Best Saddlebags For Harley Sportster: (Top 5 Picks In 2023)

You want to go on a long journey with your favourite sportster. But the problem occurs when you want to take some essential gears or items with you. To solve such problems, here comes the saddlebag.

However, there are plenty of saddlebags options available in the market for motorcycles. But, all are not suitable for Sportster. 

For this, I deep dive into the market, and after doing in-depth research here, I come up with 5 best saddlebags for Sportster which solve your carrying issues.

What size Saddle Bag will fit on a Harley Sportster?

The saddlebag size depends on your preference. If you want to haul many items with a saddlebag, you should go with a larger size. Otherwise, small or medium size saddlebags are preferable for Sportster. 

Plus, you should select a saddlebag with an adjustable mounting system. It allows you to fit the saddlebag on any motorcycle. Also, when installing a saddlebag, you need to make sure that it has a minimum 1 inch clearance from bags to exhaust.

Quick List Of Top 5 Saddlebags For Harley Sportster

Why are Kemimoto Leather Saddlebags our First Choice?

We have reviewed 5 saddlebags for the Sportster. Now, you might ask which one gets our top priority. The answer is Kemimoto Leather Saddlebags. 

Why? Because it comes with almost every feature which you need from a saddlebag. It has a large capacity, easy to install, better build quality, and more than that with full of essential products it looks slim and attractive.

5 Best Saddlebags for Harley Sportster The Reviews:

1. Kemimoto Leather Saddlebag for Harley Sportster

The saddlebag is a great option if you frequently go for a long journey. It can hold up to 30 Liters of essential items. So, think about what you cannot bring with you on a long journey? As like its large capacity, it does not compromise on built quality. 

The throw over saddlebag is made with durable synthetic leather. It comes with a thickened hard material on the back to keep its size perfect. Plus, the full cover design provides extra protection and makes it waterproof from light rain.

You do not need to remove anything to adjust it with your Sportster. Also, you can easily mount the bag with your Sportster without facing any hassle. 

Its pin buckles or quick-release buckles system allows it to be accessed more easily. However, a few users complain about its cord. They find it a little bit flimsy.


  • Good quality and well made
  • Easily fit with all Sportster models
  • Rain resistant
  • Affordable price


  • Cords are a little bit flimsy

2. Dowco Sportster Left Side Swingarm Saddlebag

If you want a saddlebag for your Sportster that looks terrific and does not compromise on quality, Dowco Sportster Swingarm Saddlebag will be a good choice. The manufacturer uses 100% OEM grade cowhide leather, a premium synthetic leather.

Due to its large 9 Liter capacity option, you can carry essential tools, bungees, and extra fuel bottles. The best part is that it does not look bulky like other swingarm saddlebags full of tools. Plus, magnet closure allows it to not open in the wind and keeps some dirt away.

Another good part is that it does not take 20 minutes to install with your Sportster. You will get three leather attachment belts. You can use two belts around the left-side swingarm and one through the frame to ensure a more secure installation. Plus, you do not need to use any saddlebag support for the straps.

However, if you use the saddlebag with a passenger peg, the bag will be crushed by about an inch. To solve the issue, you can use a passenger peg extension.


  • High-quality leather storage bag for Sportster
  • Comes with three different color options
  • Easy to install and disconnect
  • Capable of holding enough essential items without showing bulkiness


  • Need to remove the passenger peg and battery cover to install the saddlebags

3. BikerAccess throw Over Saddlebags for Harley Sportster

The saddlebags will be an ideal option for your Sportster as it comes with all the features needed from saddlebags. The manufacturers do not compromise on built quality. It is formed with UV Protected leather which does not fade up after long uses.

It can protect the inner items from dust and rain. The company claims that the bag is 100% waterproof which the real-life users confirm. It does not lose its shape due to the hard leather materials. The heat-resistant bottom plates secure the bags from the exhaust.

You do not need to worry about the hard installation procedure due to its 4 tie-down ribbons ensuring better safety. The adjustable center yoke allows it to stay in a perfect place. A brass lock is included with the bag, which prevents the saddlebags from being removed from the bike and increases safety. When needed, you can easily release it from your Sportster.

However, some users complain that the eagle is not attached to the bag. Plus, an HD Sportster user finds that the size is larger than the available space.


  • Heat, dust, and water-resistant material
  • Enough space for a long journey
  • Universal fitting
  • Easily adjustable feature
  • Affordable price


  • Do not perfectly fit with HD Sportster

4. La Rosa Sportster Saddlebag with Fuel Bottle

The saddlebag is the newest lineup from La Rosa, whose main focus is providing a perfect fit bag for your Sportster. The La Rosa Saddlebag is quite similar to our previously selected Dowco Sportster left side swingarm saddlebag. Both bags are formed with Cowhide Leather. 

Plus, it comes with similar left side installation features. So, what differentiates it from the previous one? The saddlebags come with a limited edition La Rosa fuel bottle that will provide a stunning look when arranged on your back.

You do not need to use any additional tools to install it due to its leather straps. Also, it provides extra storage options due to the separate fuel component. However, the saddlebag is a little bit more costly than the other similar left saddlebag.


  • Perfect fit for Sportster 883 and 1200
  • Better built quality and materials
  • Easy to install
  • Look great with the La Rosa Fuel bottle
  • Produced in the USA


  • Costly than similar types of bags

5. XFMT 5 Inch Vivid Black Stretched Saddlebags

If you want a hard saddlebag for your Sportster, then nothing better than the XFMT 5 Inch Vivid Black Stretched Saddlebags. The hardness of the saddlebag makes it unique from our other selected products. 

The common problem with hard saddlebags is that they easily grab scratches or crack. But, the XFMT Saddlebags will ensure its longevity without those issues due to its good quality ABS plastic.

You do not need to worry about the installation process as it comes with two keys and two latches for secure installation. The good part is that you do not need to adjust or require slight adjustments for installation.

The hardbag comes with a weather stripping which keeps off dirt and rain from the inner parts. Plus, it has enough space to hold your essential items.

 However, some users complain about their customer service as they do not respond properly when any issue occurs with the bag. Plus, the bag is not firm enough as OEM bags.


  • Better constitution and looks
  • Do not grab scratches easily
  • Has weather resistance feature
  • Acceptable price range


  • Not firm enough as OEM bags

How to install a saddlebag on Harley Sportster?

If you are worried about how you can install saddlebag supports on your favorite Sportster, then the following guide will help you to do this.

Step 1: First, you need to select a perfect size saddlebag for your Sportster. You should provide around a 1-inch gap between the exhaust and bag.

Step 2: If you want to use a throw over a saddlebag, you need to use a support to keep the bag from falling into the wheel. You will get plenty of support options in the market. Grab one according to your bike model or get universal support. 

Step 3: Now, you need to remove the passenger seat to install a throw-over bag as the yoke is going to rest under the passenger seat. Put the bag over the fender, and when doing this, you need to set up both sides according to their make.

Step 4: Now, check the clearance between the bag and exhaust. If it has enough clearance, then follow the next step. Otherwise, you need to reset it.

Step 5: Most saddlebags come with attachment points or loops to ensure more security. Now, you need to connect them properly with your motorbike. Now, reassemble the passenger seat, and your bike is ready for a ride. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put hard saddlebags on a Sportster?

Yes, you can put hard saddlebags on a Sportster. But, before purchasing any hard saddlebags, you need to measure the bag size with your Sportster, as each Sportster model is different from the other. 

Are Harley Davidson saddlebags universal?

Generally, most of the saddlebags available in the market are universal. But, if the saddlebag does not come with an adjustable mounting system, you cannot use it on some motorbikes. 
As the Harley Davidson Saddlebags come with adjustable mounting systems, they are universal.

Final Words

Getting a perfect saddlebag is important when you are thinking about going on a long ride with your favorite sportster. But, you know that all saddlebags are not compatible with Sportster. For this, We are here to solve your issue. 

I hope the guides will help you to select the perfect saddlebags from our selected 5 best saddlebags for Sportster.

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