Do You Know Who Makes AC Delco Batteries? (Unraveling)

AC Delco is well known for its batteries and aftermarket parts. Especially, AC Delco batteries are rated as one of the best vehicle batteries that last longer than most other competitor’s batteries. 

However, often many consumers wonder who makes AC Delco and the original manufacturing location or region of those high-rated batteries. 

So, I have decided to answer those most commonly asked queries in today’s article. Also, I will be sharing some more interesting details about AC Delco batteries as well.

Do You Know Who Makes AC Delco Batteries

Who Makes AC Delco Batteries?

AC Delco batteries are products owned by another industry giant, General Motors

But General Motors is only the parent company, those batteries are not manufactured by General Motors (GM). 

Originally, AC Delco batteries are manufactured by another subsidiary company of GM, it’s basically a Middle East Battery manufacturing company.

General Motor company mainly sold their plant to the manufacturing company.

The factory parts for vehicles that GM manufactures are constricted under the AC Delco brand. 

Over the decades, AC Delco was known with several company names such as United Motors Corporation, United Motors Service, and even United Delco.

Where Are AC Delco Batteries Made?

Where Are AC Delco Batteries Made

AC Delco is a global automotive battery manufacturer, so, they have production facilities in several regions to serve the worldwide market. 

AC Delco offers maintenance-free batteries specially designed for the Middle East and similar climate-oriented consumers group. 

However, AC Delco batteries, which are available in the entire USA and some other neighboring countries, are manufactured in North America.

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Are AC Delco Batteries Any Good?

AC Delco batteries are the best alternative option if you are looking for a high-quality, reliable vehicle battery, has better durability and longevity. 

These AGM batteries can easily last three times longer than any other standard battery available in the market.

AC Delco batteries have an advanced vent cap design that prevents any chances of leaking issues, and they also have better weather resistance, so you do not have to worry while driving in extremely cold or warm conditions.

AC Delco batteries also ensure users are getting bursts of power whenever needed.

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About The Manufacturer Of AC Delco Batteries

About The Manufacturer Of AC Delco Batteries

let’s have a brief idea about the manufacturing company of AC Delco Batteries:

AC Delco is a global various automotive parts manufacturer and supplier company owned by General Motors. 

Originally, it is a subsidiary company of General Motors (GM) founded in 1916 by William C. Durant. 

Though the headquarter and North America-based production facility is in the USA, the main manufacturing division of AC Delco batteries is in Saudi Arabia, Middle East. 

Along with GM, Wisconsin-based Johnson Controls company also owns 49 percent of the manufacturing company.

Initially, the Middle East-based manufacturing company of AC Delco was working with General Motors battery plants as a part of them, but later on, GM sold the battery plants to Johnson Controls. 

This Middle East-based manufacturing company supplies new and replacement automotive parts for other vehicle makers from Europe, America, and Asia. 

However, the company claims that it produces maintenance-free batteries for the Middle East and other similar consumer markets. 

But those batteries available in USA-based markets are made in North America.

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What Are the Types Of AC Delco Batteries Available?

AC Delco Batteries are available in two wide categories: The AC Delco Gold (Professional) Batteries and the AC Delco Silver (Advanced) Batteries.

AC Delco Gold (Professional) Batteries:

AC Delco gold categorized batteries are built with impact and break-resistant plastic cases to make them more durable and long-lasting. 

These batteries feature vent caps to prevent any chances of acid leaks and also use the high-density negative paste to extend the battery’s lifespan.

AC Delco Professional batteries come with robust Envelope Separators to keep the battery temperature cool. 

Also, these batteries are available with a 42-month replacement warranty, and during this warranty period, the company will not charge for any servicing.

AC Delco Silver (Advantage) Batteries:

AC Delco Silver categorized batteries are auto batteries with no maintenance design and feature impact-resistant plastic cases to make them more sturdy, efficient, and durable. 

AC Delco advance batteries also feature Flame retaining vents and a unique terminal design to prevent the chances of acid leakage, corrosion, and black paste.

These batteries use positive and negative grids to enhance the battery’s lifespan.

ACDelco Advantage batteries are available with an 18-month limited warranty and are much more affordable in price than other available market options.

Where To Buy AC Delco Batteries?

AC Delco batteries are available in all the GM automotive parts stores or retail shops. 

Besides that, AC Delco batteries are also globally available on other popular physical auto parts stores like AutoZone, Walmart.

These batteries are also available for online purchase so, you can easily buy any of the AC Delco batteries from the AC Delco online store, GM online store, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and AutoZone.

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What Are The Best AC Delco Batteries?

Let’s have glance at some of the top-rated AC Delco Batteries-

1. AC Delco ACDB24R Advantage AGM Automotive BCI Group 51 Battery:

These Non-AGM batteries can efficiently work in 30° to 70° Fahrenheit temperature without any trouble and have slow discharge rates.

These batteries are built with Calcium alloy to ensure maximum performance, and the durable design makes them resistant enough to deal with road vibrations effectively.

2. AC Delco 48AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 48 Battery:

These AGM batteries are available in two variants either you can buy them with cables or without cables. These batteries come with better performance quality and lifespan because of the high-density paste.

Also, the copper cores of these batteries are covered with insulators to protect them from short-circuit issues. 

3. AC Delco 47AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 47 Battery:

These AC Delco batteries are known for better discharge and recharge cycles. AGM-designed Batteries are built with silver calcium alloy, which significantly boosts the battery life cycle compared to other brand’s conventional vehicle batteries.

Also, have better circulation to eliminate any chance of short-circuiting.

4. ACDelco 34AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 34 Battery:

These AC Delco AGM batteries are built with a positive grid, which reduces the resistance to improve conductivity.

These AC Delco batteries also have a good reserve capacity of 115 minutes and feature Special envelope separators for better acid circulation.

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What Are The Best Alternatives of AC Delco Batteries?

AC Delco batteries consist of high-quality design and features, which make them one of the best options. But there are other alternative options too. 

Other best alternative vehicle battery brands are Optima, DieHard, Duracell, Duralast, EverStart, and Interstate.


Today’s article was aimed to answer who makes AC Delco batteries and share some other exciting details related to AC Delco Batteries. 

So, I hope this article was informative enough to answer all queries.

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