Which Harley Road King Years to Avoid and Why? (Explained)

You may want a posh and handy bike your first choice can be the Harley Road King. Whenever you go for a sophisticated model for your use or gift you must ponder over the brand for sure. Because it has established itself as a potential and trendy bike brand. No other company can be compatible with it for sure.

Moreover, you may see some movies and TV shows about the brand recommendation which enhances the popularity of the brand indirectly. The brand is gathered even countless complement on behalf of its service quality, not like other ordinary bike companies all around the world.

Like other brands, it has some limitations and complaints over the certain years model which spreads avoiding years’ shortlist. So if you are wise you must keep an idea of ignoring and bad service of the year by which you can assume which year model would be the best to you as well.

Harley Road King Years to Avoid (List of Years)

There is a matter of regret that you may find some years down to see up-gradation on the next model in the natural process. It occurs a certain time interval downfall of quality to mend the whole system in balance considering the present condition improving.

You may hear some issues over certain years which had some bad reputation for their existing malfunctioning of mechanism and configuration.

The years of which the users have a bad experience it is mentioned below-

  • 2003 Harley Road King
  • 2004 Harley Road King
  • 2006 Harley Road King
  • 2014 Harley Road King

There remains controversy about the quality of the existing present. But all are not bad products. So, to be wise if you want a clear assumption about the good and bad sides of the models you must read this object.

Like 2001 model which is known as the worst model in the market of Harley Road King, has some defects on their service. It can be concluded such as non-reliable. The users have huge complaints about the sustainability of the model of the 2001 Ultra Classic.

Moreover, there has created a worse experience for the users who were told that there was the possibility to get a detached wobble connection from the right place to the trunk. The occurrence is so much vulnerable for the riders undoubtedly. Besides this, it makes so noise while driving which is so embarrassing for a user.

What Makes These Harley Road King Years is Worth Avoiding?

1. 2003 Harley Road King

2003 model is known as Road king Davidson which is revolutionized after a long-term plan performance details. Conferring all transformation, it shows some defects like faulty fuel system.

The most disappointing thing is it contains a dirty and floored engine as well as the motor which is not considered a well enough compatible with an existing well-known brand.

2. 2004 Harley Road King

2004 Model is known as Road King Dyna Superglide which has a bad reputation for its issues related to engine and transmission. There found the chain procedure of the cam motor as well as beneath its engine. This might not be expected of the consumers who invest a huge currency just to get their dream vehicle.

Moreover, there are plastic portions that are attached to the mainstream which can be the cause of hazardous if separates from it. The condition makes the whole process clingy because it is not repairable all at once. It is a matter of grief for the company that it degraded the reputation of the brand, unfortunately.

Another model of the same year is FXSTB Night Train which is recognized as a worse bike for its level of productivity. The efficacy of the motor is low so that it cannot run over the bike so long badly. Besides the defects, the disability of the gear is so unpredicted and unexpected to the users.

HD Street 500 is also the model of the belonging year 2004. It is heard hardly that the improvement of the bike is quite difficult to recognize. There remains trouble with the motor as well as a brake. Though it is reasonable still the expense they bear is not valid according to their production quality at all.

3. 2006 Harley Road King

2006 model is known as Road King Electra Glide. It is one of the worst models considered useless among the models that existed. There appeared a hundred complaints against the models and been advised to be recalled.

This version has a record of five nominal countings which makes the state of the vehicle so down. The reasons behind this are separation difficulties of the parts, failure of the bolts, and wobble. Besides this, the most important defect is it carries a clingy cylinder as a fuel trunk.

4. 2014 Harley Road King

Though 2014 is mostly a well-designed bike it has some issues with its engine parts. There happened around nineteen accidents while using the model.

Moreover, the hydraulic issue is another factor recalling problems. The reason for that the vehicle can be vulnerable for the passengers. It may suffer along for the users because there is a possibility of a crackdown.

After all, the fixation cost around an hour for the installment.

Which Years are Safe to Buy Used?

If you are on a pathway to discovering the best version of Harley Road King you can select the model of 2017 which is the recent version. In this model, you can get a classic and vintage vibe from the exterior of the bike. Moreover, there is the option of leather equipment to be attached additionally as your wish.

You will get a high-quality motor around cam 96/96B motor which is pretty much outstanding capacity to run the bike. You may discover a drastic change in all parts like bolts, clutch, fuel trunk around seventy hundred portions. The version can tackle the emission of noise by creating rigidity inside the engine.

It contains a brand new Large Bore tool which has enhanced the chance of increasing the caliber and efficiency of the speed of the bike as well. The brake side is so reliable in this model which is counted on three hundred twenty mm disc.

 Sometimes the circuit gets disconnected and the whole system gets faulty. Besides that, the voltage of the tool more often crosses the optimum limit which causes risk for the users.

Overall, the regarding model would be a reliable option as a buyer.


The Harley Road King is considered a timeless vehicle by which its design has been made to. So there will be no comparison with another brand in this fact. Not only modern technology but also the look will hypnotize you at the initial stare. The revolution of the improvement may arrive when you will be involved in it like driving.

So, ignoring certain models you can blindly purchase the bike with the trendy frame as well as sophisticated outlook. The ride will take you to a new level of riding which gives you a hilarious moment as a user of biker.

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