcycle. By riding a Harley Davidson Mid or Forward Control, the rider portrays a more relaxed appearance, which makes the bike appear faster. Motorcycle cruising enthusiasts enjoy both controls, as they feature old-school styling.

Easy Installation

In general, motorcycle owners prefer to have their accessories installed by professional vehicle mechanics. In spite of this, mid controls and forward controls are incredibly easy to install, so many riders prefer to handle them themselves.

Using a few basic tools, you can install Harley Davidson aftermarket parts you purchase from your preferred vendor as you wish. If you upgrade your bike yourself, you will further maximize the bike’s value and avoid paying for installation costs.

Mid Controls Vs. Forward Controls On Harley: What’s Better?

The new Mid-Controls from Harley-Davidson is a tremendous advancement in biker foot positioning. With race style pivot foot pegs and a mega knurl, these shoes allow you to lean toward the road while keeping your eyes on the path. Adding forward controls to your motorcycle is an excellent idea if you take long road trips on your bike.

As a result, you will be more comfortable on your future trips and will enjoy them even more. Both high-quality Mid Controls and Forward Controls On Harley are capable of running smoothly and effortlessly. Finally, the decision is up to you which types of bike you’re riding now.

Reasons For Installing Mid Control And Forward Controls

  • Bringing on a very comfortable ride, ideal for long distance travel.
  • Extra space adds to a truly comfortable ride.
  • You won’t feel stiff in your knees or lower back.
  • It’s a great ride for long legged people.
  • A great option for chill rides.
  • Save you from any accident when unexpected braking.
  • Provide you worry-free driving with passengers.
  • Make you more confident and better than others.

However, It would also be more comfortable for your passengers, because their feet wouldn’t hit the backs of your legs.


Is there a forward control kit for Harley Davidson?

Designed to match the factory style of your bike, this forward control kit is made from laser cut steel and powder coated in satin black. It can be adjusted in length, and the rear brakes do not need to be bled.

Can you put mid controls on a Softail?

A Harley Davidson Softail can definitely handle mid controls.

What kind of forward control does a street bob have?

As seen, Streetbob’s new forward controls are pre-installed. Instead of a T-shaped brake pedal, including an L-shaped pedal.

Can you put mid controls on a wide glide?

Obviously yes, it is possible.

What kind of forward control does a Harley Davidson Street 500 use?

These Harley Davidson forward control kits for the Street 500 come in an adjustable length. Powder coated satin black and laser cut from thick steel, the forward control kit blends in with your bike’s factory styling.

Are forward controls really useful?

Yes. If comfort was a word, then it would be forward controls.

Do Harleys come with mid controls?

No. Actually they don’t. However, there are some Sportsters with mid controls. As a matter of fact, most touring bikes have Mid Control. The Wide Glides lack mids since they’re Dynas.

What’s the difference between mid controls and forward controls on a Harley?

It is true that the mid-mountain bike offers marginally better control, but the extent to which you use it on an everyday basis depends on how often you ride. Having the option to switch between midmounts and highway pegs is undoubtedly helpful for longer trips. The forward position allows for more leg room for bigger and longer people.

Can you put mid controls on a Fat Bob?

An exhaust compatible with mid controls will need to be changed. Yes, mid controls can be converted. These will bolt onto the Street Bob.

One Last Thought

Mid Controls Vs. Forward Controls On Harley: Which is right for upgrading your motorcycle? Harley Davidson’s Forward Controls and Mid Controls are handy for anyone who cruises the open highways on a motorcycle. Each offers several advantages, adding value, including enhanced comfort, appealing looks, and a simpler installation process. If you really want a stress-free and smart ride, you cannot ignore your control preferences.

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