Best Shocks for Harley Street Glide: (Top 5 Picks In 2023)

Harley has been one of the best motorbike manufacturers for more than ten decades. They manufacture high-quality cruiser bikes that are well-liked by everyone in the USA and tend to buy one.

One can also make custom Harley bikes because they support all types of customization. The most adored customization for Harley is Shocks; every Harley bike holder wants to install the best shocks.

The number of shocks for Harley Street is huge, so choosing from this requires some extra knowledge. If you’re going to select or know about the shocks, follow our best Harley Street glide shocks.

What Size Shocks Fits on Harley Street Glide?

Shocks consist of many sizes, some of them fit in most bikes, and some include only a specific motorcycle. For Harley Street, a 12 inch or 13-inch shock works best. It’s an ideal length for shocks that should provide a smooth ride.

To know more about the right size for your shocks, you need to follow the product label, or you can measure it through measurement tape.

Quick List of Best Shocks for Street Glide

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Why “Progressive Suspension 944-4002UT Shocks” Is Our First Choice?

Progressive suspension makes the best quality shocks that provide the best user experience. We enlisted this shock as our first choice because of its lightweight, durable design, affordable price, and support for many Harley Street glide bikes. Not only street glide, one can install this shock into Harley road glide, Electra glide, ultra-limited, and road kings.

Review of Top 5 Shocks for Street Glide

1. Progressive Suspension 944-4002UT Shocks for Harley

Key Features 

  • It’s available in two different configuration 
  • Perfect fit for Harley street glide 
  • Lightweight and durable built quality 
  • FST technology makes it more comfortable than OEM shocks
  • You don’t need any tools to adjust the spring preload 

If you want to buy a multifunctional shock for Harley Street glide, then Progressive suspension 944-4002UT shocks are a good choice. After installing these 12-inch shocks to your Harley Street glide, it will provide you with a comfortable ride. 

These progressive 944 shocks have 2 different variants, one is ultra-touring, and the other one is ultra-low shocks. The ultra-touring 944 shock height is 1 inch less than the standard shock height; you can get a lower ride experience for the decreased size.

These Ultra-Touring 944 shocks contain their configuration; its super heavy-duty weight absorbing shocks can take weight up to 350+ lb, heavy-duty shocks take a maximum weight of 260 lb, and standard shocks works like all the other socks.

The Ultra-Low shocks have 2 inches lower stance than ordinary socks, and they consist of 2 variants for weight absorbent. One is average weight, and the other is heavy-duty that can take maximum weight up to 250+ lb.

2. HTTMT Slammer Lowering Shocks 

Key Features 

  • Provides low stance with proper precession 
  • The length of this shock is 10.5 inch 
  • Adjusting the preload is easy; it doesn’t require any tools
  • High-quality construction makes it durable 
  • You can obtain good handling also you will not feel any back pain 

This shock from HTTMT is one of the best shocks for Harley Street glide because of its supports ability and durable design; people always recommend this pair of shocks to every new person.

People buy Harley Street glide to enjoy a low ride experience; taking that in mind, HTTMT manufactures these shocks with a height of 10.5 inches. No other shocks can provide you with the lowest stance height. 

These rear shocks save the engine from hitting a roar and keep you comfortable on a bumpy road. Installing them is easy compared to other complex shakes;

You can install them with the help of its manual book. Its durable design and extra-low stands help with bike acceleration. The manufacturers conducted many real-time tests to rely on its workability.

3. Progressive Suspension 412-4080B Suspension Shock

Key Features 

  • High-quality double-wall construction with nitrogen filling 
  • A five-layer preload easy adjustment system 
  • Contain two different colors, chrome color, and black color
  • Its 12-inch length is ideal for Harley street glide 
  • The USA made shocks are versatile and comfortable 

Progressive is one of those leading manufacturers that makes high-quality shocks for Harley Street glide; not only for Harley, but you can also install these shocks into any cruise motorbike.

The ideal height for any shock is 12 inches because it creates a reasonable distance from the road and your bike engine. Installing any shocks lower than 10 inches, and then you may not save your engine from bumping into roads.

To provide you with comfortable, smooth damping, they infused multistage velocity sensitivity, and also it consists of a high-quality double-wall design with nitrogen inside. With its 5 layer preload adjustment setting, you can easily adjust the preload before riding your bike.

This shock comes in two colors, one is chrome color, and the other one is black color. These shocks get manufactured in the USA; that’s one other reason that makes these shocks reliable.

4. Legends Revo-A Adjustable Coil Suspension

Legends Revo-A adjustable coil suspension supports many Harley Street editions. You can rely on these shocks for comfort and durability; its coil spring shock absorber works brilliantly in any bike from 1998 to 2016. Its standard 13-inch size keeps your bike engine safe from touching the road. 

This type of coil shock suspension can take a maximum load of up to 250+ lb. It consists of a large sweet spot that increases the coil length and helps you achieve extra height. 

One can enjoy the full touring mode because its spring shock produces a high-quality ride. They come with a manual installation book that needs to follow for installing these shocks to your Harley Street glide.

One can adjust these shocks without the help of any tool. These shocks contain two suspensions in one set, and these shocks get manufactured in the USA so that you can rely on durable construction.

Key Features 

  • High-quality construction provides durability and comfort 
  • It contains a 13-inch standard height coil shocks
  • It supports all Harley Street glide editions from 1999 to 2016
  • For external rebound damping, it comes with 6 exterior knobs
  • The coil of the spring shock absorber provides better comfort

5. Ohlins HD 022 Shocks for 1998-Newer Harley-Davidson

Key Features 

  • It is made of high-quality, long-lasting materials.
  • They support oil and gas instead of air as suspension filling 
  • You can install these shocks on all versions of street glide since 1998
  • This lightweight and durable shock give the best comfort while riding 
  • It helps to increase the handling quality and maximize performance

If you are looking for oil and gas shocks instead of air shocks, then you can take a look at Ohlins HD 022 Shocks. You can fill gas or oil in this suspension;

if you maintain these shocks properly, it will provide a more comfortable experience than air shocks does. These 13-inch shocks support all the models of Harley Street glide from 1998 to 2022 except for the 2014 and 2016 models. 

These shocks support you with acceleration and control your motorbike. It consists of high-quality materials and durable construction so that you can use these shocks for more than 5 years.

These shocks come with a free preload setting; one can use them after purchasing them. A two-piece ultra-shock absorbing shock is available at an affordable price.

What to Consider When Buying a Shocks For Street Glide?

Before you go and buy a shock for your Harley Street Glide, you need to stop there. Because without proper knowledge or a helpful buying guide, no one can get a good shock, so here we tried to bring out the best buying guide for you. 

We brought the essential parts of shocks that you need to check before buying, such as comfort, materials, weight capacity, stock, and internal piston. Checking all the features and ensuring they are ok will provide you with the best shocks for Harley Street Glide.


Materials are the most valuable asset you need to check before buying a shock. Mostly, the manufacturers use high-quality aluminum and stainless steel for construction.

Neglecting suitable materials for shocks can bring disaster. The shock absorbs all the distortion and keeps you comfortable when going through a bumpy road. So high-quality materials will boost its durability and provide you with more comfort.

Internal Piston 

Air shock suspensions don’t have any internal piston, but oil and gas shocks consist of an internal piston. This piston separates oil and gas, allowing your shock to absorb shock more firmly. If this piston breaks down, you can rebuild it; you don’t need to buy a new piston.

Weight Capacity 

The weight capacity of shock is similar to all the shocks available nowadays. Standard shocks can take weight up to 160 lb, and ultra shock has a weight capacity of 200 lb.

Some shocks can carry weight up to 260+ lb. Check the weight capacity before buying a shock for your Harley Street glide. People always recommend buying a shock with a high weight capacity.

Shock Length 

One can consider the entire length of the suspension as its shock length. There are three types of shock length available for Harley Street glide, a standard height of 13 inches, a low shock of 12 inches, and an ultra-low shock of 10 to 10.5 inches. You can choose the shock length according to your need. 


It would be best to buy a rear shock that is easy to adjust, saving you time and making your ride more comfortable. Suppose you are riding alone, and the suspension needs to be changed; it’s a challenging task without the proper tools.

But if your shock consists of an easy adjustment system, you can adjust the height with your hand. So this is also a critical part that you’re to check whether you buy that shock for your Harley Street glide or not. 


How Much Air Do I Put In My Street Glide Shocks?

Adjusting your Harley Street glide requires some work process and some caution, such as you can’t use an air compressor to adjust the street glide; you need to use a standard air pump. For a solo ride, if the weight is 160 lb, then put 0-5 psi air; for 160 to 200 lb, put 0-10 psi, and for 200 lb, 5 to 10 psi. But if you ride with a passenger, you need to add 20 to 50 psi according to the weight.

How Long Does Street Glide Shock Last?

The life of shocks for Harley Street glide depends on so many things, such as its construction, materials, spring, or coil.
High-quality shocks last for 70,000 miles. Sometimes they can support you for 10,0000 miles. If you buy regular shocks, they might not provide you with good support. So choose street glide shocks wisely to ensure you with value for money shocks.

Does The Street Glide Have Air Shocks?

Yes, street glide has air shocks pre-installed in them, but you can install external air shocks. To find good air shocks for your street glide need to take the expert option or follow buying guide. A simple technique is to determine if your street glides have air shocks. Lift the spear tire holder door, then check both sides. If you see air suspension, then your bike has air shocks.

What Size Are Stock Street Glide Shocks?

There are three stock lengths available for street glide shocks. The standard height is 12 to 13 inches long; you can also find 10.5-inch shocks. This measurement includes the entire length; for Harley Street glide, 12-inch shocks are perfect.

Final Verdict 

Harley Street Glide is one of the most preferred cruise bikes globally. Because of its unique features, people love to ride this bike. No other motorcycle can provide you with a low riding experience as good as Harley bikes. To increase the performance of your Harley Street glide, you can choose the best shocks for Harley Street glide is available. 

Here we tried to bring out some of the best shocks that work best with Harley Street glide; these are versatile, have long supportability, and provide comfort. We hope you decide which shocks you want to buy for your motorbike.

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