What Does the Red Key Light Mean on a Harley Davidson?

If you’re wondering what does the red key light mean on a Harley, you come to the right place. Today we will explain this red key light on a Harley to you.

The red key light on your Harley Davidson is mainly an indicator of the bike’s security system. This red key light states whether the bike’s security system is in operation or not.

How does Red Key Light Work on Harley?

Actually, Red Key Lightperforms like the Check Engine Light (CEL) of the car, which usually monitors diagnostic trouble codes set by the Turn signal (TSM/ TSSM) or Security module. 

This red light gets turned off whenever you start the bike and indicates that your bike’s security system has been disabled. 

But if the red key light remains stable without any flashing even after the bike starts and moves, it means the Harley has thrown a diagnostic trouble code (DTC).

Why Red Key Light is Still on After the Bike Starts and Moves?

When the red key light remains on even after starting, it indicates the bike has attained a DTC (diagnostic trouble code).

It can be occurred due to the fault code in your TSSM. In that case, you can check for the bike’s manual and fix the security system ECM trouble code.

However, this problem can also occur due to electrical issues such as dead batteries and broken signal wires.

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How Does Harley Davidson Security System Works?

  • Arm the system: After you park the bike and put the ignition switch off, this Security System automatically arms just within 5 seconds. The turn signals and an optional alarm will peep twice when the system is activated. Also, the speedometer’s key icon will flash every 3-seconds while armed.
  • Disarm the system: If an assigned fob exists, the system is immediately deactivated when the ignition key is turned to the IGNITION position. The optional siren will chirp once when the module disarms, and the key indicator will be illuminated for 4 -seconds before turning off.

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How do You Activate a Harley-Davidson Security System?

While the ignition was switched off, the Harley Davidson system started working. The smart system arms will activate in 5 seconds if no motion is detected while parking your motorcycle.

After arming, the optional siren will beep twice, and the turn signals will flash twice. Once triggered, the bike’s security system can only deactivate by using the bike’s key fob.

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How To Troubleshoot and Maintain Harley Davidson Security System?

There are a variety of methods for resolving the Harley-Davidson security system. Which is detailed below:

  • Take the Battery out: Lift the battery compartment top to detach the Battery. Continue using an electric cleaning spray for only five seconds to clean the surface. Replace the batteries with a new pair. You can close the compartment’s lid now.
  • Reach the alarm sensor module: Set up a spirit level module on the part of your bike seat. Now move the sensor module and Make sure that the bubbles are in the middle of two drawn lines. To reattach it to the hooking pad, press down on the module so that it clings to it in the following step. Now, set the seat’s back end in the proper position.
  • Wire Tracing: The sensor module is usually placed below the seat. When approaching an alarm system near the handlebars, you’ll need a locking clamp to keep the loose wires in position. To strengthen it, use a flat spatula or the point of a flat-edged screwdriver. This method needs to be repeated on the alarm siren mounted on the back of the motorbike.

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Why Are My Harley Lights Flashing? 

If your Harley Davidson comes equipped with a security system, the motion sensors on the bike will trigger the alarm if movement is detected. After 600 miles, the trailer’s flashing lights will drain your Battery.

Final Verdict

Harley-Davidson is the company that always ensures you get the most satisfactory possible experience while riding.

Thered key light on this Harley presents the concurrent states of its security system. But due todiagnostic trouble codes, this key light can sometimes malfunction.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand this red key light clearly. We have shared everything about the red key light on a Harley in this article. We hope you will find this article beneficial indeed.

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