Who Makes Everstart Batteries? (Answer Explained)

Everstart battery is known by everyone as a product of Walmart. The Walmart name on the batteries makes them popular to users as they can rely on a brand like Walmart.

But do you know who makes Everstart batteries? Should you buy them?

Well, Everstart although is a brand of Walmart, is not manufactured by Walmart. Rather, Johnson Controls, East Penn, and some other battery manufacturers make these batteries for them. And Walmart distributes and sells the batteries with the brand name Everstart. 

I will talk about the origin of these batteries in detail in this article along with the good sides that you should check if you want to buy a car battery. 

Who Makes Everstart Batteries?

Walmart makes deals with various companies to make Everstart batteries. Whoever provides the best deal for Walmart gets the opportunity to make these batteries.

But Johnson Controls has been producing the majority of Everstart batteries for quite some time. Aside from that, East Penn manufactures high-quality batteries for Walmart. These are two of the best battery manufacturers in the world.

Everstart batteries were once made by Exide. However, they are no longer produced by Exide.

Where Are Everstart batteries Made?

Everstart batteries are not produced in the United States, according to Walmart or any other Everstart battery manufacturer. Nevertheless, we may presume that these batteries are produced in Johnson Controls’ and East Penn’s top facilities or factories.

Johnson Controls, or “Clarios,” is a multinational corporation that employs millions of people in factories all over the globe. This battery manufacturer operates on six continents and employs 2,000 people worldwide. Around 105,000 individuals work for them all around the world.

East Penn operates a 520-acre single-site battery manufacturing facility in Berks County, Pennsylvania, with world-class facilities that are among the most sophisticated ones in the world.

Are Everstart Batteries Any Good?

EverStart batteries provide excellent performance at an affordable price. They have high amp ratings, allowing them to function in extreme cold and freezing conditions. These batteries are easy to use and don’t need to be maintained.

EverStart batteries, according to customer reviews, may last two to three years without issue. The EverStart Maxx battery, which is at the top of the line, has a three- to five-year life expectancy.

The real lifespan of these batteries, on the other hand, is decided by where and how often they are handled.

The basic EverStart battery appears to have a 122-amp hour rating at 1 ampere, but the EverStart Maxx appears to have a 114-amp hour rating. Both of these batteries have the same MCA rating.

A one-year warranty is included with the normal EverStart battery, while a two-year guarantee is included with the EverStart Maxx battery. In addition, the Maxx version has a 30% greater cycling capacity.

They are not only cheap, but they also have the potential to produce outstanding outcomes. Because of high amp ratings, they are suitable for use in severe environments.

EverStart batteries, like most modern vehicle batteries, are maintenance-free. There’s no need to keep adding distilled water regularly. These batteries are great for those looking for high quality at a reasonable price.

About The Manufacturer

Everstart batteries are made by a variety of companies. Johnson Controls, East Penn, and several other companies produce these batteries, which indicates why they are so outstanding.

Johnson Controls International, headquartered in Cork, Ireland, is a multinational corporation. Warren S. Johnson and other Milwaukee investors formed it in 1885 after getting his patent for the very first electric room thermostat in 1883.

On January 25, 2016, Johnson Controls and Tyco International combined to form the company.

As an outcome of the deal, Johnson Controls was able to avoid giving US taxes on its foreign market activities, which created a financial bonanza for Alex Molinaroli, the company’s CEO at the time.

The tax returns to Ireland filed by Johnson Controls, which started in November 2018, is the third-largest in US history. Nevertheless, Johnson Controls sold its automotive battery business to Brookfield Partners in the same year. Clarios is the new name given to the firm by its new owners.

Clarios is completing more transactions and leveraging new procedures and technology in order to have a significant influence on the industry.

Let’s talk about East Penn now.

East Penn was a dream of the Breidegam family. DeLight Jr., a young Air Force hero, and his father, DeLight Sr., began a battery company in 1946. In Bowers, Pennsylvania, they started in a tiny one-room creamery.

Battery availability was limited during the war, although there was a high demand for repaired batteries to allow war veterans to get their cars back on the road.

DeLight and his father met this demand by purchasing old batteries and restoring them to their original state.

East Penn has evolved from a single-room factory with 5 car batteries to one of the world’s best battery manufacturers, with over 10,500 full-time workers, 515 new concepts, a global supply network, and hundreds of industry honors.

What Are the Types Of Everstart Batteries Available?

Everstart has a broad range of vehicle batteries to choose from. The type of battery used in each car is different.

There are a variety of Everstart battery models to choose from; all you got to do is choose one that is suitable for your vehicle. There are 

  • Deep cycle and marine batteries.
  • Tractor Batteries
  • Automotive Batteries
  • Leisure and Vehicle Batteries 
  • Multisport batteries

Where To Buy Everstart Batteries?

In Walmart outlets, you should be able to purchase a variety of Everstart batteries. You may get them online or pick one up at your local Walmart.

These batteries can also be found at select battery retailers or dealer outlets.

What Are The Best Everstart Batteries?

There are many good models of Everstart batteries for different types of engines. Here are some popular ones-

  • EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery, Group Size 24:

With a CCA of 700, this battery promises to be of excellent quality, and it appears to be easy to use. It works even under the most severe working conditions and would be an excellent replacement for your car’s dead battery.

  • EverStart Value Lead Acid Automotive Battery, Group Size 26R:

This battery is an excellent choice because it looks to operate with several vehicle kinds. It has a CCA of 525, making it quite reliable when it comes to starting the engine in winter temperatures.

  • EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery, Group 24DC:

It’s a deep cycle battery that has a 30 percent increased battery life and cycling capability, allowing you to spend more time on the water. This battery has a large recharge capacity, allowing it to be used for longer periods. 

What Are Alternative Of Everstart Batteries?

There are some alternatives to Everstart batteries too. Although they are not inexpensive like Everstart, they in some aspects gives a better outcome. You can check-

  • Optima Batteries RedTop 35
  • Optima Batteries YellowTop D34/78
  • ACDelco 94RAGM Professional Automotive Battery
  • ExpertPower Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery
  • Odyssey PC680 Battery


Now that we have come to the conclusion, you learned who makes Everstart batteries. These batteries are great as budget batteries and give excellent performance for a long time.

If you want to buy something more premium then you have other options as well. However, Everstart has own hearts of many users with its amazing batteries.

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