Which Harley Shovelhead Years to Avoid and Why? (Explained)

No one can give negative feedback against the company of the Harley Shovelhead to the bikers. All around the world, this is one of the best brands considering the potential and service to the customer. The interesting fact is the brand name is stand for the engine. So there is no other compatible brand which can be compared to it in the perspective of quality of bike as well as machine work.

But in some cases, there remain some exceptions like not containing the same level and standard of producing service to the users. This is because of the lack of research and manufacturing malfunction of the company management.

If you have an occasional ride Harley Shovelhead is a good option for you. Not only this, but also you can feel the sustainability of the bike. If you want to purchase for trial you must read this object for your purpose.

Harley Shovelhead Years to Avoid (List of Years)

Like no other renowned bike company you cannot find all the existing versions so reliable for the consumers. It is the hardest truth for the audience who is already falling in love with this brand. But no worries.

You have to just well upon on the models of some specific year which is notorious for their bad records according to their complaints number. In this case, you need to avoid those shortlisted bikes and must pay heed to the best years also.

Most often there appears the ignition which is vulnerable to the users as well as the engine. It causes the cables to breakage and voltage up down internally which may interrupt the whole mechanism.

So, it is so vital to be aware of the ignoring years given below-

  • 2008 Harley Shovelhead
  • 2009 Harley Shovelhead
  • 2011 Harley Shovelhead

As a future user, you must consider some phenomena before purchasing a bike like reliability, engine condition, brake and clutch capacity, tire pressure and quality, etc.

What Makes These Harley Shovelhead Years is Worth Avoiding?

1. Harley Shovelhead 2008 Year Problems

Despite being a killer look, it has issues with some facts. The fuel tank contains a tiny shape that cannot enough for the carrier of such a heavy vehicle.

Besides this, the system of producing energy is so faulty and low standard that they get clingy while running over. Not only that, the motor gets so much high temperature for the malfunctioning in this crucial system.

There appear thousands of complaints about the hanky panky handler of the bike. For being fragile material, it creates uncomfortably among users.

Moreover, there found the defects of chassis of the vehicle what makes the whole control system of the tire and break so inaccurate position.

The model sometimes fails its control over the tolerance of the heat. Consequently, the internal functions of the bolts get separated and create an excessive sound which is called vibration. Those issues can be repaired but it is all about the money spent.

There also remains the quality of the existing parts in the bike which shows low performance after using while. Moreover, the brake has some limitations from the configurational issue. Tires get uneven which is because the pressure has appeared.

2. Harley Shovelhead 2009 Year Problems

This is one of the problematic years which carries a bad reputation for Harley Shovelhead. The regarding model is named Dyna Wide Glide. Though the look kills the viewers of the vehicle, there found some inaccuracy among the whole system.

Being not higher than other compatible models, it is less demandable in screening. There is also some contradiction between the turn over to the road crossing via the model.

There also appears the non-moisture sump of the engine. It is one of the causes of oil wastage. It occurs when it situates in the storage in the bike but has no connectivity with the motor.

The regarding model is convicted to the leaking of the oil. This destroys the whole process of releasing and fails to control the vehicle which also wastes the users’ money. It is also known as oil loss manufacture. It has happened when the fuel reaches the line and cannot get to the motor further. As a result, it falls beneath.

Riding after some miles there you will see the low efficacy of the engine, unfortunately. It means the system goes slow and is not effective according to their quality as well.

3. Harley Shovelhead 2011 Year Problems

The year 2011 Harley Shovelhead is quite problematic to the users. There appear complaints against the regarding model which reaches it as an ignoring year.

The parts used in the vehicle are not sustainable depending on the quality. It fails AMF bearing regulation according to their service. Moreover, it shows the condition of breaking parts on the road which seems unexpected to the users.

Mechanically inclined parts are so much unreliable for the users. The whole system gets clingy which is a result of worse service.

Which Harley Shovelhead Years are Safe to Buy Used?

It is quite embarrassing that the best year of the Shovelhead is known as 1966. However, there are some recent models which remain as reliable to the customers. This version is connected to the look of the earlier coal shovel which is converted to fluctuate upside down according to the motion.

The version is so much demanding and called to be the reliable model from the reviews of the earliest users. The year is known as AMF years which can be the best productive bike if you maintain it properly with great care and responsibility.

The model of 1966 is almost looking like a Sportster but not even it deals with when firstly the famous Sportster released out. The system of lubricant is so sophisticated from another model that it has no single issue with it. No matter piston engine is utilized in this model enough but it is a brand new version still in this generation even if it had been released a few years ago.

So there is another option of the model of 1984 which is exclusive among the models of the Harley Shovelhead Shovelhead. The model also sold out around eighty million dollars. Regarding the specification of the version, you can pick it also.


If you want to purchase a bike as a motorcyclist you must be well upon to avoid years which will be a disappointing model if you select it for the purpose. So from reading this article you may gather a crystal clear idea that may enrich your research experience from the perspective of buying a bike.

Overall, the years which has the best remarks for their fabulous service towards the world-wide customer is also revealed in this article for the betterment of the readers.

As there remains a lot of outstanding models which deliver sustainable performance as a product of Harley Shovelhead, the option to select according to your preference is quite easy to pick up.

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