Do You Know Who Makes Super Start Batteries? (Answer Explained)

If you are a vehicle owner or enthusiast, you must have already heard about Super Start Batteries since these batteries are designed and built with a combination of excellent power, performance, and reliability.

But do you know who makes Super Start batteries and where the production originally takes place?

Well, if you are not aware of those details and curious to know, you are at the right place because, in this very article, I will be revealing all those details-

Who Makes Super Start Batteries?

Originally Johnson Controls was the manufacturer of all different types of Super Start Batteries.

But since Johnson Controls has become Clarios, LLC, all production responsibility of Johnson’s partner brands like Optima, Duralast has been handed over to Clarios.

Where Are Super Start Batteries Made?

Johnson Controls Internation company used to operate its production in approximately 2000 locations spread over six continents like the US, Australia, Austria, Argentina, Brazil, and Belgium.

Clarios, LLC currently has active manufacturing facilities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, South America, Hannover, Monterrey, South Korea, and Shanghai.

Are Super Start Batteries Any Good?

Super Start offers a great combination of power, quality performance, and dependability with each battery.

These batteries ensure the highest level of accessibility, which makes the batteries more user-friendly and low maintenance. 

Super Start provides a broad collection of premium quality power solutions to handle any environmental conditions. So, whether you need batteries for a Motorcycle, Car, Truck, or Marine Drive, Super start has the best battery selections ready for you.

The best part is that Super Start batteries are not too expensive, compatible with most vehicles, and come with up to three years of free replacement warranty.

About Manufacturer Of Super Start Batteries

Let’s have a brief overview of the Super Start batteries manufacturers-

Johnson Controls International:

An American Irish-domiciled multinational corporation established jointly by a small group of Milwaukee investors and Warren S. Johnson in Milwaukee as Johnson Electronic Service Company in 1885.

In 1974, the company was renamed Johnson Controls International and had wholly concentrated on vehicle battery development as well as production since 1978.

Johnson Controls is also widely renowned for producing HVAC, fire, and other security equipment. 

However, in 2019 Brookfield Business Partners company purchased and fully acquired the Johnson Controls power solution division.


Was launched by its parent company Brookfield Business Partners in 2019 and the headquarter is in Glendale. 

Reportedly, Clarios has partnered with 16 companies to established dedicated R&D Partnerships and has already launched 6 R&D centers.

The company has more than 50 worldwide manufacturing facilities and currently serving more than 140 countries.

According to reports, Clarios produces more than 150 million batteries per year.

What Are the Types Of Super Start Batteries Available? 

Let’s have a brief idea of different types of Super Start Batteries-

  • Super Start Platinum Batteries:

Super Start offers spill-proof AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat batteries to provide superior resistance, power for starting, electronics, and performance requirements.

  • Super Start Extreme Batteries:

This brand offers Extreme batteries, which feature sturdy grid and plate design, higher reserve capacity, maximum cold-cranking, as well as starting power to deliver extended life and improved performance.

  • Super Start Premium Batteries:

These Premium batteries are specially designed and engineered to fit today’s modern generation vehicle’s electrical needs. Super Start ensures providing reliable starting power even in the most critical climate conditions.

  • Super Start Marine / RV Deep Cycle Batteries:

These batteries are designed and built to deliver the long but slow discharge power, which is necessary to run marine or RV vehicles such as trolling motors, heavy marine accessory loads.

  • Super Start Marine Starting Batteries:

Super Start is offering marine batteries that are specially designed and engineered to resist the unique rigors of marine application.

  • Super Start Lawn & Garden Batteries:

Super Start ensures all-season starting power and reliable performance throughout the battery’s lifespan with these premium quality lawn and garden batteries.

  • Super Start Fleet & Heavy-Duty Batteries:

These commercial-grade Super Start batteries are specially designed and built for providing longer life, corrosion resistance, and up to 70% better electrical flow to ensure enhanced deep cycling even in challenging weather conditions and superior performance.

  • Super Start Power Sports Batteries:

This brand also offers specially designed Power Sports batteries with various group sizes and power levels options to satisfy every vehicle owner’s need.

  • Super Start Specialty Batteries:

Super Start offers specifically built specialty batteries that can deliver better deep cycle performance, which you need for operating scissor lifts or floor scrubbers.

Where To Buy Super Start Batteries? 

All Super Start batteries are available on its exclusive retailer, O’Reilly Auto Parts stores. Currently, O’Reilly has around 5,710 stores in 47 locations in U.S. states and also owns 22 ORMA stores in Mexico.

You can also shop online from O’Reilly Auto Parts online store.

What Are The Best Super Start Batteries? 

Let’s have a quick glimpse of the top-rated and recommended Super Start Batteries:

  • Super Start Platinum Group Size 49 Top Post Battery
  • Super Start Lawn & Garden Group Size U1R L-Shaped 350 CCA Battery
  • Super Start Power Sport Battery Group Size B16 AGM
  • Super Start Power Sport Battery Group Size BTX24HL AGM
  • Super Start Marine AGM Battery
  • Super Start AA Alkaline Battery
  • Super Start D Alkaline Battery

Remember, this above-stated products list is only based on the overall consumer rating and feedback of Super Start Batteries, so they may not match with every user’s opinion.

What Are The Best Alternative Of Super Start Batteries? 

Besides Super Start batteries, there are other best alternatives to choose from, so you can also go for those brands –

Optima, Autocraft, Duralast, Everstart, or Diehard Batteries.


Recently, I have noticed several customers have been asking who makes Super Start batteries and the manufacturing location details. So, along with answering those questions, I have also shared other relevant facts related to Super Start batteries.  Hopefully, the article was informative enough for all of those who are seeking accurate information.

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